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1. 创始人沈国辉表示,工业互联网本身是一个工具,ROI仍是企业客户的核心考虑因素,因此是否能量化所产生的价值成为业务拓展的关键。
2. 在店址选择上,沃尔玛也以方便顾客购物为首要考虑因素。在美国,它的触角伸向西尔斯、凯马特所不屑一顾的偏远小乡镇。从明尼苏达到密西西比,从南加州到奥克拉荷马,沃尔玛无所不在。只要哪座乡镇缺乏廉价商店,沃尔玛就在哪里开业。
3. 此时,民警顾不上已破损的裤子以及手上的伤势,急忙将还在漏气的煤气罐关紧。
4. In comments reported by state news agency Xinhua on Thursday from a speech given at a meeting of regional leaders in Cambodia on Wednesday, Mr Li said the Chinese economy had performed above expectations in 2017 as trade reversed two years of declines.
5. 然而,因未经批准进口、未经依法检验,按照当时国内相关法律,这些疫苗被认定为假药。
6. It was poor Becky who crawled out, and her cap was knocked on one side, and her face was red with repressed crying.


1.   Desiring, that to end my misery,
2. 专注于新兴市场的基金集团经历了难熬的一年,安本(Aberdeen)和安石(Ashmore)的资产管理规模都严重缩水。新兴市场交易所交易基金(ETF)也遭遇大规模赎回,ETF.com数据显示,投资者从贝莱德(BlackRock)旗下基金iShares MSCI Emerging Markets以及先锋(Vanguard)富时新兴市场(FTSE Emerging Markets)撤出95亿美元。
3.   In the nature and course of a Rover or Pirate, so put thence to sea,coasting all about Barbarie, robbing and spoyling such as he met with;who were of no greater strength then himselfe: wherein Fortune wasso favourable to him, that he became wealthy in a very short while.But as felicities are not alwayes permanent, so he and hisfollowers, not contenting themselves with sufficient riches: by greedyseeking to get more, happened to be taken by certaine ships of theSarazins, and so were robbed themselves of all that they had gotten,yet they resisted them stoutly a long while together, though it provedto the losse of many lives among them. When the Sarazens had sunke hisship in the Sea, they tooke him with them to Thunis, where he wasimprisoned, and lived in extreamest misery.
4. 首先是陈睿自己特别喜欢,他说:这极其重要,如果B站能够成功,我会很开心,即使B站不成功,我也会很开心。
5. 想一想再看
6. 69岁的患者龙靖潮,他已经脱离了危险期。


1. 节目20 小品《今天的幸福2》,沈腾 马丽 杜晓宇 王琦
2. 收单业务强势从营收构成看,拉卡拉收入分为收单业务、个人支付业务、硬件销售业务及服务、增值金融业务及其他。
3. 伊斯兰激进主义甚至还未能学会接受工业革命,也就难怪对基因工程和人工智能几乎无话可说。伊斯兰教、基督教和其他传统宗教至今仍在世界上扮演重要角色。然而,它们现在多半是守旧的,而不像过去曾经是一股创造力量。举例来说,基督教过去就曾经传播“上帝面前,人人平等”这种“异端”概念,改变了人类的政治结构、社会阶级制度甚至性别关系。耶稣的“山上宝训”还更进一步,讲到温顺和受压迫的人是上帝最爱的子民,于是翻转了整个权力金字塔,为世世代代的革命提供了依据。
4. "I was wondering," answered Sara, as she had answered that notable day in the schoolroom.
5. 竞争者之间的战略合作。
6. 不挣钱的时候,模拟老板也分不着钱。


1.   'How dare you affirm that, Jane Eyre?'
2. 我会首先觉得自己要成为一个地方的首富。
3. 百润股份及其他跟风者预言,预调酒行业会以30%以上的速度增长,很快成为一个“百亿市场”,然而这个预言并没有成真。
4. 在这里郑重指出,这是谣言。
5.   1. This prologue is interesting, for the picture which it gives of Chaucer himself; riding apart from and indifferent to the rest of the pilgrims, with eyes fixed on the ground, and an "elvish", morose, or rather self-absorbed air; portly, if not actually stout, in body; and evidently a man out of the common, as the closing words of the Host imply.
6. 巨大的人流量也滋生了不少盗扒,诈骗等违法活动。


1. 柳某因涉嫌盗窃罪,被金水区人民检察院逮捕,现在已经诉讼到金水区人民法院。
2. 这是多数媒体人对《南方周末》报道在平衡问题上表示认可的原因。
3.   'For some time past,' Ham faltered, 'there's been a servant about here, at odd times. There's been a gen'lm'n too. Both of 'em belonged to one another.'

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      I was undressing in my own room, when Mr. Micawber's letter tumbled on the floor. Thus reminded of it, I broke the seal and read as follows. It was dated an hour and a half before dinner. I am not sure whether I have mentioned that, when Mr. Micawber was at any particularly desperate crisis, he used a sort of legal phraseology, which he seemed to think equivalent to winding up his affairs.

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      "On this he groaned, and cried out, 'Alas, alas, then the oldprophecy about me is coming true. There was a prophet here, at onetime, a man both brave and of great stature, Telemus son of Eurymus,who was an excellent seer, and did all the prophesying for theCyclopes till he grew old; he told me that all this would happen to mesome day, and said I should lose my sight by the hand of Ulysses. Ihave been all along expecting some one of imposing presence andsuperhuman strength, whereas he turns out to be a little insignificantweakling, who has managed to blind my eye by taking advantage of me inmy drink; come here, then, Ulysses, that I may make you presents toshow my hospitality, and urge Neptune to help you forward on yourjourney- for Neptune and I are father and son. He, if he so will,shall heal me, which no one else neither god nor man can do.'

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      There was Clifford's success: the bitch-goddess! It was true he was almost famous, and his books brought him in a thousand pounds. His photograph appeared everywhere. There was a bust of him in one of the galleries, and a portrait of him in two galleries. He seemed the most modern of modern voices. With his uncanny lame instinct for publicity, he had become in four or five years one of the best known of the young `intellectuals'. Where the intellect came in, Connie did not quite see. Clifford was really clever at that slightly humorous analysis of people and motives which leaves everything in bits at the end. But it was rather like puppies tearing the sofa cushions to bits; except that it was not young and playful, but curiously old, and rather obstinately conceited. It was weird and it was nothing. This was the feeling that echoed and re-echoed at the bottom of Connie's soul: it was all flag, a wonderful display of nothingness; At the same time a display. A display! a display! a display!

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