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1. 你也看见了,打不到出租车和网约车。
2. 就在教育部曝光8起师德违规案例之后,上海财经大学又曝出一起猥亵女生的丑闻。
3.   LONG before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered; but, to the best of my judgment, the greater number are only apparent, and those that are real are not, I think, fatal to my theory.
4. 人民币汇率之争的一个重要根源是贸易争端。
5.   "Do not wake her yet," answered Ulysses, "but tell the women whohave misconducted themselves to come to me."
6. 这里还是电影《哈利?波特》的取景地,哈利?波特骑着扫帚在山顶上飞过的镜头就是在这里拍摄的。


1. 平台是指每一个领域都会出现万物物联的一个或两个大平台,这些大平台掌握了大数据,并且以数据为生产资料。
2. 刘学辉也不甘只做一个高谈阔论的专家顾问,他终将会选择亲自操作实业。
3.   "My wife," he exclaimed as he entered the room, "heaven has denied us any children, but here is one that has been sent in their place. Send for a nurse, and I will do what is needful publicly to recognise it as my son."
4. 第二,包容四海的气势。
5. 据把这里当成加油站的白领小姐姐安利,这里还配备了美肌放大镜,连睫毛都照得根根分明。
6. 自那以后,日本人的口罩瘾更戒不掉了。


1. 前述磁县公安局工作人员向澎湃新闻提供了一份案情通报:2017年9月29日,磁县公安局立案侦查这起拐卖儿童案。
2.   When they had spent a long while in this or the like conference,with infinite sweet kisses and embraces intermixed; then she beganagaine in this manner. Deare love (quoth she) cast thy Cloake aboutthee, as I intend to doe with my night mantle, and let us step tothe little window once more, to see whether the flaming fire, whichburned in the Schollers brest (as daily avouched to me in his loveletters) be as yet extinct or no. So going to the window againe, andlooking downe into the Court; there they saw the Scholler dancing inthe snow, to the cold tune of his teeths quivering and chattering, andclapping his armes about his body, which was no pleasing melody tohim. How thinkest thou now sweet heart (saide cannot I make a mandaunce without the sound of a Taber, or of a Bagpipe? yes beleeve meLady (quoth he) I plaine pereive you can, and would be very lothe,that at should exercise your cunning on me.
3. 是个小伙子,说话比较小声,声音里还有点慌。
4. 五四运动本身也像各种政治运动一样,充满了爱国的激情,充满了为爱国而做出的牺牲,但这场运动当然也有一些政治动员、悲情制造等权力技术的东西。值得注意的是,尽管我们说当时的北洋政府是军人政府,但它也有克制的一面。整个运动中总的是军警怕学生,不是学生怕军警。学生和军警之间,稍微有一点什么事,就被渲染得非常大——进行政治迫害了,暴力镇压了,怎么杀人了,怎么打人了,怎么伤人了,等等。在运动中只要是死了人了,无论是病死的还是累死的,都会被渲染成被政府迫害致死的,借以制造悲情。
5. 但随着对肉的食品需求在快速增长,肉类行业已经发展成一项复杂的全球业务,涉及农场、饲养场和肉类中间商等多个环节。
6. 如果假以更多岁月,今天的人工智能在像他这样的天才的引领和推动下也许早就突飞猛进,并进入信息文明和生态文明的阶段了。


1. 面试不通过的原因千千万,这里不展开讨论。
2. 次日,武汉警方再次通报此事称,警方并未对上述8名进行拘留、警告和罚款,因这8人情节特别轻微,警方分别进行了批评和教育。
3. ▲医生的防护服稀缺,穿上后不舍得脱下吃饭上厕所。
4. 从临床流程上来讲,有入院前的预防和筛查,入院后还分为急症和重症、疑难疾病,复杂疾病的诊断包括急症的预计、风险评估、病因分析等等,其实都是医疗影像AI该涉足的领域。
5. Overall, St Gallen’s alumni report a 95 per cent satisfaction level, 2 percentage points more than the alumni from London Business School and WHU Beisheim.
6.   Honourable Father, you have raised my contentment to the highestdegree, and have heaped also many gracious favours on my Noble Mother;but now in the finall conclusion, that nothing may remaine uneffected,which consisteth in your power to performe: I would humbly entreateyou, to honour my Mother with your company, at a Feast of my making,where I would gladly also have my Brother present. Messer Gasparinod'Oria (as I have heretofore told you) questing as a common Pyrat onthe Seas, tooke us and sent us home to his house as slaves, where(as yet) he detaineth him. I would likewise have you send into Sicily,who informing himselfe more amply in the state of the Countrey, mayunderstand what is become of Henriet my Father, and whether he beliving or no. If he be alive, then to know in what condition he is;and being secretly instructed in all things, then to returne backeagaine to you.


1. Some 930,000 people sat the National Public Servant Exam in China on Nov. 29 last year, a 60,000 decrease year on year. But the 27,000 positions on offer was a new high.
2. 2016年11月,王凯歆回应:“神奇百货”是她主动放弃的;运营主体“深圳大爆炸网络科技有限公司”未破产,即将被收购;她正在准备开始新的创业项目。
3. It remains the world's largest country and the largest oil producer. It retains its permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Its nuclear arsenal (in Cold War times one of five countries, but now one of nine) has been progressively modernised. Sustained increases in defence spending have brought it close to its goal of escalation dominance in local and regional war.

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