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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Monsieur," said Louis XVIII., "I command you to speak."
2.  "I have just discovered how a gardener may get rid of thedormice that eat his peaches."
3.  "Yes, the servant has given his description. He is a man offrom fifty to fifty-two years of age, dark, with black eyescovered with shaggy eyebrows, and a thick mustache. He wasdressed in a blue frock-coat, buttoned up to the chin, andwore at his button-hole the rosette of an officer of theLegion of Honor. Yesterday a person exactly correspondingwith this description was followed, but he was lost sight ofat the corner of the Rue de la Jussienne and the RueCoq-Heron." Villefort leaned on the back of an arm-chair,for as the minister of police went on speaking he felt hislegs bend under him; but when he learned that the unknownhad escaped the vigilance of the agent who followed him, hebreathed again.
4.  But the man in the dark could not find the right key. Hereached the instrument he had placed on the stand, touched aspring, and immediately a pale light, just bright enough torender objects distinct, was reflected on his hands andcountenance. "By heavens," exclaimed Monte Cristo, startingback, "it is" --
5.  "Whom do you mean?"
6.  "And how shall I know whether your excellency has succeededor not."


1.  "Ah, I recollect," replied the count; "did you not saysomething of an infant?"
2.  "No, I am alone in the world."
3.  "Maximilian," said the count, "the friends that we have lostdo not repose in the bosom of the earth, but are buried deepin our hearts, and it has been thus ordained that we mayalways be accompanied by them. I have two friends, who inthis way never depart from me; the one who gave me being,and the other who conferred knowledge and intelligence onme. Their spirits live in me. I consult them when doubtful,and if I ever do any good, it is due to their beneficentcounsels. Listen to the voice of your heart, Morrel, and askit whether you ought to preserve this melancholy exteriortowards me."
4.  Four hours passed by and the giant was replaced by anotherbandit. Danglars, who really began to experience sundrygnawings at the stomach, arose softly, again applied his eyeto the crack of the door, and recognized the intelligentcountenance of his guide. It was, indeed, Peppino who waspreparing to mount guard as comfortably as possible byseating himself opposite to the door, and placing betweenhis legs an earthen pan, containing chick-pease stewed withbacon. Near the pan he also placed a pretty little basket ofVilletri grapes and a flask of Orvieto. Peppino wasdecidedly an epicure. Danglars watched these preparationsand his mouth watered. "Come," he said to himself, "let metry if he will be more tractable than the other;" and hetapped gently at the door. "On y va," (coming) exclaimedPeppino, who from frequenting the house of Signor Pastriniunderstood French perfectly in all its idioms.
5.  "Drink it," said the doctor to Barrois. "Impossible, doctor;it is too late; my throat is closing up. I am choking! Oh,my heart! Ah, my head! -- Oh, what agony! -- Shall I sufferlike this long?"
6.  Danglars turned very red.


1.  Upon the eighth day he discerned a small vessel under fullsail approaching Monte Cristo. As it drew near, herecognized it as the boat he had given to Jacopo. Heimmediately signalled it. His signal was returned, and intwo hours afterwards the newcomer lay at anchor beside theyacht. A mournful answer awaited each of Edmond's eagerinquiries as to the information Jacopo had obtained. OldDantes was dead, and Mercedes had disappeared. Danteslistened to these melancholy tidings with outward calmness;but, leaping lightly ashore, he signified his desire to bequite alone. In a couple of hours he returned. Two of themen from Jacopo's boat came on board the yacht to assist innavigating it, and he gave orders that she should be steereddirect to Marseilles. For his father's death he was in somemanner prepared; but he knew not how to account for themysterious disappearance of Mercedes.
2.  "A Tuscan count."
3.  "I understand," said Monte Cristo; "you wish to tell me youhave hunted the lion?" Ali smiled with triumphant pride ashe signified that he had indeed both chased and capturedmany lions. "But do you believe you could arrest theprogress of two horses rushing forwards with ungovernablefury?" The Nubian smiled. "It is well," said Monte Cristo."Then listen to me. Ere long a carriage will dash past here,drawn by the pair of dappled gray horses you saw me withyesterday; now, at the risk of your own life, you mustmanage to stop those horses before my door."
4.  "You mean, then, that if I leave you, Haidee" --
5.   "What sort of person is this Count of Monte Cristo?" askedFranz of his host. "A very great nobleman, but whetherMaltese or Sicilian I cannot exactly say; but this I know,that he is noble as a Borghese and rich as a gold-mine."
6.  At the Place Louis XV. the three young people separated --that is to say, Morrel went to the Boulevards,Chateau-Renaud to the Pont de la Revolution, and Debray tothe Quai. Most probably Morrel and Chateau-Renaud returnedto their "domestic hearths," as they say in the gallery ofthe Chamber in well-turned speeches, and in the theatre ofthe Rue Richelieu in well-written pieces; but it was not thecase with Debray. When he reached the wicket of the Louvre,he turned to the left, galloped across the Carrousel, passedthrough the Rue Saint-Roch, and, issuing from the Rue de laMichodiere, he arrived at M. Danglars' door just at the sametime that Villefort's landau, after having deposited him andhis wife at the Faubourg St. Honore, stopped to leave thebaroness at her own house. Debray, with the air of a manfamiliar with the house, entered first into the court, threwhis bridle into the hands of a footman, and returned to thedoor to receive Madame Danglars, to whom he offered his arm,to conduct her to her apartments. The gate once closed, andDebray and the baroness alone in the court, he asked, --"What was the matter with you, Hermine? and why were you soaffected at that story, or rather fable, which the countrelated?"


1.  Day, for which Dantes had so eagerly and impatiently waitedwith open eyes, again dawned. With the first light Dantesresumed his search. Again he climbed the rocky height he hadascended the previous evening, and strained his view tocatch every peculiarity of the landscape; but it wore thesame wild, barren aspect when seen by the rays of themorning sun which it had done when surveyed by the fadingglimmer of eve. Descending into the grotto, he lifted thestone, filled his pockets with gems, put the box together aswell and securely as he could, sprinkled fresh sand over thespot from which it had been taken, and then carefully troddown the earth to give it everywhere a uniform appearance;then, quitting the grotto, he replaced the stone, heaping onit broken masses of rocks and rough fragments of crumblinggranite, filling the interstices with earth, into which hedeftly inserted rapidly growing plants, such as the wildmyrtle and flowering thorn, then carefully watering thesenew plantations, he scrupulously effaced every trace offootsteps, leaving the approach to the cavern assavage-looking and untrodden as he had found it. This done,he impatiently awaited the return of his companions. To waitat Monte Cristo for the purpose of watching like a dragonover the almost incalculable richs that had thus fallen intohis possession satisfied not the cravings of his heart,which yearned to return to dwell among mankind, and toassume the rank, power, and influence which are alwaysaccorded to wealth -- that first and greatest of all theforces within the grasp of man.
2.  "But who are you, then?" asked Caderousse, fixing his dyingeyes on the count. "Look well at me!" said Monte Cristo,putting the light near his face. "Well, the abbe -- the AbbeBusoni." Monte Cristo took off the wig which disfigured him,and let fall his black hair, which added so much to thebeauty of his pallid features. "Oh?" said Caderousse,thunderstruck, "but for that black hair, I should say youwere the Englishman, Lord Wilmore."
3.  "Yes."
4、  "What do you mean by having made a stiff? -- havingassassinated a man?" said Franz, continuing hisinvestigation.
5、  "In what branch?"




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      "Why, the grottos -- caves of the island."

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      "I am glad to be reassured on that point. Apropos, when doyou aspect M. d'Epinay?"

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       "My friend," said the count, "I have still one doubt, -- areyou weak enough to pride yourself upon your sufferings?"

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      "I think so."

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    {  Louis XVIII. remounted the throne; Villefort, to whomMarseilles had become filled with remorseful memories,sought and obtained the situation of king's procureur atToulouse, and a fortnight afterwards he married Mademoisellede Saint-Meran, whose father now stood higher at court thanever.

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      "It is well. As soon as he arrives inform me. We must beexpeditious. And then I also wish to see a notary, that Imay be assured that all our property returns to Valentine."}

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      "Valentine will have no greater pleasure than that offulfilling her grandmother's last injunctions; there will beno obstacle from that quarter, I assure you."

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      "Because I am he who saved your father's life when he wishedto destroy himself, as you do to-day -- because I am the manwho sent the purse to your young sister, and the Pharaon toold Morrel -- because I am the Edmond Dantes who nursed you,a child, on my knees." Morrel made another step back,staggering, breathless, crushed; then all his strength giveway, and he fell prostrate at the feet of Monte Cristo. Thenhis admirable nature underwent a complete and suddenrevulsion; he arose, rushed out of the room and to thestairs, exclaiming energetically, "Julie, Julie -- Emmanuel,Emmanuel!"

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       "Is that what you wish for?" said Barrois.

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    {  The following morning, with the banker's usual punctuality,the eighty thousand francs were placed in the young man'shands as he was on the point of starting, after having lefttwo hundred francs for Caderousse. He went out chiefly toavoid this dangerous enemy, and returned as late as possiblein the evening. But scarcely had be stepped out of hiscarriage when the porter met him with a parcel in his hand."Sir," said he, "that man has been here."

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      "Take what rest you require, and remember that if you arenot able to serve me here in Paris, you may be of thegreatest service to me at Marseilles."