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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It seems to me to have only one drawback, Hopkins, and that isthat it is intrinsically impossible. Have you tried to drive a harpoonthrough a body? No? Tut, tut my dear sir, you must really payattention to these details. My friend Watson could tell you that Ispent a whole morning in that exercise. It is no easy matter, andrequires a strong and practised arm. But this blow was deliveredwith such violence that the head of the weapon sank deep into thewall. Do you imagine that this anaemic youth was capable of sofrightful an assault? Is he the man who hobnobbed in rum and waterwith Black Peter in the dead of the night? Was it his profile that wasseen on the blind two nights before? No, no, Hopkins, it is anotherand more formidable person for whom we must seek."
2.  I stepped to my bureau and brought out an enlarged photograph. "Thisis my method in such cases," I explained.
3.  "Hullo!" cried the inspector, "where's he got to?"
4.  My outer door was flung open, there were blundering footsteps in thepassage, and Ian Murdoch staggered into the room, pallid, dishevelled,his clothes in wild disorder, clawing with his bony hands at thefurniture to hold himself great. "Brandy! Brandy!" he gasped, and fellgroaning upon the sofa.
5.  "I recognized in an instant that the thief must have come up thestairs from the side door. Of course I must have met him if he hadcome the other way."
6.  "Never."


1.  "Yes; he was the last to pass me."
2.  "That's what I want to ascertain. You know, I suppose, that unlessthe matter is cleared up, Mrs. Barclay, who is an old friend of yours,will in all probability be tried for murder."
3.  "Madam, what you ask me is really impossible."
4.  "'Not at all, my boy. You have only got your deserts. There areone or two small things-mere formalities-which I must arrange withyou. you have a bit of paper beside you there. Kindly write upon it "Iam perfectly willing to act as business manager to the
5.  "'I have some recollections, sir, that I had already correspondedwith you and had told you what had become of him. He has gone upon avoyage round the world. His health was in a poor way after his Africanexperiences, and both his mother and I were of opinion that completerest and change were needed. Kindly pass that explanation on to anyother friends who may be interested in the matter.'
6.  "No, I have moved nothing."


1.  Holmes snorted his contempt.
2.  "Yes, indeed, Holmes."
3.  "Thank you for this information," said he. "May I see your father ifI call tomorrow?"
4.  "Is there good fishing in that part of Berkshire?" The honesttrainer showed very clearly upon his face that he was convinced thatyet another lunatic had come into his harassed life.
5.   "Singular, no doubt- and yet he did so."
6.  "Mr. John Hector McFarlane?" said Lestrade.


1.  "I suppose that none of these securities have been found among theproperty of the dead man?"
2.  1926
3.  "But your appearance, Holmes- your ghastly face?"
4、  "Well, then, is it Bellamy and that big son of his? They were nottoo sweet upon Mr. McPherson. Could they have done him a mischief?""No, no, you won't draw me until I am ready," said I with a smile."Now, Inspector, we each have our own work to do. Perhaps if youwere to meet me here at midday-"
5、  "Your whole outfit is English."




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      "Sorry, Mr. Holmes, but that's the law."

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      "Of warning. Mr. Holmes?"

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       "`Why, I wonder at that, for you are eligible yourself for oneof the vacancies.'

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      The man who entered was young, some two-and-twenty at theoutside, well-groomed and trimly clad, with something ofrefinement and delicacy in his bearing. The streaming umbrellawhich he held in his hand, and his long shining waterproof told ofthe fierce weather through which he had come. He looked about himanxiously in the glare of the lamp, and I could see that his facewas pale and his eyes heavy, like those of a man who is weigheddown with some great anxiety.

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    {  "You are right, Holmes. We are bound to go."

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      I glanced at the hastily clad clergyman, with the formally dressedlodger seated beside him, and was amused at the surprise whichHolmes's simple deduction had brought to their faces.}

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      "Post-Office, Charing Cross."

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      "Yes, gentlemen," said he, "it is the most famous pearl now existingin the world, and it has been my good fortune, by a connected chain ofinductive reasoning, to trace it from the Prince of Colonna'sbedroom at the Dacre Hotel, where it was lost, to the interior ofthis, the last of the six busts of Napoleon which were manufactured byGelder & Co., of Stepney. You will remember, Lestrade, the sensationcaused by the disappearance of this valuable jewel and the vainefforts of the London police to recover it. I was myself consultedupon the case, but I was unable to throw any light upon it.Suspicion fell upon the maid of the Princess, who was an Italian,and it was proved that she had a brother in London, but we failed totrace any connection between them. The maid's name was LucretiaVenucci, and there is no doubt in my mind that this Pietro who wasmurdered two nights ago was the brother. I have been looking up thedates in the old files of the paper, and I find that the disappearanceof pearl was exactly two days before the arrest of Beppo, for somecrime of violence- an event which took place in the factory ofGelder & Co., at the very moment when these busts were being made. Nowyou clearly see the sequence of events, though you see them, ofcourse, in the inverse order to the way in which they presentedthemselves to me. Beppo had the pearl in his possession. He may havestolen it from Pietro, he may have been Pietro's confederate, he mayhave been the go-between of Pietro and his sister. It is of noconsequence to us which is the correct solution.

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       "Eight weeks passed away like this, and I had written aboutAbbots and Archery and Armour and Architecture and Attica, andhoped with diligence that I might get on to the B's before verylong. It cost me something in foolscap, and I had pretty nearlyfilled a shelf with my writings. And then suddenly the wholebusiness came to an end."

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    {  "No, sir, I do not!"

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      "She came only an hour ago. It was the wife, this time, but thependant she brought was the fellow of the other, She is a tall, palewoman, with ferret eyes."