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1. 因为每年流感也很重,其实流感也会死人,因为流感见的人多了,每年都说就不怕了,这个病毒是新的,所以可能有点恐慌。
2. 据了解,自疫情发生以来,高治邦老人就一直在关注,看到众多医务工作者奋战在一线,他也想着为国出力,于是将准备给儿子盖房的3万元钱全部捐献出来。
3. 面对一辆普遍售价在20万元以上的房车,消费者们要谨慎得多,这不同于在直播时买一瓶辣椒酱,或者买一口铁锅。
4.   He took up a second letter which had lain unnoticed upon the tablewhile he had been absorbed with the first. This he began to readwith a smile of amusement upon his face which gradually faded awayinto an expression of intense interest and concentration. When hehad finished he sat for some little time lost in thought with theletter dangling from his fingers. Finally, with a start, he arousedhimself from his reverie.
5. 越族是生活在我国东南沿海地区的古老民族。史书上之所以称之为百越,是因为他们的分支很多。居住在今浙江境内和江西东部的为东瓯;在今福建境内的为闽越;在今广东和广西东部、湖南南部的为南越,在今广西西部、南部和云南东南部的为雒越。百越地区在新石器时代就有与中原地区不同的文化特征和标志。在秦统一前,多数地区已由原始社会进入到奴隶制社会阶段,但还保留着许多原始社会的习俗,如无嫁娶礼法,各因淫好,无适对匹,不识父子之性、夫妇之道①兄死弟妻其嫂.②文化上,也有着与中原迥然不同的特征。其中,断发纹身和使用铜器为最显著特征。尤其铸铜为大鼓是越人所独有。在服饰与其他生活习惯方面也与中原有很大区别。如穿衣皆服布如单被,穿中央贯头①小孩七、八岁以后都要拔牙,以及悬棺葬等等。
6. 2000年,德国国家足球队主教练的人选问题引发了一片混战,就在这个时候,呼声最高的候选人克里斯托弗·道姆却遇到了麻烦。当时,据一名已经被宣判定罪的逃税犯指控,道姆由于做房地产生意而欠他一百万英镑。


1.   "I guess not."
2. 报告对炸弹破坏力的估计,比“莫德”委员会报告中的估计低些,说“每公斤铀235约为300吨梯恩梯当量”,而“莫德”委员会的估计为1800吨。
3.   `No, but it doesn't matter. I can sit perfectly dry under this porch. Good afternoon!' She hated the excess of vernacular in his speech.
4. 到了1931年,鲁迅开办三闲书屋,期间又另办野草书屋。
5. 但从2018年1月开始,公司给龚静下达了更多的预付卡售卖任务,显然已经超过了这个门店的需求量。
6. 鱼商见过的死鱼太多了,鱼场里几千条鱼,他觉得一年死个一二百条都不算事。


1. 随后,两名女主持人开始食用蝙蝠。
2.   Look at a plant in the midst of its range, why does it not double or quadruple its numbers? We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts. In this case we can clearly see that if we wished in imagination to give the plant the power of increasing in number, we should have to give it some advantage over its competitors, or over the animals which preyed on it. On the confines of its geographical range, a change of constitution with respect to climate would clearly be an advantage to our plant; but we have reason to believe that only a few plants or animals range so far, that they are destroyed by the rigour of the climate alone. Not until we reach the extreme confines of life, in the arctic regions or on the borders of an utter desert, will competition cease. The land may be extremely cold or dry, yet there will be competition between some few species, or between the individuals of the same species, for the warmest or dampest spots.
3. 至于此举是否过分商业化,故宫近年来成功的商业运作当可以做出有力的回答。
4. These countries performed the best overall in the 2017 Best Countries rankings. The rankings aim to gauge global perceptions of the world’s biggest economies.
5. 现场有一名女员工受伤被送医。
6. 赢得开门红之后,Zume迎来了快速发展阶段,一方面将机器人送入更多的餐厅,另一方面则是将披萨制作流动起来。


1. 创业者在没达到一定量级前担心BAT的影响就是杞人忧天。
2. 过了年,晓丽23岁,她们一家五口年前从武汉回老家后,和同是武汉回来的八位亲戚待在一起。
3.   The man burst into a hearty laugh. "They might be useful tome as relics of my adventure," said he, "but beyond that I canhardly see what use the disjecta membra of my late acquaintanceare going to be to me. No, sir, I think that, with yourpermission, I will confine my attentions to the excellent birdwhich I perceive upon the sideboard."
4.   "You have done wonders- wonders!" he cried when he had heard thenarrative. "But if these injuries are as terrible as Dr. Watsondescribes, then surely our purpose of thwarting the marriage issufficiently gained without the use of this horrible book."Holmes shook his head.
5. 归属于上市公司股东的净利润为-26.33亿元,同比下滑2064.56%。
6.   What can now faire Venus do above? What saith she now? what doth this queen of love? But weepeth so, for wanting of her will, Till that her teares in the listes fill* *fall She said: "I am ashamed doubteless." Saturnus saide: "Daughter, hold thy peace. Mars hath his will, his knight hath all his boon, And by mine head thou shalt be eased soon." The trumpeters with the loud minstrelsy, The heralds, that full loude yell and cry, Be in their joy for weal of Dan* Arcite. *Lord But hearken me, and stinte noise a lite, What a miracle there befell anon This fierce Arcite hath off his helm y-done, And on a courser for to shew his face He *pricketh endelong* the large place, *rides from end to end* Looking upward upon this Emily; And she again him cast a friendly eye (For women, as to speaken *in commune*, *generally* They follow all the favour of fortune), And was all his in cheer*, as his in heart. *countenance Out of the ground a fire infernal start, From Pluto sent, at request of Saturn For which his horse for fear began to turn, And leap aside, and founder* as he leap *stumble And ere that Arcite may take any keep*, *care He pight* him on the pummel** of his head. *pitched **top That in the place he lay as he were dead. His breast to-bursten with his saddle-bow. As black he lay as any coal or crow, So was the blood y-run into his face. Anon he was y-borne out of the place With hearte sore, to Theseus' palace. Then was he carven* out of his harness. *cut And in a bed y-brought full fair and blive* *quickly For he was yet in mem'ry and alive, And always crying after Emily.


1.   "Why so?"
2. 国会解散后,一九一三年十一月五日,袁命各省派员来京。会议地方行政。寻扩大为"政治会议"。以前清云贵总督李经义为会长,各都督请袁咨询以救国大计及增修约法程序。政治会议议决停止国会职务,另设造法机关,修改约法。此一造法机关,定名曰"约法会议",一九一四年三月成立,议员名为选举,实同指派,变节的国民党人孙硫筠为会长。五月一日,所谓中华民国约法公布,即"新约法"。废止民国元年的临时约法,即"旧约法"。新约法规定总统总揽治权,对国民负责;旧约法规定以国会、总统、国务员、法院行使治权,内阁对国会负责。新约法规定立法机关为"立法院",由总统召集,别设"参政院"为总统咨询机关;旧约法规定国会自行召集。新约法规定总统得制定官制、官规、任免文武职员、宣战、媾和、缔约;旧约法规定以上各事须经国会同意。新约法规定总统得颁给爵位;旧约法无此规定。新约法规定总统为行政首长,置国务卿赞襄之;旧约法规定国务员辅左总统,负行政责任。新约法规定遇有非常事变,总统得为财政紧急处分;旧约法无此规定。新约法规定宪法由参政院起草审定,再由国民会议决定;旧约法规定宪法由国会制定。新约法规定立法院未成立前,参政院代行立法院职权,易言之即不拟成立立法院。
3. 作为江西红土地上成长、发展、壮大的民营企业,煌上煌集团数年来累计捐款捐物达8000多万元。

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