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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  They entered the roadstead; but as they drew near in order tocast anchor, a little cutter, looking like a coastguardformidably armed, approached the merchant vessel and dropped intothe sea a boat which directed its course to the ladder. Thisboat contained an officer, a mate, and eight rowers. The officeralone went on board, where he was received with all the deferenceinspired by the uniform.
2.  They took leave of each other, and in ten minutes, after havingcommended his friend to the cares of the hostess and Bazin,D'Artagnan was trotting along in the direction of Ameins.How was he going to find Athos? Should he find him at all? Theposition in which he had left him was critical. He probably hadsuccumbed. This idea, while darkening his brow, drew severalsighs from him, and caused him to formulate to himself a few vowsof vengeance. Of all his friends, Athos was the eldest, and theleast resembling him in appearance, in his tastes and sympathies.Yet he entertained a marked preference for this gentleman. Thenoble and distinguished air of Athos, those flashes of greatnesswhich from time to time broke out from the shade in which hevoluntarily kept himself, that unalterable equality of temperwhich made him the most pleasant companion in the world, thatforced and cynical gaiety, that bravery which might have beentermed blind if it had not been the result of the rarestcoolness-such qualities attracted more than the esteem, more thanthe friendship of D'Artagnan; they attracted his admiration.Indeed, when placed beside M. de Treville, the elegant and noblecourtier, Athos in his most cheerful days might advantageouslysustain a comparison. He was of middle height; but his personwas so admirably shaped and so well proportioned that more thanonce in his struggles with Porthos he had overcome the giantwhose physical strength was proverbial among the Musketeers. Hishead, with piercing eyes, a straight nose, a chim cut like thatof Brutus, had altogether an indefinable character of grandeurand grace. His hands, of which he took little care, were thedespair of Aramis, who cultivated his with almond paste andperfumed oil. The sound of his voice was at once penetrating andmelodious; and then, that which was inconceivable in Athos, whowas always retiring, was that delicate knowledge of the world andof the usages of the most brilliant society-those manners of ahigh degree which appeared, as if unconsciously to himself, inhis least actions.
3.  As for Aramis, of whom we believe we have sufficiently explainedthe character--a character which, like that of his lackey wascalled Bazin. Thanks to the hopes which his master entertainedof someday entering into orders, he was always clothed in black,as became the servant of a churchman. He was a Berrichon,thirty-five or forty years old, mild, peaceable, sleek, employingthe leisure his master left him in the perusal of pious works,providing rigorously for two a dinner of few dishes, butexcellent. For the rest, he was dumb, blind, and deaf, and ofunimpeachable fidelity.
4.  "To be sure they may; and this very day we will write theletters," said Aramis. "Give the lackeys money, and theywill start."
5.  "How so?" asked the Musketeer.
6.  "Yes, sire. Today is the twentieth of September. The aldermenof the city give a fete on the third of October. That will fallin wonderfully well; you will not appear to have gone out of yourway to please the queen."


1.  "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.
2.  "I confess that unless you deign to give me some proof ofwhat you advance--"
3.  "Would you dare to lift your hand to your queen?" said Anne ofAustria, drawing herself up to her full height, and fixing hereyes upon the chancellor with an expression almost threatening."I am a faithful subject of the king, madame, and all that hisMajesty commands I shall do."
4.  "Then she is dead?" stammered D'Artagnan.
5.  "Never mind; if his mistress abandons him, he will find friends,I will answer for it. So, my dear host, be not uneasy, andcontinue to take all the care of him that his situationrequires."
6.  "Seven thousand livres, in louis of twelve francs.""Seven thousand livres!" cried Porthos. "That poor littlediamond was worth seven thousand livres?"


1.  "Sign, my Lord!"
2.  "You make the demand badly," replied Aramis; "and whileacknowledging the justice of your reclamation, I refuse it onaccount of the form."
3.  Fortunately, he had no opportunity to give the duke this proof ofhis devotion, and the young woman and the handsome Musketeerentered the Louvre by the wicket of the Echelle without anyinterference.
4.  The host obeyed. Athos called Grimaud, pointed to a largebasket which lay in a corner, and made a sign to him to wrapthe viands up in the napkins.
5.   "We bear witness to this," said the two Musketeers, with one voice.D'Artagnan continued: "Before God and before men, I accuse this womanof having attempted to poison me, in wine which she sent me fromVilleroy, with a forged letter, as if that wine came from my friends.God preserved me, but a man named Brisemont died in my place.""We bear witness to this," said Porthos and Aramis, in the same manner as before."Before God and before men, I accuse this woman of having urged me tothe murder of the Baron de Wardes; but as no one else can attest thetruth of this accusation, I attest it myself. I have done." AndD'Artagnan passed to the other side of the room with Porthos and Aramis."Your turn, my Lord," said Athos.
6.  "But it is D'Artagnan that will come."


1.  "Don't dream it, Athos. I don't need the quarter of such asum--I who am still only in the Guards--and by selling mysaddles, I shall procure it. What do I want? A horse forPlanchet, that's all. Besides, you forget that I have aring likewise."
2.  "The miserable villain! He had foreseen all. His breast wascovered with a coat-of-mail; the knife was bent against it."'Ah, ah!' cried he, seizing my arm, and wresting from me theweapon that had so badly served me, 'you want to take my life, doyou, my pretty Puritan? But that's more than dislike, that'singratitude! Come, come, calm yourself, my sweet girl! Ithought you had softened. I am not one of those tyrants whodetain women by force. You don't love me. With my usual fatuityI doubted it; now I am convinced. Tomorrow you shall be free.'"I had but one wish; that was that he should kill me."'Beware!' said I, 'for my liberty is your dishonor.'"'Explain yourself, my pretty sibyl!'
3.  "You did not see her? Ah, very well," replied the cardinal,quickly. "You did well to defend the honor of a woman; andas I am going to the Red Dovecot myself, I shall know if youhave told me the truth."
4、  "I know nothing surely, monsieur, but I suspect someone.""And who is the person whom you suspect?"
5、  "But wait a minute," said M. de Treville, stopping him. "Ipromised you a letter for the director of the Academy. Are youtoo proud to accept it, young gentleman?"




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      "No, monsieur, be satisfied; nobody saw her," replied D'Artagnan,and he related to M. de Treville how the affair came to pass."Oh, the women, the women!" cried the old soldier. "I know themby their romantic imagination. Everything that savors of mysterycharms them. So you have seen the arm, that was all. You wouldmeet the queen, and she would not know who you are?""No; but thanks to this diamond," replied the young man."Listen," said M. de Treville; "shall I give you counsel, goodcounsel, the counsel of a friend?"

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      "And moreover, very handsome saddles," said Porthos, who atthe moment wore on his cloak the lace of his own."Besides," said Aramis, "God desires the conversion and notthe death of a sinner."

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       "I don't know what you mean," replied Felton, quietly, "and I amignorant of whom you are speaking, my Lord. I killed the Duke ofBuckingham because he twice refused you yourself to appoint me captain;I have punished him for his injustice, that is all."De Winter, stupefied, looked on while the soldiers bound Felton, andcould not tell what to think of such insensibility.One thing alone, however, threw a shade over the pallid brow of Felton.At every noise he heard, the simple Puritan fancied he recognized thestep and voice of Milady coming to throw herself into his arms, toaccuse herself, and die with him.

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      D'Artagnan's bearing became still more imposing. Thanks to thesale of his horse, he commenced his career with four more crownsthan M. de Treville possessed at the commencement of his."You ought, I say, then, to husband the means you have, howeverlarge the sum may be; but you ought also to endeavor to perfectyourself in the exercises becoming a gentleman. I will write aletter today to the Director of the Royal Academy, and tomorrowhe will admit you without any expense to yourself. Do not refusethis little service. Our best-born and richest gentlemensometimes solicit it without being able to obtain it. You willlearn horsemanship, swordsmanship in all its branches, anddancing. You will make some desirable acquaintances; and fromtime to time you can call upon me to tell you how you are gettingon and to say whether I can be of further service to you."D'Artagnan, stranger as he was to all the manners of a court,could not but perceive a little coldness in this reception."Alas, sir," said he, "I cannot but perceive how sadly I miss theletter of introduction which my father gave me to present toyou."

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    {  "With whom can it be, if not the Duke of--"

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      "I am only temporarily a Musketeer," said Aramis, humbly."It is some time since we heard from his mistress," saidAthos, in a low voice. "But take no notice; we know allabout that."}

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      And he kissed the letter with passion, without evenvouchsafing a look at the gold which sparkled on the table.Bazin scratched at the door, and as Aramis had no longer anyreason to exclude him, he bade him come in.

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      "I mean to say that since we last met you have changed yourreligion. You have not by chance married a Protestant for athird husband, have you?"

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       "Yes, monsieur, the handsomest in the inn--a chamber that I couldhave let ten times over."

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    {  *A watered liquor, made from the second pressing of the grape.The two Musketeers reddened to the whites of their eyes.D'Artagnan did not know where he was, and wished himself ahundred feet underground.

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      His eyes were fixed upon the little pavilion situated at theangle of the wall, of which all the windows were closed withshutters, except one on the first story. Through this windowshone a mild light which silvered the foliage of two or threelinden trees which formed a group outside the park. There couldbe no doubt that behind this little window, which threw forthsuch friendly beams, the pretty Mme. Bonacieux expected him.Wrapped in this sweet idea, D'Artagnan waited half an hourwithout the least impatience, his eyes fixed upon that charminglittle abode of which he could perceive a part of the ceilingwith its gilded moldings, attesting the elegance of the rest ofthe apartment.