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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You will find them both here, and can make your farewellsin person."
2.  "It is well. As soon as he arrives inform me. We must beexpeditious. And then I also wish to see a notary, that Imay be assured that all our property returns to Valentine."
3.  "Oh, count." said Julie, "will you restore him to us curedof his melancholy?" -- Morrel turned away to conceal theconfusion of his countenance.
4.  "Ma foi," said Louis XVIII., "take it, such as it is, for Ihave not the time to procure you another. Blacas, let it beyour care to see that the brevet is made out and sent to M.de Villefort." Villefort's eyes were filled with tears ofjoy and pride; he took the cross and kissed it.
5.  "At what time you please, sir," replied Franz.
6.  "Well, sir, by the help of two signs, with which I willacquaint you presently, you may ascertain with perfectcertainty that my grandfather is still in the fullpossession of all his mental faculties. M. Noirtier, beingdeprived of voice and motion, is accustomed to convey hismeaning by closing his eyes when he wishes to signify `yes,'and to wink when he means `no.' You now know quite enough toenable you to converse with M. Noirtier; -- try." Noirtiergave Valentine such a look of tenderness and gratitude thatit was comprehended even by the notary himself. "You haveheard and understood what your granddaughter has beensaying, sir, have you?" asked the notary. Noirtier closedhis eyes. "And you approve of what she said -- that is tosay, you declare that the signs which she mentioned arereally those by means of which you are accustomed to conveyyour thoughts?"


1.  "`Who, then, has counselled you to take this step, one forwhich the court is deeply indebted to you, and which isperfectly natural, considering your birth and yourmisfortunes?' -- `Sir,' replied Haidee, `I have been led totake this step from a feeling of respect and grief. Althougha Christian, may God forgive me, I have always sought torevenge my illustrious father. Since I set my foot inFrance, and knew the traitor lived in Paris, I have watchedcarefully. I live retired in the house of my nobleprotector, but I do it from choice. I love retirement andsilence, because I can live with my thoughts andrecollections of past days. But the Count of Monte Cristosurrounds me with every paternal care, and I am ignorant ofnothing which passes in the world. I learn all in thesilence of my apartments, -- for instance, I see all thenewspapers, every periodical, as well as every new piece ofmusic; and by thus watching the course of the life ofothers, I learned what had transpired this morning in theHouse of Peers, and what was to take place this evening;then I wrote.'
2.  "The truth, my dear count. Oh, how happy you must be in nothaving either wife or children!"
3.  "On my word," said Albert, "you astonish me by the extent ofyour knowledge. Take a cigar."
4.  "He offered millions to any one who would set him atliberty."
5.  "She was dead?"
6.  Think not I contented myself with this one effort,"continued Villefort. "No; I searched the whole thicket. Ithought the assassin, having discovered the chest, andsupposing it to be a treasure, had intended carrying it off,but, perceiving his error, had dug another hole, anddeposited it there; but I could find nothing. Then the ideastruck me that he had not taken these precautions, and hadsimply thrown it in a corner. In the last case I must waitfor daylight to renew my search. I remained the room andwaited."


1.  "It is a magnificent charity." Having said this, the abbebowed to imply he wished to pursue his studies. The visitoreither understood the abbe's meaning, or had no morequestions to ask; he arose, and the abbe accompanied him tothe door. "You are a great almsgiver," said the visitor,"and although you are said to be rich, I will venture tooffer you something for your poor people; will you accept myoffering?"
2.  "And why did you refuse, my son?" inquired the old man.
3.  "I?"
4.  "Ah!" said Eugenie.
5.   "Indeed he does, and in a most lavish manner, I can assureyou."
6.  "Sit down," said the old man. Villefort took a chair, butValentine remained standing by her father's side, and Franzbefore him, holding the mysterious paper in his hand."Read," said the old man. Franz untied it, and in the midstof the most profound silence read:


1.  "Why, when I found myself utterly destitute, I thought myold friends would, perhaps, assist me. So I went toDanglars, who would not even receive me. I called onFernand, who sent me a hundred francs by hisvalet-de-chambre."
2.  "It is possible such may be the master's intention."
3.  "No; I have a cousin who has undertaken this sad office. Ishall work, doctor -- when I work I forget everything." And,indeed, no sooner had the doctor left the room, than he wasagain absorbed in study. On the doorsteps d'Avrigny met thecousin whom Villefort had mentioned, a personage asinsignificant in our story as in the world he occupied --one of those beings designed from their birth to makethemselves useful to others. He was punctual, dressed inblack, with crape around his hat, and presented himself athis cousin's with a face made up for the occasion, and whichhe could alter as might be required. At twelve o'clock themourning-coaches rolled into the paved court, and the Rue duFaubourg Saint-Honore was filled with a crowd of idlers,equally pleased to witness the festivities or the mourningof the rich, and who rush with the same avidity to a funeralprocession as to the marriage of a duchess.
4、  "Never mind it, for I see you once more," said the old man;"and now it's all over -- everything is all right again."
5、  "Nothing is more simple. You know poisons become remedies incertain diseases, of which paralysis is one. For instance,having tried every other remedy to restore movement andspeech to M. Noirtier, I resolved to try one last means, andfor three months I have been giving him brucine; so that inthe last dose I ordered for him there were six grains. Thisquantity, which is perfectly safe to administer to theparalyzed frame of M. Noirtier, which has become graduallyaccustomed to it, would be sufficient to kill anotherperson."




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      "I am at your command, sir; shall we return together?"

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      "Your excellency knows that wine is beyond all price nearRome."

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       "No; his servants are all devoted to him."

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      "Then all three windows will have yellow draperies."

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    {  "No, I think not, for he ordered his breakfast at teno'clock."

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      "Give it me," said Andrea, and he read by the light of hiscarriage-lamp, -- "You know where I live; I expect youtomorrow morning at nine o'clock."}

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      A tremor of suppressed rage shook the whole frame of thecount, and making a violent effort over himself, he said: "Ihave a right to insist on your giving me an explanation. Isit Madame de Morcerf who has displeased you? Is it myfortune which you find insufficient? Is it because myopinions differ from yours?"

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      "On the first floor."

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       "Yes, sir," replied the count; "l have sought to make of thehuman race, taken in the mass, what you practice every dayon individuals -- a physiological study. I have believed itwas much easier to descend from the whole to a part than toascend from a part to the whole. It is an algebraic axiom,which makes us proceed from a known to an unknown quantity,and not from an unknown to a known; but sit down, sir, I begof you."

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    {  "What? the daughter of Ali Pasha?"

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      "I am going to have the honor of taking my leave of you,mademoiselle, solemnly assuring you that I wish your lifemay be so calm, so happy, and so fully occupied, that theremay be no place for me even in your memory."