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1. 即便亚洲国家推出了在其他国家推动ETF市场蓬勃发展的监管措施,也仍存在其他障碍。例如,蒙塔纳里表示,提供给亚洲投资者的产品大多与国内市场的股票挂钩,因此ETF没有被用来让投资者在国内投资于外国市场。
2.   Aloft to you we would mount with glee! We wash, and free from all stain arewe, Yet barren evermore must be!
3.   'Do I gather from what you say, ma'am, that Mr. Maldon is ill?' asked Mr. Wickfield.
4. 网传12月19日凌晨,湖南常德市汉寿县洋淘湖镇红旗村一名男子持刀将家人砍死
5.   At this moment the young man returned; Danglars withdrew.
6.   These verses were not excellent--very far from it; but as it iswell known, the Puritans did not pique themselves upon theirpoetry.


1.   随后,阿成提供了一份由杭州某司法鉴定中心出具的亲子鉴定书,证明其与小文为亲生父子。
2.   "Yes, my lord," replied the servant, "M. Debray is withmadame." Danglars nodded his head; then, turning to MonteCristo, said, "M. Lucien Debray is an old friend of ours,and private secretary to the Minister of the Interior. Asfor my wife, I must tell you, she lowered herself bymarrying me, for she belongs to one of the most ancientfamilies in France. Her maiden name was De Servieres, andher first husband was Colonel the Marquis of Nargonne."
3.   "A sailor."
4. 该事件的另外当事方分别为南京东方文理专修学院(系由江苏省教育厅批准成立的民办培训机构)和应天职业技术学院(系由江苏省教肓厅枇准成立的民办高职院校)。
5.   Instances could be given of the same variety being produced under conditions of life as different as can well be conceived; and, on the other hand, of different varieties being produced from the same species under the same conditions. Such facts show how indirectly the conditions of life must act. Again, innumerable instances are known to every naturalist of species keeping true, or not varying at all, although living under the most opposite climates. Such considerations as these incline me to lay very little weight on the direct action of the conditions of life. Indirectly, as already remarked, they seem to play an important part in affecting the reproductive system, and in thus inducing variability; and natural selection will then accumulate all profitable variations, however slight, until they become plainly developed and appreciable by us.
6.   To describe thus the nature of the plan, and to say that when Chaucer conceived, or at least began to execute it, he was between sixty and seventy years of age, is to proclaim that The Canterbury Tales could never be more than a fragment. Thirty pilgrims, each telling two tales on the way out, and two more on the way back -- that makes 120 tales; to say nothing of the prologue, the description of the journey, the occurrences at Canterbury, "and all the remnant of their pilgrimage," which Chaucer also undertook. No more than twenty-three of the 120 stories are told in the work as it comes down to us; that is, only twenty-three of the thirty pilgrims tell the first of the two stories on the road to Canterbury; while of the stories on the return journey we have not one, and nothing is said about the doings of the pilgrims at Canterbury -- which would, if treated like the scene at the Tabard, have given us a still livelier "picture of the period." But the plan was too large; and although the poet had some reserves, in stories which he had already composed in an independent form, death cut short his labour ere he could even complete the arrangement and connection of more than a very few of the Tales. Incomplete as it is, however, the magnum opus of Chaucer was in his own time received with immense favour; manuscript copies are numerous even now -- no slight proof of its popularity; and when the invention of printing was introduced into England by William Caxton, The Canterbury Tales issued from his press in the year after the first English- printed book, "The Game of the Chesse," had been struck off. Innumerable editions have since been published; and it may fairly be affirmed, that few books have been so much in favour with the reading public of every generation as this book, which the lapse of every generation has been rendering more unreadable.


1.   "Indeed, they will go so far that we shall be obliged to send them tothe Bastille."
2. 这时候,许加清徒手翻上护墙,爬到女孩所坐的平台上,在离女孩约5米处的位置开解劝导。
3. 有病号告诉我没有地方去,市长热线也打了,我也无能为力只能告知注意事项让他们再等等,过几天事情肯定会好转。
4.   "Yes, indeed," added Drouet, who was not in the least aware thata battle had been fought and his defences weakened. He was likethe Emperor of China, who sat glorying in himself, unaware thathis fairest provinces were being wrested from him.
5.   "And thereby you have lied twice, monsieur, for I saw it fall.""Ah, you take it with that tone, do you, Master Gascon? Well, Iwill teach you how to behave yourself."
6.   What wilt thou wager? Him thou yet shall lose, If leave to me thou wilt butgive, Gently to lead him as I choose!


1.   "Well, as soon as you conveniently can. Say in an hour.""I feel quite strong enough, if I can really be of any help.""The greatest possible."
2. 路某丽从水井里打捞上来后被送往了运城相关部门。
3.   If o'er my soul the tone familiar, stealing, Drew me from harrowing thought'sbewild'ring maze, Touching the ling'ring chords of childlike feeling, With sweetharmonies of happier days: So curse I all, around the soul that windeth Itsmagic and alluring spell, And with delusive flattery bindeth Its victim to thisdreary cell! Curs'd before all things be the high opinion, Wherewith the spiritgirds itself around! Of shows delusive curs'd be the dominion, Within whosemocking sphere our sense is bound! Accurs'd of dreams the treacherouswiles, The cheat of glory, deathless fame! Accurs'd what each as propertybeguiles, Wife, child, slave, plough, whate'er its name! Accurs'd be mammon,when with treasure He doth to daring deeds incite: Or when to steep the soulin pleasure, He spreads the couch of soft delight! Curs'd be the grape'sbalsamic juice! Accurs'd love's dream, of joys the first! Accurs'd be hope!accurs'd be faith! And more than all, be patience curs'd!Chorus of Spirits (invisible)
4. 二是成立虚假加工厂,以黄金票为进项发票进行抵扣,重新申领发票后再对外虚开。
5. 然而优步马上杀了出来,继续补贴,滴滴好不容易把优步中国吞并了,又以为可以躺着赚钱了,但新政又出来了,把这个业务变成了一个许可证方式进入的小市场。
6. 除了门禁,外卖也是一个难题。


1.   `Of his own desire?'
2. 这份年报实际上较为真切的回答了外界关注格力的两个基本问题。
3.   22 The Romance of the Rose: a very popular mediaeval romance, the English version of which is partly by Chaucer. It opens with a description of a beautiful garden.

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