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1. 祝您身体健康,一切顺利。
2.   "These are the ideas that render your nation superior to anyother," returned Monte Cristo. "A gentleman of high birth,possessor of an ample fortune, you have consented to gainyour promotion as an obscure soldier, step by step -- thisis uncommon; then become general, peer of France, commanderof the Legion of Honor, you consent to again commence asecond apprenticeship, without any other hope or any otherdesire than that of one day becoming useful to yourfellow-creatures; this, indeed, is praiseworthy, -- nay,more, it is sublime." Albert looked on and listened withastonishment; he was not used to see Monte Cristo give ventto such bursts of enthusiasm. "Alas," continued thestranger, doubtless to dispel the slight cloud that coveredMorcerf's brow, "we do not act thus in Italy; we growaccording to our race and our species, and we pursue thesame lines, and often the same uselessness, all our lives."
3. 据称这一年,3M口罩在中国卖了超1亿美元,而当年3M中国全年销售额为30亿美元。
4. 魔轮十分接地气,很多店尝到了甜头提及线上互联网工具,王惟对乐车邦的魔轮SaaS系统评价很高,他表示作为第一批魔轮的使用者,使用的几家店效果都不错。
5.   This Soudan for his privy council sent, And, *shortly of this matter for to pace*, *to pass briefly by* He hath to them declared his intent, And told them certain, but* he might have grace *unless To have Constance, within a little space, He was but dead; and charged them in hie* *haste To shape* for his life some remedy. *contrive
6.   Reniero, who perfectly knew both the Dairy Farme, and the old smalTurret, not a little joyful, to heare how forward shee was to shameher selfe, answered in this manner. Madame, I was never in those partsof the Country, albeit they are so neere to our City, and therfore Imust needs be ignorant, not onely of your Farme, but the Turretalso. But if they stand in such convenient manner as you havedescribed, all the world could not yeelde the like elsewhere, so aptand sutable to your purpose: wherefore, with such expedition aspossibly can use, I will make the Image, and send it you, as alsothe charme, verie fairely written. But let me entreate you, thatwhen you have obtayned your hearts desire, and are able to Judgetruely of my love and service: not to be unmindfull of me, but (atyour best leysure) to performe what you have with such protestationspromised; which shee gave him her hand and faith to do, without anyimpeach or hinderance: and so parting, she returned home to her house.


1.   "In that case, adieu."
2. 2019年7月,《中国信息无障碍发展白皮书(2019年)》发布。
3.   'And shall I see you again, Helen, when I die?'
4. 当时,美团底下的员工看到对手都在烧钱打广告,自家没打,就特别担心公司会不会输。
5. AI新药研发商去年发展稳定,尽管公开融资仅6笔,但36氪了解到,几家一线企业也在2019年完成了新融资,用于推进研发管线。
6. 我们终究要思考到一件事,我们做的工作,到底解决了社会中的什么需求。


1. “我们正努力留住并吸引更多的年轻专业人士和创业者,我们感谢每一个在我们国家工作和投资的年轻人。”
2.   When it was time for them to start home, and they were folding theclothes and putting them into the waggon, Minerva began to considerhow Ulysses should wake up and see the handsome girl who was toconduct him to the city of the Phaeacians. The girl, therefore,threw a ball at one of the maids, which missed her and fell intodeep water. On this they all shouted, and the noise they made wokeUlysses, who sat up in his bed of leaves and began to wonder what itmight all be.
3. Kim接受《出圈》专访,称在她发微博表示原谅李阳后,李阳很生气,并私下指责她
4. 有病人非常理解称,不要紧,我会全力配合治疗,你们都是为我好。
5.   Next Chapter
6.   Faire Aurora, from whose bright and chearefull lookes, the duskiedarke night flyeth as an utter enemy, had already reached so high asthe eight Heaven, converting it all into an Azure colour, and thepretty Flowrets beganne to spred open their Leaves: when MadameAemillia, beeing risen, caused all her female attendants, and the yongGentlemen likewise, to be summoned for. their personall appearance.Who being all come, the Queen leading the way, and they followingher Majesticke pace, walked into a little Wood, not farre offdistant from the Palace.


1. 我的病房住5人,我们慢慢成了朋友,建了微信群,会一起分享信息。
2. 15. 《旅行终点》(The End of the Tour) ,导演:詹姆斯·庞索特(James Ponsoldt)。
3. criminal
4. (一)市场的形成,是为了减低讯息费用。但因为人的自私与无知,这些费用永远不是零。「完善」的市场永远不存在,但因为交易(包括讯息)费用无可避免,是局限,「无效率」的概念不能自圆其说。市场是一种制度,跟其他制度一样,没有交易费用不会形成。不同的制度有不同的经济效率,但这只是因为交易费用的局限条件不同,效率的排列不可以从「有」或「无」的角度看。
5.   What thus I hear Sounds plausible, yet I'm not reconciled; There's somethingwrong about it; much I fear That thou art not a Christian.Faust
6. 监管趋严,行业洗牌中消协数据显示,2019年上半年医美行业投诉达3535件,三年上升10倍多。


1. 产品方面,DataVisor推出了新产品实时风控中台(FeaturePlatform),可用于解决特征工程的痛点。
2. 当时,儿子的头发上全是灰,回去的路上咳嗽呕吐无法站立。
3.   "Madam," replied the prince, "I make no doubt that there are as many good, virtuous, sweet, and amiable women as there are others very much the reverse. Would that all were like you! But what revolts me is the idea of marrying a woman without knowing anything at all about her. My father will ask the hand of the daughter of some neighbouring sovereign, who will give his consent to our union. Be she fair or frightful, clever or stupid, good or bad, I must marry her, and am left no choice in the matter. How am I to know that she will not be proud, passionate, contemptuous, and recklessly extravagant, or that her disposition will in any way suit mine?"

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      "Goddess," replied Ulysses, "do not be angry with me about this. Iam quite aware that my wife Penelope is nothing like so tall or sobeautiful as yourself. She is only a woman, whereas you are animmortal. Nevertheless, I want to get home, and can think of nothingelse. If some god wrecks me when I am on the sea, I will bear it andmake the best of it. I have had infinite trouble both by land andsea already, so let this go with the rest."

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      "The receipt of M. de Monte Cristo is as good as money; takeit to Rothschild's or Lafitte's, and they will take it offyour hands at once."

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    这是今年最精致的浪漫电影与最尖锐的反浪漫电影,均来自美国电影界最缜密的聪明人。两部影片之间的关系最好用一首威廉·布莱克(William Blake)的诗歌来总结——《土块与卵石》(The Clod and the Pebble)。

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