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1. 在消费者中,有一个群体非常注重生活情趣,他们工作稳定,事业与家庭并重,重视与家人和朋友的感情交流。
2.   Believing that it is always best to study some special group, I have, after deliberation, taken up domestic pigeons. I have kept every breed which I could purchase or obtain, and have been most kindly favoured with skins from several quarters of the world, more especially by the Hon. W. Elliot from India, and by the Hon. C. Murray from Persia. Many treatises in different languages have been published on pigeons, and some of them are very important, as being of considerably antiquity. I have associated with several eminent fanciers, and have been permitted to join two of the London Pigeon Clubs. The diversity of the breeds is something astonishing. Compare the English carrier and the short-faced tumbler, and see the wonderful difference in their beaks, entailing corresponding differences in their skulls. The carrier, more especially the male bird, is also remarkable from the wonderful development of the carunculated skin about the head, and this is accompanied by greatly elongated eyelids, very large external orifices to the nostrils, and a wide gape of mouth. The short-faced tumbler has a beak in outline almost like that of a finch; and the common tumbler has the singular and strictly inherited habit of flying at a great height in a compact flock, and tumbling in the air head over heels. The runt is a bird of great size, with long, massive beak and large feet; some of the sub-breeds of runts have very long necks, others very long wings and tails, others singularly short tails. The barb is allied to the carrier, but, instead of a very long beak, has a very short and very broad one. The pouter has a much elongated body, wings, and legs; and its enormously developed crop, which it glories in inflating, may well excite astonishment and even laughter. The turbit has a very short and conical beak, with a line of reversed feathers down the breast; and it has the habit of continually expanding slightly the upper part of the oesophagus. The Jacobin has the feathers so much reversed along the back of the neck that they form a hood, and it has, proportionally to its size, much elongated wing and tail feathers. The trumpeter and laugher, as their names express, utter a very different coo from the other breeds. The fantail has thirty or even forty tail-feathers, instead of twelve or fourteen, the normal number in all members of the great pigeon family; and these feathers are kept expanded, and are carried so erect that in good birds the head and tail touch; the oil-gland is quite aborted. Several other less distinct breeds might have been specified.In the skeletons of the several breeds, the development of the bones of the face in length and breadth and curvature differs enormously. The shape, as well as the breadth and length of the ramus of the lower jaw, varies in a highly remarkable manner. The number of the caudal and sacral vertebrae vary; as does the number of the ribs, together with their relative breadth and the presence of processes. The size and shape of the apertures in the sternum are highly variable; so is the degree of divergence and relative size of the two arms of the furcula. The proportional width of the gape of mouth, the proportional length of the eyelids, of the orifice of the nostrils, of the tongue (not always in strict correlation with the length of beak), the size of the crop and of the upper part of the oesophagus; the development and abortion of the oil-gland; the number of the primary wing and caudal feathers; the relative length of wing and tail to each other and to the body; the relative length of leg and of the feet; the number of scutellae on the toes, the development of skin between the toes, are all points of structure which are variable. The period at which the perfect plumage is acquired varies, as does the state of the down with which the nestling birds are clothed when hatched. The shape and size of the eggs vary. The manner of flight differs remarkably; as does in some breeds the voice and disposition. Lastly, in certain breeds, the males and females have come to differ to a slight degree from each other.Altogether at least a score of pigeons might be chosen, which if shown to an ornithologist, and he were told that they were wild birds, would certainly, I think, be ranked by him as well-defined species. Moreover, I do not believe that any ornithologist would place the English carrier, the short-faced tumbler, the runt, the barb, pouter, and fantail in the same genus; more especially as in each of these breeds several truly-inherited sub-breeds, or species as he might have called them, could be shown him.
3.   Student
4. 再次,他认为由于人生活的环境不同,也可以改变人性。他说,齐国人性格和缓,秦国人性格傲慢,楚国人急躁,燕国人憨直,假若使四国之民,更相出入,久居单处,性必变易。意思是说,使四国性情不同的人相处一起,相互交往,长期脱离原来的环境,移居异国他乡,那么,原来的性格必然会发生变化。他十分重视良好环境对人的影响,孟母之徙宅就是极好的证明。因此,他认为,只要使人们迫近君子,而仁义之道数加于身,则一定能够成为优良品德的人。正因为如此,他特别强调统治者应该重视教育,发挥教育在治国化民中的重大作用。他告诫:凡人君者,对于人民善则养育劝率,无令近恶,近恶则辅保禁防,令渐于善.他指出,孔门弟子七十之徒,皆任卿相之用,就在于他们都蒙受了圣人之教,实为教训之功而渐渍之力也.所以他要求统治者,懂得王法不废学校之官,不除狱理之吏。欲令凡众见礼义之教,学校勉其前,法禁防于后的道理(《论衡?率性》)。对于人民,既要注意教育,又要以法制加以约束,这样,就一定能够达到驭情治性,尽材成德的目的(《论衡?量知》)。
5.   'Not you. You told Mr. Brocklehurst I had a bad character, adeceitful disposition; and I'll let everybody at Lowood know whatyou are, and what you have done.'
6.   "There is surely something more than that," said he; "someunderlying suggestion of the tragic and the terrible. If you cast yourmind back to some of those narratives with which you have afflicteda long-suffering public, you will recognize how often the grotesquehas deepened into the criminal. Think of that little affair of thered-headed men. That was grotesque enough in the outset and yet itended in a desperate attempt at robbery. Or, again, there was thatmost grotesque affair of the five orange pips, which led straight to amurderous conspiracy. The word puts me on the alert."


1. 而就他个人来看,很多人甚至没有意识到地铁上外放声音是一种不文明行为,加大宣传力度才是良策。
2. 高热时,患者往往神志清醒。
3. ▎主题分享:中国医疗市场下一个十年中国基金业公认的医药一哥——汇添富基金投资总监周睿为现场观众带来了《中国医疗市场下一个十年》的政策分析。
4.   "Well, then, with the first money I touch, I mean you tohave a small house, with a garden in which to plantclematis, nasturtiums, and honeysuckle. But what ails you,father? Are you not well?"
5. 比这些军事扩张更为显著的是伊斯兰教文化上的成就。尽管被征服的地区曾是人类最古老的文明中心,然而,到11世纪时,它们语言上已阿拉伯化,文化上已伊斯兰教化。阿拉伯语成为从波斯到大西洋广大地区的日常用语,新出现的伊斯兰教文明是前犹太教文明、波斯-美索不达米亚文明和希腊-罗马文明的独创性的综合体。这种语言和文化的转变一直存留到现在,因此,伊拉克人和摩洛哥人与英国人和澳大利亚人一样,在语言和文化上至今仍有着密切的联系。
6. 此前回应近期,许多家长对深圳市初中综合素质表现评价(简称综评)存在一些困惑,10月13日,深圳市教育局专门对此做了说明,指出凡是能够提供真实佐证材料的公益活动、志愿者活动、社区服务都可录入综评系统,学生参加公益活动、志愿者活动、社区服务以学校组织为主,学生自主进行为辅,累计时长并不是只有参加义工组织的活动方能累积。


1. 以下是Icertis合同管理平台的概述:7.SparkCognition10月8日从C轮融资中筹集了1亿美元。
2. ▲《庆余年》海报《庆余年》的主线、人物关系、著名场面等,编剧并没有太大改动。
3. 日本人取得了最为惊人的胜利,他们迅速征服了太平洋广大地区,从阿留申群岛扩张到澳大利亚,从关岛扩张到印度。日本人之所以获得成功,一定程度上是因为他们每次都是在对手实际上不可能进行抵抗时发动进攻。法国和荷兰已被占领,英国正在为自己的生存而拼命斗争,美国则刚开始从和平时期的经济转向战时经济。这样,日本人便进入了一个真空,他们迅速而又轻易地填满了这一真空。西方列强将它们的殖民地作为原料的提供者和制成品的消费者的传统做法,也有助于日本的成功。尽管这种安排对母国也许有利,但它却阻碍了殖民地地区的经济发展。即便是印度这样资源丰富、人口众多的国家,也不能生产一辆吉普车、一架飞机或一艘登陆艇。这意味着所有基本的军用物资都必须从几千哩以外的欧洲或美国运来。殖民国家传统的政治政策也在这最后较量的时候使它们自食其果:普通的印度人、缅甸人或印度尼西亚人都不明白为什么他们应该为保卫他们心目中的暴虐的异族政权而战斗。他们在没有积极地欢迎和帮助日本侵略者的同时,采取了一种你们两家都该死的态度。日本人狡猾地利用这种感情,提出了诸如“亚洲人的亚洲”之类的口号。十分有意义的是,日本人只是在菲律宾群岛才遇到了有力的抵抗,菲律宾群岛后来于1946年成为一个自治共和国,拥有一支自己的、10万人的国民军队。
4. 澳大利亚悉尼市政府主办的新年庆典从1月27日持续至2月12日,80场中国传统特色精彩活动轮番登场。
5. 昨晚,北京保利2019年秋拍现当代艺术夜场,常玉1950年代所作花卉题材巅峰作品《聚瑞盈香》上拍,最终以7705万元成交,再次为常玉热添了一把火。
6.   A cold and melancholy walk of a couple of miles brought us to a highwooden gate, which opened into a gloomy avenue of chestnuts. Thecurved and shadowed drive led us to a low, dark house, pitch-blackagainst a slate-coloured sky. From the front window upon the left ofthe door there peeped a glimmer of a feeble light.


1. ②九月七日,为辛丑条约签字之日,国民党发表宣言,号召民众与国民党合力打倒帝国主义与军阀。
2.   "My faith! never mind where it comes from," said Porthos,"let us taste it, and if it is good, let us drink it.""No," said Athos; "don't let us drink wine which comes froman unknown source."
3. 据悉,武汉是联想制造的大本营之一,武汉产业基地是联想全球目前最大、最先进的自有工厂。
4. 如果真降低保底标准的话,我肯定退出。
5. 日本通报确诊病例1例,泰国通报确诊病例2例,韩国通报确诊病例1例。
6.   The teachers looked at her with a sort of surprise.


1. 交友工具称之为猪槽,聊天话术称之为饲料,恋爱交往称之为养猪,实施诈骗称之为杀猪……今年5月,小梅(化名)因轻信他人参与网络赌博,不幸掉入电信诈骗团伙精心设计的杀猪盘骗局,损失惨重。
2. 谷歌早期讲的就是世界上最聪明的人在谷歌,核心讲这一点。
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