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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He still sought; but his eyes, darkened by death, encountered only theknife which had fallen from the hand of Felton, still smoking with theblood spread over its blade.
2.  "Yes, my friend, yes," said the cardinal, with that paternal tonewhich he sometimes knew how to assume, but which deceived nonewho knew him; "and as you have been unjustly suspected, well, youmust be indemnified. Here, take this purse of a hundredpistoles, and pardon me."
3.  "And you know who I am, without doubt?"
4.  "The queen became exceedingly red, and replied that having in theevening broken one of those studs, she had sent it to hergoldsmith to be repaired."
5.  "I will not sign this order! And why not?"
6.  "Oh, as to his name, I know nothing about it; but if I were everto meet him, I should recognize him in an instant, I will answerfor it, were he among a thousand persons."


1.  As soon as the earnest money was paid, D'Artagnan took possessionof his lodging, and passed the remainder of the day in sewingonto his doublet and hose some ornamental braiding which hismother had taken off an almost-new doublet of the elder M.D'Artagnan, and which she had given her son secretly. Next hewent to the Quai de Feraille to have a new blade put to hissword, and then returned toward the Louvre, inquiring of thefirst Musketeer he met for the situation of the hotel of M. deTreville, which proved to be in the Rue du Vieux-Colombier; thatis to say, in the immediate vicinity of the chamber hired byD'Artagnan--a circumstance which appeared to furnish a happyaugury for the success of his journey.
2.  "Dicers' oaths!" said Athos, while D'Artagnan went toconduct Kitty downstairs.
4.  "Well, what is the matter?" asked the young lieutenant."You told me to open the door if I heard anyone cry out," saidthe soldier; "but you forgot to leave me the key. I heard youcry out, without understanding what you said. I tried to openthe door, but it was locked inside; then I called the sergeant.""And here I am," said the sergeant.
5.  "Sire," replied the queen, with a faltering voice, "because, inthe midst of such a crowd as this, I feared some accident mighthappen to them."
6.  "I had been at the seminary from nine years old; in three days Ishould have been twenty. I was about to become an abbe, and allwas arranged. One evening I went, according to custom, to ahouse which I frequented with much pleasure: when one is young,what can be expected?--one is weak. An officer who saw me, witha jealous eye, reading the LIVES OF THE SAINTS to the mistress ofthe house, entered suddenly and without being announced. Thatevening I had translated an episode of Judith, and had justcommunicated my verses to the lady, who gave me all sorts ofcompliments, and leaning on my shoulder, was reading them asecond time with me. Her pose, which I must admit was ratherfree, wounded this officer. He said nothing; but when I went outhe followed, and quickly came up with me. 'Monsieur the Abbe,'said he, 'do you like blows with a cane?' 'I cannot say,monsieur,' answered I; 'no one has ever dared to give me any.''Well, listen to me, then, Monsieur the Abbe! If you ventureagain into the house in which I have met you this evening, I willdare it myself.' I really think I must have been frightened. Ibecame very pale; I felt my legs fail me; I sought for a reply,but could find none-I was silent. The officer waited for hisreply, and seeing it so long coming, he burst into a laugh,turned upon his heel, and re-entered the house. I returned tothe seminary.


1.  "And signed by whom--by the king?" And the cardinal pronounced thesewords with a singular expression of contempt.
2.  And Athos went out of the Parpaillot, followed byD'Artagnan. Aramis came behind, giving his arm to Porthos.Aramis mumbled verses to himself, and Porthos from time totime pulled a hair or two from his mustache, in sign ofdespair.
3.  "That is to say, you don't believe what I have told you; isit not so?"
4.  "Change these lackeys," said he; "she has spoken to them. They are nolonger sure."
5.   Thank you; be easy.
6.  "The traitor!" murmured Mme. Bonacieux.


1.  "All this will not advance your outfit," said Athos; "for ifI am not mistaken, you have left the best of your apparelwith Milady, and she will certainly not have the politenessto return it to you. Fortunately, you have the sapphire.""The jewel is yours, my dear Athos! Did you not tell me itwas a family jewel?"
2.  38 HOW, WIHTOUT INCOMMODING HIMSELF, ATHOS PROCURES HIA EQUIPMENTD'Artagnan was so completely bewildered that without takingany heed of what might become of Kitty he ran at full speedacross half Paris, and did not stop till he came to Athos'sdoor. The confusion of his mind, the terror which spurredhim on, the cries of some of the patrol who started inpursuit of him, and the hooting of the people who,notwithstanding the early hour, were going to their work,only made him precipitate his course.
3.  Richelieu remained standing, leaning against the mantelpiece; a tablewas between him and D'Artagnan.
4、  "But wait a minute," said M. de Treville, stopping him. "Ipromised you a letter for the director of the Academy. Are youtoo proud to accept it, young gentleman?"
5、  "I have," replied D'Artagnan, pulling out his treasure from hispocket, and placing it on the table. "There are in this bagthree hundred pistoles. Let each take seventy-five; that isenough to take us to London and back. Besides, make yourselveseasy; we shall not all arrive at London."




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      "And the queen believes--"

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      "Twenty men."

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       "I must be able to present these proofs for his

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      "Speak, madame!" resumed Mme. Bonacieux, with an energy of which shemight not have been believed capable. "Have you been, or are you, hismistress?"

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    {  D'Artagnan, however, stupefied, cast down, annihilated by allthat happened, stood, with crossed arms, before the Musketeer andMme. Bonacieux.

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      "I ought rather to say, what I know."}

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      "MORBLEU, monsieur!" said he, "however far I may come, it is notyou who can give me a lesson in good manners, I warn you.""Perhaps," said Athos.

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      But this time she had to contend with an unpolished nature,concentrated and insensible by force of austerity. Religion andits observances had made Felton a man inaccessible to ordinaryseductions. There fermented in that sublimated brain plans sovast, projects so tumultuous, that there remained no room for anycapricious or material love--that sentiment which is fed byleisure and grows with corruption. Milady had, then, made abreach by her false virtue in the opinion of a man horriblyprejudiced against her, and by her beauty in the heart of a manhitherto hitherto chaste and pure. In short, she had taken themeasure of motives hitherto unknown to herself, through thisexperiment, made upon the most rebellious subject that nature andreligion could submit to her study.

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       "Planchet, my friend," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you are really aprecious fellow."

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    {  "Here, in an hour. Oh, you are so kind, and I am so grateful!""How can I avoid interesting myself for one who is so beautiful and soamiable? Are you not the beloved of one of my best friends?""Dear D'Artagnan! Oh, how he will thank you!"

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      Porthos and Aramis resumed their places by the stovepipe.As to Athos, he went out without any mystery, took hishorse, which was tied with those of his friends to thefastenings of the shutters, in four words convinced theattendant of the necessity of a vanguard for their return,carefully examined the priming of his pistols, drew hissword, and took, like a forlorn hope, the road to the camp.