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1. 杨先生公司的业务范围涉及一部分投资,正常来说会保留1~2年的资金量,即便没有收入,也能存活。
2. 昨日,老奶奶在中山八路临摹作画
3. ——Aspire行销专案
4. Only asset management firms saw profits rise, up 16.7 per cent year-on-year to Rmb3.7bn.
5.   "My child," answered Euryclea, "what are you talking about? You knowvery well that nothing can either bend or break me. I will hold mytongue like a stone or a piece of iron; furthermore let me say, andlay my saying to your heart, when heaven has delivered the suitorsinto your hand, I will give you a list of the women in the house whohave been ill-behaved, and of those who are guiltless."
6. 大量的适合结婚的青年是单身状态,意味着有大量年青人有情感交友需求(2.4亿单身人口)。


1.   Not understanding what he meant, I repeated inquisitively: 'Came to an end, Mr. Barkis?'
2. 在风口时代,很多时候未来规划和产品想法都是创始人已经设想好了,而当时所需要的产品很多时候,只是一个执行者,或者是一个想法扩张者。
3. 重……尝欲作器物,先种梓漆,时人嗤之,然积以岁月,皆得其用等。这些规模较大的民营手工业作坊,主要劳动力是僮仆、佣工,其中很多来自逃亡的农民。另外,当时还有许多手工业个体户。
4.   "I stand, and speak, and laugh, and kiss, and halse;* *embrace So that my thought comforteth me full oft: I think, God wot, though all the world be false, I will be true; I think also how soft My lady is in speech, and this on loft Bringeth my heart with joy and great gladness; This privy thought allays my heaviness.
5. 两人达成了协议,小王转账后,李某答应第二天就发货。
6. 视频加载中,请稍候...


1.   But Connie's heart simply stood still at the thought of abandoning Clifford there and then. She couldn't do it. No...no! She just couldn't. She had to go back to Wragby.
2.   'And, ma'am,' he continued, 'the laundress tells me some of thegirls have two clean tuckers in the week: it is too much; the ruleslimit them to one.'
3. 虽然我在西门子一直做高端的工作,和三甲医院打交道,但我心里一直有一个情结。
4. 刘玉华原本准备找个不起眼的草丛,她忽然看到旁边有条河,心想将孩子扔在河里的话会沉入水中,更加不容易被人发现,于是一狠心将孩子丢进了河里。
5. 宗馥莉和父亲宗庆后(左)比起王思聪5亿练手费花完就得回万达上班的宿命,宗馥莉有着更大的野心。
6. 很多创业是为了赚钱,其实赚钱不一定非要创新。


1.   Anastasio, a Gentleman of the Family of the Honesti, by loving theDaughter to Signior Paulo Traversario, lavishly wasted a great part ofhis substance, without receiving any love from her againe. Byperswasion of some of his kindred and friends, he went to a Countreydwelling of his, called Chiasso, where he saw a Knight desperatelypursue a young Damosell; whom he slew, and afterward gave her to bedevoured by his Hounds. Anastasio invited his friends, and hers alsowhom he so dearely loved, to take part of a dinner with him, wholikewise saw the same Damosell so torne in peeces: which his unkindLove perceiving, and fearing least the like ill fortune shouldhappen to her; she accepted Anastasio to be her Husband.
2. ③杨宇霆颇有智略,深得张作霖倚重,对张学良心存藐视。-九二八年九月,杨两次与白崇禧会于冀东,谣传杨助白抗蒋,白助杨取代张学良,复有联交日本之说。一九二九年一月十日,前张作霖顾问日人町野武马与杨谈东北铁路问题,第二天,张学良杀杨及与杨接近的东北交通委员会委员长、兼黑龙江省政府主席常荫槐。
3.   "On this he lifted up his hands to the firmament of heaven andprayed, saying, 'Hear me, great Neptune; if I am indeed your owntrue-begotten son, grant that Ulysses may never reach his homealive; or if he must get back to his friends at last, let him do solate and in sore plight after losing all his men [let him reach hishome in another man's ship and find trouble in his house.']
4. “问题是,”这位官员问,“新媒体会产生什么样的政治影响?是好还是坏?在这一点上,与会专家的意见出现分歧。埃里克·施密特说信息传播总归是好的,他还为谷歌取消一笔和中国的交易这个特别重要的决定辩护。他的理由是:尽管有2%或3%的内容被屏蔽,谷歌世界信息中的97%或98%仍然可以被中国网民得到。小组里的其他人笑他言不由衷。而他坚持自己的立场,但是有人说:‘你错啦。这可能会是一股邪恶的力量。现代的戈培尔①们正潜伏在某个地方利用它。’”
5.   7. "Xpe" represents the Greek letters chi rho epsilon, and is a contraction for "Christe."
6. 想一想再看


1.   Doctor Manette received him kindly, and so did Lucie. But, Miss Pross suddenly became afflicted with a twitching in the head and body, and retired into the house. She was not unfrequently the victim of this disorder, and she called it, in familiar conversation, `a fit of the jerks.'
2.   I am no lady, am not fair, Can without escort home repair.(She disengages herself and exit.)
3.   "Thence we sailed sadly on, glad to have escaped death, though wehad lost our comrades, and came to the Aeaean island, where Circelives a great and cunning goddess who is own sister to the magicianAeetes- for they are both children of the sun by Perse, who isdaughter to Oceanus. We brought our ship into a safe harbour without aword, for some god guided us thither, and having landed we there fortwo days and two nights, worn out in body and mind. When the morningof the third day came I took my spear and my sword, and went away fromthe ship to reconnoitre, and see if I could discover signs of humanhandiwork, or hear the sound of voices. Climbing to the top of ahigh look-out I espied the smoke of Circe's house rising upwardsamid a dense forest of trees, and when I saw this I doubted whether,having seen the smoke, I would not go on at once and find out more,but in the end I deemed it best to go back to the ship, give the mentheir dinners, and send some of them instead of going myself.

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