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1. Female vocalist: Miranda Lambert
2.   Connie felt again the tightness, niggardliness of the men of her generation. They were so tight, so scared of life!
3. From those first breathlessly guarded, half-adored race mothers, all up the ascending line, they had this dominant thought of building up a great race through the children.
4. "The wicked, cruel thing!" she burst forth. "The cook takes things herself and then says Becky steals them. She DOESN'T>! She DOESN'T> She's so hungry sometimes that she eats crusts out of the ash barrel!" She pressed her hands hard against her face and burst into passionate little sobs, and Ermengarde, hearing this unusual thing, was overawed by it. Sara was crying! The unconquerable Sara! It seemed to denote something new--some mood she had never known. Suppose--suppose--a new dread possibility presented itself to her kind, slow, little mind all at once. She crept off the bed in the dark and found her way to the table where the candle stood. She struck a match and lit the candle. When she had lighted it, she bent forward and looked at Sara, with her new thought growing to definite fear in her eyes.
5. 一商务楼失火,消防从二楼棋牌室救出9名男子。
6. 由于身处医院的ICU(重症加强护理病房),面对的是此次新型冠状病毒感染肺炎的危重症患者,45岁的徐亮每天早晨8点就要穿上厚重且密不透风的防护服进入病房。


1. 这家硅谷电动汽车制造商的股价周三上涨约4.9%,创下历史新高,将其市值推升至887亿美元。
2. 2014年,税务服务行业从业人员(涵盖所有)11.6563万人,到2018年,从业人员数量扩展到12.1296万人
3. 此外,任职银行高级管理人员,必须持有银行业专业人员职业资格考试(银行管理类)证书。
4.   The time of undern* of the same day *evening <5> Approached, that this wedding shoulde be, And all the palace put was in array, Both hall and chamber, each in its degree, Houses of office stuffed with plenty There may'st thou see of dainteous vitaille,* *victuals, provisions That may be found, as far as lasts Itale.
5.   The emir accepted the condition, and the king led him to the princess, who, veiling her face, remarked, "I am surprised, sire, that you should bring an unknown man into my presence."
6.   But I must here remark that I do not suppose that the process ever goes on so regularly as is represented in the diagram, though in itself made somewhat irregular. I am far from thinking that the most divergent varieties will invariably prevail and multiply: a medium form may often long endure, and may or may not produce more than one modified descendant; for natural selection will always act according to the nature of the places which are either unoccupied or not perfectly occupied by other beings; and this will depend on infinitely complex relations. But as a general rule, the more diversified in structure the descendants from any one species can be rendered, the more places they will be enabled to seize on, and the more their modified progeny will be increased. In our diagram the line of succession is broken at regular intervals by small numbered letters marking the successive forms which have become sufficiently distinct to be recorded as varieties. But these breaks are imaginary, and might have been inserted anywhere, after intervals long enough to have allowed the accumulation of a considerable amount of divergent variation.As all the modified descendants from a common and widely-diffused species, belonging to a large genus, will tend to partake of the same advantages which made their parent successful in life, they will generally go on multiplying in number as well as diverging in character: this is represented in the diagram by the several divergent branches proceeding from (A). The modified offspring from the later and more highly improved branches in the lines of descent, will, it is probable, often take the place of, and so destroy, the earlier and less improved branches: this is represented in the diagram by some of the lower branches not reaching to the upper horizontal lines. In some cases I do not doubt that the process of modification will be confined to a single line of descent, and the number of the descendants will not be increased; although the amount of divergent modification may have been increased in the successive generations. This case would be represented in the diagram, if all the lines proceeding from (A) were removed, excepting that from a1 to a10 In the same way, for instance, the English race-horse and English pointer have apparently both gone on slowly diverging in character from their original stocks, without either having given off any fresh branches or races.After ten thousand generations, species (A) is supposed to have produced three forms, a10, f10, and m10, which, from having diverged in character during the successive generations, will have come to differ largely, but perhaps unequally, from each other and from their common parent. If we suppose the amount of change between each horizontal line in our diagram to be excessively small, these three forms may still be only well-marked varieties; or they may have arrived at the doubtful category of sub-species; but we have only to suppose the steps in the process of modification to be more numerous or greater in amount, to convert these three forms into well-defined species: thus the diagram illustrates the steps by which the small differences distinguishing varieties are increased into the larger differences distinguishing species. By continuing the same process for a greater number of generations (as shown in the diagram in a condensed and simplified manner), we get eight species, marked by the letters between a14 and m14, all descended from (A). Thus, as I believe, species are multiplied and genera are formed.In a large genus it is probable that more than one species would vary. In the diagram I have assumed that a second species (I) has produced, by analogous steps, after ten thousand generations, either two well-marked varieties (w10 and z10) or two species, according to the amount of change supposed to be represented between the horizontal lines. After fourteen thousand generations, six new species, marked by the letters n14 to z14, are supposed to have been produced. In each genus, the species, which are already extremely different in character, will generally tend to produce the greatest number of modified descendants; for these will have the best chance of filling new and widely different places in the polity of nature: hence in the diagram I have chosen the extreme species (A), and the nearly extreme species (I), as those which have largely varied, and have given rise to new varieties and species. The other nine species (marked by capital letters) of our original genus, may for a long period continue transmitting unaltered descendants; and this is shown in the diagram by the dotted lines not prolonged far upwards from want of space.But during the process of modification, represented in the diagram, another of our principles, namely that of extinction, will have played an important part. As in each fully stocked country natural selection necessarily acts by the selected form having some advantage in the struggle for life over other forms, there will be a constant tendency in the improved descendants of any one species to supplant and exterminate in each stage of descent their predecessors and their original parent. For it should be remembered that the competition will generally be most severe between those forms which are most nearly related to each other in habits, constitution, and structure. Hence all the intermediate forms between the earlier and later states, that is between the less and more improved state of a species, as well as the original parent-species itself, will generally tend to become extinct. So it probably will be with many whole collateral lines of descent, which will be conquered by later and improved lines of descent. If, however, the modified offspring of a species get into some distinct country, or become quickly adapted to some quite new station, in which child and parent do not come into competition, both may continue to exist.If then our diagram be assumed to represent a considerable amount of modification, species (A) and all the earlier varieties will have become extinct, having been replaced by eight new species (a14 to m14); and (I) will have been replaced by six (n14 to z14) new species.


1. 1996年,龙小琴出生在白马村,她是家里的第二个女儿,姐姐比她大8岁,后来父母又生下了妹妹和弟弟。
2.   "There," said the young man, handing Kitty the lettersealed; "give that to Milady. It is the count's reply."Poor Kitty became as pale as death; she suspected what theletter contained.
3. 给我打激素,慢慢减,用抗病毒治疗,大概半个月以后,我就好些了。
4. 随后,今年10月,特斯拉将嵌入式计算视觉新创公司DeepScale收入囊中,为研发完全无人驾驶车辆添砖加瓦。
5. 原标题:西宁地陷现场:救援人员下洞救援,洞中大量管道破裂新京报讯(记者马骏刘浩南)1月13日17时36分许,青海省西宁市城中区南大街长城医院门前发生路面坍塌,一辆公交车陷入其中。
6. 到访的诸位,都是中国电视屏幕前观众熟悉的名字:敬一丹、李修平、白岩松、鞠萍、鲁健。


1.   Now Buffalmaco and Bruno, after they had spent an indifferent while,with the Warders at the Port in laughter; in a faire and gentlepace, they followed Calandrino home to his house, and being come tothe doore, they heard the harsh bickering betweene him and his Wife,and seeming as if they were but newly arrived, they called out alowdto him. Calandrino being in a sweate, stamping and raving still at hisWife: looking forth of the window, entreated them to ascend up to him,which they did, counterfetting greevous displeasure against him. Beingcome into the roome, which they saw all covered over with stones,his Wife sitting in a corner, all the haire (well-neere) torne off herhead, her face broken and bleeding, and all her body cruelly beaten;on the other side, Calandrino standing unbraced and ungirded,strugling and wallowing, like a man quite out of breath: after alittle pausing, Bruno thus spake.
2. 怎样画漫画?Manga 就是日本词"漫画"。
3. 联想记忆
4. 11月20日(周三)下午,美国国务院发言人摩根·奧塔古斯(MorganOrtagus)发表了一份声明称,桑德兰从未告诉蓬佩奥他认为特朗普总统将援助与对政治对手的调查关联在一起。
5. adj. 有经验的
6. 这份通知,被视作对当地楼市调控政策的一次松绑。


1. 瑞幸单店平均净收入为45万元,可以看出与星巴克差距明显。
2. 护士在医院坚守女儿抱妈妈的睡裤入眠,//标题source:,//视频发布来源。
3. 不过,值得注意的是,越南监管机构目前正出台政策管控这一行业。

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