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1.   Lady, if I did love you now so effectually as heeretofore I havedone, I should be very circumspect, in uttering any thing which Iimmagined might distast you. I know not whether your husbandPhilipello, were at any time offended, because I affected you, orbeleeved that I received any kindnes from you: but whether it wereso or no, I could never discerne it by any outward apparance. Butnow awaiting for the opportunity of time, which he conceived shouldaffoord me the least suspition, he seekes to compasse that, which (Idoubt) he feares I would have done to him, in plaine termes Madam,to have his pleasure of my wife. And as by some carriages I haveobserved, within few daies past he hath solicited and pursued hispurpose very secretly, by many Ambassages, and meanes, as (indeed) Ihave learned from her selfe, and alwaies she hath returned in suchanswers, as she receyved by my direction.
2. The attic had been very still all the day after Sara had left it in the early morning. The stillness had only been broken by the pattering of the rain upon the slates and the skylight. Melchisedec had, in fact, found it rather dull; and when the rain ceased to patter and perfect silence reigned, he decided to come out and reconnoiter, though experience taught him that Sara would not return for some time. He had been rambling and sniffing about, and had just found a totally unexpected and unexplained crumb left from his last meal, when his attention was attracted by a sound on the roof. He stopped to listen with a palpitating heart. The sound suggested that something was moving on the roof. It was approaching the skylight; it reached the skylight. The skylight was being mysteriously opened. A dark face peered into the attic; then another face appeared behind it, and both looked in with signs of caution and interest. Two men were outside on the roof, and were making silent preparations to enter through the skylight itself. One was Ram Dass and the other was a young man who was the Indian gentleman's secretary; but of course Melchisedec did not know this. He only knew that the men were invading the silence and privacy of the attic; and as the one with the dark face let himself down through the aperture with such lightness and dexterity that he did not make the slightest sound, Melchisedec turned tail and fled precipitately back to his hole. He was frightened to death. He had ceased to be timid with Sara, and knew she would never throw anything but crumbs, and would never make any sound other than the soft, low, coaxing whistling; but strange men were dangerous things to remain near. He lay close and flat near the entrance of his home, just managing to peep through the crack with a bright, alarmed eye. How much he understood of the talk he heard I am not in the least able to say; but, even if he had understood it all, he would probably have remained greatly mystified.
3. 为防止意外发生,民警联系了救护车紧随现场。
4. 之后,她先后在柳州广济医院、市其他公立医院及鹿寨县公立医院住院治疗,但在住院治疗结账时,使用的都是她的居民医保,只有个人自费部分,广济医院才帮她垫付。
5. 另外我们和国际的接触比较多。
6. 从逻辑上说,既然是通报,至少要说明经过权威部门调查之后的真实信息到底是是什么,否则就很难判断警方是否履行了对信息进行甄别、调查、确认的职责,并在事实基础上依法采取处置措施。


1.   When they had done this they washed their hands and feet and wentback into the house, for all was now over; and Ulysses said to thedear old nurse Euryclea, "Bring me sulphur, which cleanses allpollution, and fetch fire also that I may burn it, and purify thecloisters. Go, moreover, and tell Penelope to come here with herattendants, and also all the maid servants that are in the house."
2.   "If you worry me by repeating the same thing, I will notbring you any more to eat."
3. 而据这位工人介绍,没活儿、欠社保也并不是今年才出现的,已经连续好几年都是这样的情况了。
4. 根据指控,张某于2018年10月至2019年4月,多次在其搭建的网站H客联盟上向他人出售千里眼等程序,从中获利一万余元。
5.   "As he spoke he pulled the herb out of the ground an showed mewhat it was like. The root was black, while the flower was as white asmilk; the gods call it Moly, and mortal men cannot uproot it, butthe gods can do whatever they like.
6.   Dioneus having thus ended his Novel, and the Ladies delivering theirseverall judgements, according to their owne fancies, some holding oneconceite, others leaning to the contrary; one blaming this thing,and another commending that, the King lifting his eyes to heaven,and seeing the Sun began to fal low, by rising of the EveningStarre; without arising from his seat, spake as followeth. DiscreetLadies, I am perswaded you know sufficiently, that the sense andunderstanding of us mortals, consisteth not onely (as I think) bypreserving in memory things past, or knowledge of them present; butsuch as both by the one and other, know how to foresee futureoccasions, are worthily thought wise, and of no common capacity.


1. 遇难的蒂姆·斯泰普斯(图源:美国广播公司)斯泰普斯是这次在山中寻找莫卡帕蒂的126名经过认证的志愿者之一
2. 既然是奢侈品,就得用奢侈品的方式去卖。
3. 时间管理,有很多理论,比如番茄钟、重要紧急四象限法则。
4. 扩展V形反转形态v形形态有一种变体,称为扩展V形形态·在这这种形态中,当市场反向后,很快形成一个小平台,除此之外,它与V形形态基本一致。如图5.10a所示,平台通常形成在图形的右侧。它与旗形形态(在第六草中讲解)颇为相似,也朝新趋势的相反方向稍稍倾斜。
5. 这个小伙跑起来,就好像火影忍者一样
6.   Each retired to his own apartment.


1. 一位知情人士称,蚂蚁金服将向eMonkey提供技术专业知识,虽然所持股份不会超过50%,蚂蚁金服选择投资eMonkey是因为后者已经从越南国家银行(SBV)获得了所有运营牌照。
2.   "How do you do?" said Mrs. Vance, who could scarcely believe hereyes. His great confusion she instantly perceived. He did notknow whether to invite her in or not.
3.   Notes to the Miller's Tale
4. 当工作人员打开老人那一层层包裹着的塑料袋时,发现老人共计捐款10071元。
5.   Seeing her husband still persist in this shamefull course towardsher; she studied, how she might best comfort her selfe in thisdesolate case: by devising some one meane or other (if any at all wereto bee founde) wherby he might be requited in his kind, and wearthat badge of shame whereof he was now but onely affraid. Andbecause she could not gain so small a permission, as to be seene atany window, where (happily) she might have observed some one passingby in the street, discerning a litle parcell of her love: sheremembred at length, that, in the next house to her Husbands (theyboth joyning close together) there dwelt a comely yong properGentleman, whose perfections carried correspondencie with her desires.She also considered with her selfe, that if there were any partitionwall; such a chinke or cranny might easily be made therein, by which(at one time or other) she should gaine a sight of the youngGentleman, and finde an houre so fitting, as to conferre with him, andbestow her lovely favour on him, if he pleased to accept it. Ifsuccesse (in this case) proved answerable to her hope, then thus sheresolved to outrun the rest of her wearisome dayes, except the frensieof jealousie did finish her husbands loathed life before.
6.   "Do we know, Menelaus," said she, "the names of these strangerswho have come to visit us? Shall I guess right or wrong?-but Icannot help saying what I think. Never yet have I seen either man orwoman so like somebody else (indeed when I look at him I hardly knowwhat to think) as this young man is like Telemachus, whom Ulysses leftas a baby behind him, when you Achaeans went to Troy with battle inyour hearts, on account of my most shameless self."


1. 因为从创业者来说,创业是一个持久战,但是同时你说冬天和春天,我觉得这是并存的。
2. 昆山番尼文化传播有限公司也不会注销,厂里就那几个设备,即便全部变卖清算也值不了几个钱,完全无法弥补你们的损失(当然,如果你们一致决定破产清算,我也完全配合)。
3. 更迭阁臣——孝宗即位后,怀恩即劝他罢免万安。御史也上章弹劾。孝宗在宫中见一小箧,里面都是论房中术的疏文,写“臣安进上”。孝宗命怀恩拿去问万安,“这是大臣该做的事么!”万安叩头谢罪。怀恩即摘去他的牙牌(官员执版),说:“你可以走了。”万安罢职后回四川,已年逾七十,一年后病死。尹直也被劾免官。旧臣中只有刘吉留值内阁。孝宗另任东宫讲官少詹事刘健为礼部右侍郎兼翰林学士,入内阁参预机务。吏部左侍郎徐博进为礼部尚书兼文渊阁大学士。刘吉与徐溥、刘健成为新朝的阁臣。宪宗朝负有人望的王恕,因怀恩力荐,起为吏部尚书。南京兵部尚书马文升为左都御史。署国子监事丘浚进呈所著《大学衍义补》一百六十卷。孝宗命在福建刊行。进丘浚为礼部尚书署詹事府事。

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      No doubt it is a very surprising fact that characters should reappear after having been lost for many, perhaps for hundreds of generations. But when a breed has been crossed only once by some other breed, the offspring occasionally show a tendency to revert in character to the foreign breed for many generations some say, for a dozen or even a score of generations. After twelve generations, the proportion of blood, to use a common expression, of any one ancestor, is only 1 in 2048; and yet, as we see, it is generally believed that a tendency to reversion is retained by this very small proportion of foreign blood. In a breed which has not been crossed, but in which both parents have lost some character which their progenitor possessed, the tendency, whether strong or weak, to reproduce the lost character might be, as was formerly remarked, for all that we can see to the contrary, transmitted for almost any number of generations. When a character which has been lost in a breed, reappears after a great number of generations, the most probable hypothesis is, not that the offspring suddenly takes after an ancestor some hundred generations distant, but that in each successive generation there has been a tendency to reproduce the character in question, which at last, under unknown favourable conditions, gains an ascendancy. For instance, it is probable that in each generation of the barb-pigeon, which produces most rarely a blue and black-barred bird, there has been a tendency in each generation in the plumage to assume this colour. This view is hypothetical, but could be supported by some facts; and I can see no more abstract improbability in a tendency to produce any character being inherited for an endless number of generations, than in quite useless or rudimentary organs being, as we all know them to be, thus inherited. Indeed, we may sometimes observe a mere tendency to produce a rudiment inherited: for instance, in the common snapdragon (Antirrhinum) a rudiment of a fifth stamen so often appears, that this plant must have an inherited tendency to produce it.As all the species of the same genus are supposed, on my theory, to have descended from a common parent, it might be expected that they would occasionally vary in an analogous manner; so that a variety of one species would resemble in some of its characters another species; this other species being on my view only a well-marked and permanent variety. But characters thus gained would probably be of an unimportant nature, for the presence of all important characters will be governed by natural selection, in accordance with the diverse habits of the species, and will not be left to the mutual action of the conditions of life and of a similar inherited constitution. It might further be expected that the species of the same genus would occasionally exhibit reversions to lost ancestral characters. As, however, we never know the exact character of the common ancestor of a group, we could not distinguish these two cases: if, for instance, we did not know that the rock-pigeon was not feather-footed or turn-crowned, we could not have told, whether these characters in our domestic breeds were reversions or only analogous variations; but we might have inferred that the blueness was a case of reversion, from the number of the markings, which are correlated with the blue tint, and which it does not appear probable would all appear together from simple variation. More especially we might have inferred this, from the blue colour and marks so often appearing when distinct breeds of diverse colours are crossed. Hence, though under nature it must generally be left doubtful, what cases are reversions to an anciently existing character, and what are new but analogous variations, yet we ought, on my theory, sometimes to find the varying offspring of a species assuming characters (either from reversion or from analogous variation) which already occur in some members of the same group. And this undoubtedly is the case in nature.A considerable part of the difficulty in recognising a variable species in our systematic works, is due to its varieties mocking, as it were, come of the other species of the same genus. A considerable catalogue, also, could be given of forms intermediate between two other forms, which themselves must be doubtfully ranked as either varieties or species, that the one in varying has assumed some of the characters of the other, so as to produce the intermediate form. But the best evidence is afforded by parts or organs of an important and uniform nature occasionally varying so as to acquire, in some degree, the character of the same part or organ in an allied species. I have collected a long list of such cases; but here, as before, I lie under a great disadvantage in not being able to give them. I can only repeat that such cases certainly do occur, and seem to me very remarkable.

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      There were some words which passed too low to hear. Then theconversation became strong again.

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