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1. 包括医疗保险、医疗金融、个体化医疗和创新医疗等则是较为新鲜的领域,也是未来可能有爆发空间的领域,但这些领域的投资成功不仅仅需要资本和企业自身的努力,有时往往需要整个体系的支持,因而短期而言具有较大的不确定性,然而其长期投资则非常具有吸引力。
2. D'Aloisio himself strives to maintain a bubble of normalcy. He dates the same girl he did before the whirlwind hit. And though he's stopped attending school-he's too busy to sit in class while overseeing Summly's development-he still gets his work from his teachers and meets with them regularly. He cherishes the fact that his circle of friends knows little of his life as a budding industrialist. When I met him, he was about to head to Greece for a weeklong vacation with a pack of high school pals.
3. 观察象限仪流星雨,要提早物色地点,选择没有灯光影响和视野开阔的地方。
4. 近五分之三的脑力工作者(57%)表示,远程办公是他们最希望老板能够提供的一项福利。
5. 买卖双方信息不对称曾是国内二手车商造富的秘诀,也成为买卖双方不信任的鸿沟。
6. 玻尔自己当时还估计不到他所进行的工作的巨大意义。他计划回哥本哈根去,8月1日在那里同玛格丽特·诺兰德结婚。


1.   The lady I had left might be about twenty-nine; the one who wentwith me appeared some years younger: the first impressed me by hervoice, look, and air. Miss Miller was more ordinary; ruddy incomplexion, though of a careworn countenance; hurried in gait andaction, like one who had always a multiplicity of tasks on hand: shelooked, indeed, what I afterwards found she really was, anunder-teacher. Led by her, I passed from compartment to compartment,from passage to passage, of a large and irregular building; till,emerging from the total and somewhat dreary silence pervading thatportion of the house we had traversed, we came upon the hum of manyvoices, and presently entered a wide, long room, with great dealtables, two at each end, on each of which burnt a pair of candles, andseated all round on benches, a congregation of girls of every age,from nine or ten to twenty. Seen by the dim light of the dips, theirnumber to me appeared countless, though not in reality exceedingeighty; they were uniformly dressed in brown stuff frocks of quaintfashion, and long holland pinafores. It was the hour of study; theywere engaged in conning over their to-morrow's task, and the hum I hadheard was the combined result of their whispered repetitions.
2. 事情并未沿着淘集集和张正平希望的方向发展,据贝克街探案官消息,投资方在收走了淘集集的公章和银行密钥后,并没有履行当初说定的打款进度。
3.   The fisherman instead of answering took the lid of lead and shut it down quickly on the vase.
4.   'And the Psalms? I hope you like them?'
5. 事故导致劳斯莱斯右侧车头凹陷,右侧大灯受损,还有不同程度刮痕,预计所需维修费用20多万元。
6. 撇开社会生产的不同发展程度不说,劳动生产率是同自然条件相联系的。这些自然条件都可以归结为人本身的自然(如人种等等)和人的周围的自然。外界自然条件在经济上可以分为两大类:生活资料的自然富源,例如土壤的肥力,鱼产丰富的水等等;劳动资料的自然富源,如奔腾的瀑布、可以航行的河流、森林、金属、煤炭等等。在文化初期,第一类自然富源具有决定性的意义;在较高的发展阶段,第二类自然富源具有决定性的意义。例如,可以用英国同印度比较,或者在古代,用雅典、科林斯同黑海沿岸的地方比较。


1. 春节期间,封路之风在全国各地愈演愈烈。
2. 但如果连苹果都难以保证其系统的稳定和流畅,显然也会降低老用户们的忠诚度。
3. But I think Alima retained some faint vestige of long- descended feeling which made Terry more possible to her than to others; and that she had made up her mind to the experiment and hated to renounce it.
4. 腾讯称,已经注意到黑灰产的野蛮壮大,目前已经发布南极光计划,作为国内首个通过民事诉讼、行政查处打击网络黑灰产的系统化行动方案。
5. 死守校园已没有意思,决定求助校方等组织陪同离开,并叫嚣留得青山在,不怕无柴烧
6. 截图通知上写明,上海地区的武汉籍员工若取消原定反乡探亲计划,一次性给予10000元的额外补贴。


1. 另外,京造凭借其具备快速响应能力的供应链赢得了许多企业的青睐,目前已有超过300家大型企业与京造达成长期合作。
2. "Suppose there was a bright fire in the grate, with lots of little dancing flames," she murmured. "Suppose there was a comfortable chair before it--and suppose there was a small table near, with a little hot--hot supper on it. And suppose"--as she drew the thin coverings over her--"suppose this was a beautiful soft bed, with fleecy blankets and large downy pillows. Suppose--suppose--" And her very weariness was good to her, for her eyes closed and she fell fast asleep.
3.   Faust (enters)
4. 2014年资本市场很热,一定会追求更多用户,打造口碑;但现在资本收紧,财务投资者比较谨慎时,一定要做利润。
5.   After a little while the old man rose and brought in supper, which I ate heartily, for I was very hungry. Then one of the young men begged me to repeat my story, which had struck them all with astonishment, and when I had ended, the old man was bidden to "do his duty," as it was late, and they wished to go to bed. At these words he rose, and went to a closet, from which he brought out ten basins, all covered with blue stuff. He set one before each of the young men, together with a lighted taper.
6. 并且,Gmail还会自动分析发件人,或者是否含有特定内容来判断邮件的重要性。


1. 第二,在未来的零售业务竞争中,技术在扮演越来越重要的作用。
2. 地主家里也没余粮了在阿里掀起的双11电商购物狂欢进入第10个年头后,这家成立五年的电商还从未搞过类似电商大促,当别家公司的员工正没日没夜备战双11之际,而这家公司的员工却能泰然自若,想必会让不少同行按耐不住,实名羡慕了吧。
3. 孩子的爸爸李凯说,转院后,医生检查发现,朵朵除了患有之前诊断出的疾病,还有先天动脉导管未闭、先天喉软骨软化、先天卵圆孔未闭、心肌损害、膈膨升等病。

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      Ravenous, and now very faint, I devoured a spoonful or two of myportion without thinking of its taste; but the first edge of hungerblunted, I perceived I had got in hand a nauseous mess; burnt porridgeis almost as bad as rotten potatoes; famine itself soon sickens overit. The spoons were moved slowly: I saw each girl taste her food andtry to swallow it; but in most cases the effort was soon relinquished.Breakfast was over, and none had breakfasted. Thanks being returnedfor what we had not got, and a second hymn chanted, the refectorywas evacuated for the schoolroom. I was one of the last to go out, andin passing the tables, I saw one teacher take a basin of theporridge and taste it; she looked at the others; all theircountenances expressed displeasure, and one of them, the stout one,whispered-

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      "You see that things are safe and all the employees are out whenyou go home, George," Moy had once remarked to him, and he neveronce, in all the period of his long service, neglected to dothis. Neither of the owners had for years been in the resortafter five in the afternoon, and yet their manager as faithfullyfulfilled this request as if they had been there regularly toobserve.

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