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1. The refugees have streamed into Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Malta and Cyprus during 2015, with a huge majority -- over 800,000 -- arriving by sea in Greece. About 3,600 died or disappeared trying to make the perilous Mediterranean Sea crossing between North Africa and Italy.
2.   Mrs. Gummidge, whimpering and shaking her head, applied herself to blowing the fire. Mr. Peggotty, looking round upon us while she was so engaged, said in a low voice, which he shaded with his hand: 'The old 'un!' From this I rightly conjectured that no improvement had taken place since my last visit in the state of Mrs. Gummidge's spirits.
3.   When the evening was pretty far spent, and a tray of glasses and decanters came in, Steerforth promised, over the fire, that he would seriously think of going down into the country with me. There was no hurry, he said; a week hence would do; and his mother hospitably said the same. While we were talking, he more than once called me Daisy; which brought Miss Dartle out again.
4.   16. His shoes were ornamented like the windows of St. Paul's, especially like the old rose-window.
5. 据熊昕的辩护人介绍,2018年5月2日,东湖区检察院认为熊昕可能存在帮助当事人伪造证据,干扰诉讼的行为,涉嫌辩护人妨害作证犯罪,之后便将熊昕的犯罪线索移送至王浩案的侦办单位——红谷滩公安分局。
6. 于是许多网友对着这十全十美的日子许下了心愿在这神奇的2020年你的愿望又是什么呢?▌本文来源:央视新闻综合。


1. 那么,显然这个彩票店老板说了假话。
2. 如此看来,这些地王的困局亟待解决。
3.   据了解,11月23日白天,地面有弱北风,但区域污染水平整体较重,提醒市民密切关注空气质量变化,妥善安排出行活动,注意做好健康防护。
4.   "Indeed! That is very remarkable. Well, I think we had best letmatters develop a little further until we have clearer data. Is thatlawyer of yours a capable man?"
5.   Hastily written on the paper was the word `ACQUITTED'.
6. 2月6日,该案例作为9起疫情防控违法典型案例之一,被湖北省市场监管局通报。


1. 假使我们是甲午到戊戌那个时代的人,眼看见我国的国家被小小的日本打败了,打败了以后又要割地赔款,我们还不激昂慷慨想要救国吗?又假使我们就是那个时代的人,新知识新技术都没有,所能作的仅八股文章,所读过的书,仅中国的经史,我们救国方案还不是离不开我们的经典,免不了作些空泛而动听的文章?假使正在这个时候,我们中间出了一个人提出一个伟大的方案,既合乎古训,又适宜时局,其文章是我们所佩服的,其论调正合乎我们的胃口,那我们还不拥护他吗?康有为就是这时代中的这样的人。
2. One of the most curious things in her new existence was her changed position among the pupils. Instead of being a sort of small royal personage among them, she no longer seemed to be one of their number at all. She was kept so constantly at work that she scarcely ever had an opportunity of speaking to any of them, and she could not avoid seeing that Miss Minchin preferred that she should live a life apart from that of the occupants of the schoolroom.
3. 但最近,回购势头开始减弱。跟踪回购比例最大的100家公司的标准普尔500回购指数最近创下了自2012年年中以来的首次下跌。随着股价连创新高,股票回购所产生的推动作用消失,公司投资较长期项目或使用多余现金进行收购变得更有价值。
4. 我喜欢打羽毛球、乒乓球、游泳,当然体力已经大不如从前了。
5.   'Yes,' said the good lady, who now knew what ground we were upon,'and I am daily thankful for the choice Providence led me to make.Miss Eyre has been an invaluable companion to me, and a kind andcareful teacher to Adele.'
6.   However, came the war, Hilda and Connie were rushed home again after having been home already in May, to their mother's funeral. Before Christmas of 1914 both their German young men were dead: whereupon the sisters wept, and loved the young men passionately, but underneath forgot them. They didn't exist any more.


1. 数据主义既非自由主义,亦非人文主义。但要特别强调一点:数据主义并不反对人文主义。数据主义对人类的体验并没有什么恶意,只是并不认为经验在本质上有何价值。前面审视三大人文主义教派时,我们曾问过哪个体验最有价值:是聆听贝多芬的命运交响曲、查克·贝里、矮人进行曲或是狼嚎?就数据主义看来,这整件事根本是抓错重点,因为衡量音乐的价值,该看的是它带来多少数据,而不是它创造了什么经验。举例来说,数据主义就会认为,如果与矮人进行曲相比较,命运交响曲用了更多和弦和音阶,而且创造出更多在不同音乐风格间的对话,于是你需要更多的运算能力才能解读命运交响曲,由此也会获得更多的知识。
2. 骗子克隆领导头像她被骗走174万,//标题source:,//视频发布来源
3.   Alas Gentlemen, it is you your selves that are void ofunderstanding: for, if you had but observed the answer which he madeunto us: hee did honestly, and (in verie few words) not onelynotably expresse his owne wisedome, but also deservedly reprehendus. Because, if wee observe things as we ought to doe, Graves andTombes are the houses of the dead, ordained and prepared to be theirlatest dwellings. He tolde us moreover, that although we have heere(in this life) other habitations and abidings; yet these (or the like)must at last be our houses. To let us know, and all other foolish,indiscreete, and unleartied men, that we are worse then dead men, incomparison of him, and other men equall to him in skill andlearning. And therefore, while wee are heere among these Graves andMonuments, it may well be said, that we are not farre from our ownehouses, or how soone we shall be possessors of them, in regard ofthe frailty attending on us.
4. 华谊兄弟以百倍溢价来收购的华谊浩瀚时,与李晨、冯绍峰、Angelababy、郑恺、杜淳、陈赫等明星股东签下对赌协议,要求后者五年内保证每年净利润9000万和15%的年增长,不足部分需由明星股东补足。
5. 1月8日晚间,智慧能源发布公告,近日,智慧能源向上海仲裁委员会提起仲裁,请求裁决蔡道国、颜秋娥、蔡强支付补偿款、逾期补偿利息、公司实现债权的费用等合计人民币6.83亿元,本次仲裁已被上海仲裁委员会受理,目前尚未正式开庭审理。
6. 当年彻底绝望没有上诉新京报:对于无罪的结果,之前有所预料吗?张志超:之前已经想到了。


1. 2020年公司将在直播带货板块持续发力,通过签约及自培养方式丰富主播达人阵营。
2.   Thereto thou lengthen'd repite hast!
3.   He took her hair into his hand again, and looked closely at it. `It is the same. How can it be! When was it! How was it!'

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