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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Come, come, Bannister!"
2.  "Then I'll come with you at once."
3.  "What a providential thing that this young man should press hisright thumb against the wall in taking his hat from the peg! Such avery natural action, too, if you come to think if it." Holmes wasoutwardly calm, but his whole body gave a wriggle of suppressedexcitement as he spoke.
4.  "No. I had not been back to Woking between getting the order andexecuting the commission."
5.  "By the way," said the landlord in conclusion, "you are not the onlyfriend of Lady Frances Carfax who is inquiring after her just now.Only a week or so ago we had a man where upon the same errand.""Did he give a name?" I asked.
6.  "The Baron has little waxed tips of hair under his nose, like theshort antennae of an insect. These quivered with amusement as helistened, and he finally broke into a gentle chuckle.


1.  "In the first place, you must give back this manuscript."She broke into a ripple of laughter and walked to the fireplace.There was a calcined mass which she broke up with the poker. "ShallI give this back?" she asked. So roguish and exquisite did she look asshe stood before us with a challenging smile, that I felt of allHolmes's criminals this was the one whom he would find it hardest toface. However, he was immune from sentiment.
2.  "Yes, there were two of them. They were as nearly as possiblecaptured redhanded. We have their footmarks, we have theirdescription, it's ten to one that we trace them. The first fellowwas a bit too active, but the second was caught by the under-gardener,and only got away after a struggle. He was a middle-sized, stronglybuilt man- square jaw, thick neck, moustache, a mask over his eyes.""That's rather vague," said Sherlock Holmes. "My, it might be adescription of Watson!"
3.  "I have forged and tested every link of my chain, Professor Coram,and I am sure that it is sound. What your motives are, or what exactpart you play in this strange business, I am not yet able to say. In afew minutes I shall probably hear it from your own lips. Meanwhile Iwill reconstruct what is past for your benefit, so that you may knowthe information which I still require.
5.  "Yes; that is Mr. St. Clair's house. I am staying there while Iconduct the inquiry."
6.  "Yes, the inspector and I have made quite a little reconnaissancetogether."


1.  Holmes thought for a little, and then a curious smile played overhis face.
2.  "I must go back to-day. I would not leave my wife alone all nightfor anything. She is very nervous, and begged me to come back.""I daresay you are right. But if you could have stopped, I mightpossibly have been able to return with you in a day or two.Meanwhile you will leave me these papers, and I think that it isvery likely that I shall be able to pay you a visit shortly and tothrow some light upon your case."
3.  "That won't do, my dear Watson," said Holmes, shaking his head, "forno amount of idee fixe would enable your interesting monomaniac tofind out where these busts were situated."
4.  "It seemed that none of them could speak English, but thesituation wanted clearing up, for the creature with the big head wasgrowing furiously angry, and, uttering wild-beast cries, he had laidhis deformed hands upon me and was dragging me out of bed,regardless of the fresh flow of blood from my wound. The littlemonster was as strong as a bull, and I don't know what he might havedone to me had not an elderly man who was clearly in authority beenattracted to the room by the hubbub. He said a few stern words inDutch, and my persecutor shrank away. Then he turned upon me, gazingat me in the utmost amazement.
5.   "'He would not give any.'
6.  "`Gone to the dealer's, Jem.'


1.  Sherlock Holmes sat down beside him on the couch and patted himkindly on the shoulder.
2.  "There shall be no such robbery, MacKinnon. I assure you that Iefface myself from now onward, and as to Barker, he has done nothingsave what I told him."
3.  "My dear fellow! I congrat-"
4、  "'Ah!' said he carelessly, 'we have our own process. We compress theearth into bricks, so as to remove them without revealing what theyare. But that is a mere detail. I have taken you fully into myconfidence now, Mr. Hatherley, and I have shown you how I trustyou.' He rose as he spoke. 'I shall expect you, then, at Eyford at11:15.'
5、  `Oh, very well. Kill it and take it with you.'




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      "The whole world will know the facts presently, so there can be noharm if I discuss them here," said I. "I should have preferredprivacy, but if your father will not allow it he must share thedeliberations." Then I spoke of the note which had been found in thedead man's pocket. "It is sure to be produced at the inquest. May Iask you to throw any light upon it that you can?"

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      "'Not go to Mawson's?'

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       "I am afraid that my explanation may disillusion you, but it hasalways been my habit to hide none of my methods, either from my friendWatson or from anyone who might take an intelligent interest inthem. But, first, as I am rather shaken by the knocking about whichI had in the dressing-room, I think that I shall help myself to a dashof your brandy, Colonel. My strength has been rather tried of late.""I trust you had no more of those nervous attacks."

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      "There is the coachman, Macphail."

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    {  "Pray take a seat, Miss Hunter. I shall be happy to do anything thatI can to serve you."

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      "Because the candle was not guttered."}

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      The lady stared in amazement.

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      "In accordance with the scheme which we had formed in order totest our theories" ["the 'we' is rather fine, Watson, is it not?"]"I went down to the Albert Dock yesterday at 6 P.M., and boarded theS.S. May Day, belonging to the Liverpool, Dublin, and London SteamPacket Company. On inquiry, I found that there was a steward onboard of the name of James Browner and that he had acted during thevoyage in such an extraordinary manner that the captain had beencompelled to relieve him of his duties. On descending to his berth,I found him seated upon a chest with his head sunk upon his hands,rocking himself to and fro. He is a big, powerful chap,clean-shaven, and very swarthy- something like Aldridge, who helped usin the bogus laundry affair. He jumped up when he heard my business,and I had my whistle to my lips to call a couple of river police,who were round the corner, but he seemed to have no heart in him,and he held out his hands quietly enough for the darbies. We broughthim along to the cells, and his box as well for we thought there mightbe something incriminating; but, bar a big sharp knife such as mostsailors have, we got nothing for our trouble. However, we find that weshall want no more evidence, for on being brought before the inspectorat the station he asked leave to make a statement which was, ofcourse, taken down, just as he made it, by our shorthand man. We hadthree copies typewritten, one of which I enclose. The affair proves,as I always thought it would, to be an extremely simple one, but Iam obliged to you for assisting me in my investigation. With kindregards,

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       THE END

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    {  "He was. But now he must get off by the next boat. One or other ofus must slip round with the stone to Lime Street and tell him.""But the false bottom ain't ready."

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      "Do you mean to say that anyone holding these three papers, andwithout the seven others, could construct a Bruce-Partingtonsubmarine?"