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1. 龚雪娇说,根据2019年1月国家禁毒委员会印发的《3种合成大麻素依赖性折算表》,1克小树枝中含有的AMB-FUBINACA成分相当于5.5克海洛因。
2.   We used to walk about that dim old flat at Yarmouth in a loving manner, hours and hours. The days sported by us, as if Time had not grown up himself yet, but were a child too, and always at play. I told Em'ly I adored her, and that unless she confessed she adored me I should be reduced to the necessity of killing myself with a sword. She said she did, and I have no doubt she did.
3.   The swineherd was very much disturbed when he heard this. "Heavenhelp me," he exclaimed, "what ever can have put such a notion asthat into your head? If you go near the suitors you will be undoneto a certainty, for their pride and insolence reach the veryheavens. They would never think of taking a man like you for aservant. Their servants are all young men, well dressed, wearinggood cloaks and shirts, with well looking faces and their hairalways tidy, the tables are kept quite clean and are loaded withbread, meat, and wine. Stay where you are, then; you are not inanybody's way; I do not mind your being here, no more do any of theothers, and when Telemachus comes home he will give you a shirt andcloak and will send you wherever you want to go."
4.   "Where?"
5.   Grimaud extended his hands in the direction of the Lys. "Far fromhere?" asked Athos.
6. 此外,龙头山镇、火德红镇、文屏镇、茨院乡、小寨镇、乐红镇、龙树镇、新街镇、水磨镇、梭山镇等10个乡镇部分老旧房屋不同程度受损。


1. 在我心目中,加拿大人还要更伟大一些,加拿大人还更加高尚一些。
2. 一单多补几块钱,看着不多,拉10单就是好几十块,晚几天错峰回老家过年能多挣不少呢。
3.   六、吉林省聚客优家房屋租赁管理有限公司恶意克扣出租人租金
4.   `Hark!' he exclaimed. `Whose voice was that?'
5. 合肥警方公布的抓捕视频显示,对峙中,法子英手持一只灰黑色保险柜挡在胸前,后退至床后临窗的位置,现场布控的民警和防暴部队则分开排列在走廊内和门框前。
6. "That's not a bad little kingdom," we agreed when it was roughly drawn and measured. We could tell the size fairly by our speed. And from what we could see of the sides--and that icy ridge at the back end--"It's a pretty enterprising savage who would manage to get into it," Jeff said.


1.   Connie felt as if he had hit her in the face, and she changed colour. Then she gathered her defiance, and looked at him, her dark blue eyes blazing rather vaguely.
2. 我们主要对优酷五大栏目头部氛围和底栏图标进行了深色的第二套设计,让他们在深色上看起来和谐。
3. 他和女子李丽结婚后,带着李丽的女儿小娜一起生活。
4. 且在这一区间流失的用户量占总体的50%,也就是说在这个环节流失了一半用户。
5. 原因就在于mall建立了一个标准:三四楼吃大餐,负一楼吃小吃。
6.   "Yes, and a most remarkable bird it proved. I don't wonderthat you should take an interest in it. It laid an egg after itwas dead--the bonniest, brightest little blue egg that ever wasseen. I have it here in my museum."


1. 原标题:美国国会:21岁以下禁止购买烟草和电子烟作者|Stephanie,Jasper,Chloe,Zayden,Vanessa,Jenny责编|Lu美编|WW,Lu热议话题美国国会将通过法案:禁止21岁以下的人购买烟草和电子烟美国政府开始再次讨论关于禁止向21岁以下人群销售烟草产品和电子烟的联邦立法。
2. "That's the business risk we must take. I'm going--if I break my neck." There was no changing him.
3. 不仅如此,App还存在着私自共享用户数据多,存在数据恶意散播的风险。
4. 这则建议称:武汉市汉口北四季丰华物业有几万间水电全通的空置商铺,可容纳10万个床位,一个独立商铺放可放2-4张床,水电全部都是好的独立有墙可以隔离单间的商铺,我们广大业主上书网络平台:请求把我们商铺提供给政府,改建成临时医院或者隔离区,收治新冠状肺炎疑似病人。
5.   Drouet abandoned his claim and was seen no more. Of Hurstwood'sdeath she was not even aware. A slow, black boat setting outfrom the pier at Twenty-seventh Street upon its weekly errandbore, with many others, his nameless body to the Potter's Field.
6.   I did as requested. As he took the cup from my hand, Adele,thinking the moment propitious for making a request in my favour,cried out-


1. 每天经过便利店,陈丹都会进去看一眼有没有新到货的口罩,可眼前只剩挂着缺货预售限购标识的货架。
2. 我CEO当了十年半,创始人当了十几年,现在是洪泰的创始合伙人,加上新东方的董事长身份,谈谈对CEO的感觉,我还是能谈出一点来的。
3. 产品的难点主要在于图片收集、人工配音解说等非结构化信息的处理。

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