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1.   Well may I curse that sad and dismall day,
2.   by Charles Darwin
3. 软银推出订阅式商用扫地机器人近日,软银正式在美国推出企业级扫地机器人Whiz的订阅服务,收费500美元/月。
4.   The door had opened and the page had shown in a tall, clean-shavenman with the firm, austere expression which is only seen upon thosewho have to control horses or boys. Mr. John Mason had many of bothLinder his sway, and he looked equal to the task. He bowed with coldself-possession and seated himself upon the chair to which Holmeshad waved him.
5. 此举可能需要大量投资才能达到他们已有的安全级别,尤其是在不希望使用VPN或IP通道的情况下。
6. 张志超、王广超的有罪供述互相矛盾,包括:如何取得白色编织袋以及何时将白色编织袋带至现场、是否认识被害人、如何购买凶器等供述不一致,同时两人供述与现场勘验检查笔录、法医学尸体检验鉴定书之间存在矛盾。


1.   It will be (to morrow) fifteene dayes, since we departed from theCity of Florence, to come hither for our pastime and comfort, theconservation of our lives, and support of our health, by avoydingthose melanchollies, griefes and anguishes, which we beheld dayliein our City, since the pestilentiall visitation beganne there, wherein(by my judgement) we have done well and honestly. Albeit some lightNovels, perhaps attractive to a little wantonnes, as some say, and ourjoviall feasting with good cheare, singing and dancing, may seemematters inciting to incivility, especially in weake and shallowunderstandings. But I have neither seene, heard, or knowne, anyacte, word, or whatsoever else, either on your part or ours, justlydeserving to be blamed: but all has bin honest, as in a sweete andhermonious concord, such as might well beseeme the communitie ofBrethren and Sisters; which assuredly, as well in regard of you, asus, hath much contented me.
2.   Protophantasmist, Servibilis, Monkeys, Spirits,Journeymen,
3.   "M. Morrel, I believe?" said Villefort.
4.   Beseech her meekly with all lowliness, Though I be ferre* from her in absence, *far To think on my truth to her and steadfastness, And to abridge of my sorrows the violence, Which caused is whereof knoweth your sapience;* *wisdom She like among to notify me her liking, For of all good she is the best living.
5. 据家长介绍,他们平时都是在家长群里商议事情。
6.   At last Carrie's turn came. It was because of her extremeanxiety to do all that was required that brought on the trouble.


1.   I meane not to commend either the one or other, because they donot alwayes fall out to be true; neither are they at all timeslyars. Now, that they prove not all to be true, we can best testifieto our selves. And that they are not alwayes lyars, hath alreadysufficiently bene manifested, by the Discourse of Madame Philomena,and as you shall perceive by mine owne, which next commeth in order tosalute you. Wherefore, I am of this opinion, that in matters of goodlife, and performing honest actions; no dreame is to be fearedpresaging the contrary, neither are good works any way to be hindredby them. Likewise, in matters of bad and wicked quality, althoughour dreames may appeare favourable to us, and our visions flatter uswith prosperous successe: yet let us give no credence unto the best,nor addict our minds to them of contrary Nature. And now we wil.proceed to our Novell.
2.   Unmannerly beast! Be civil at least!
3. 主板中的上市公司虚增利润主要是吸引散户投资者,以此带来更大利润,但新三板定增针对的多是成熟机构投资者,在新三板虚增,多半是搬起石头砸自己的脚。
4. 社科类专业报考人数增长,报名录取比例也随之拉高,体现了考生报考专业的较强趋同性,喜欢追求所谓的热门专业。
5. 一位从业20多年,在患者眼中尽职尽责、值得好评,在同事眼中温和、不喜欢跟别人吵架的医生,在已经给出合理救治方案的情况下,却被用相当于砍头的方式,割断了气管、食道、肌肉……杨文医生的死,令所有人心碎。
6.   "Thirty francs; but I pay that out of my 150 francs, -- thatis understood, -- and as I require only eighty francs for myjourney, you see I am overwhelmed with luxury. But that isnot all. What do you say to this, mother?"


1. 主人公明川虽然说一上来就被定性为案件嫌疑人,但是大家心里都清楚,他一定是一个十足的好人正派,所以前期罗笔芯处处找他的岔,让观众看着非常不顺眼
2.   "Then," said Penelope, "if you are a god or have been sent here bydivine commission, tell me also about that other unhappy one- is hestill alive, or is he already dead and in the house of Hades?"
3. A广告位在实现的转化项目(如注册成功、订单成功等),所带来的点击量、转化量、转化明细等数据。
4. 职场办公时,蒋欣师的正常作息时间是朝九晚六,但也会加班。
5.   By this time it was broad day, when he descended downe out of theTree, (yet not without much feare) and tooke his way towards the fire,where being arrived, he found a company of Shepheards banquettingabout it, whom he curteously saluting, they tooke pity on hisdistresse, and welcommed him kindly. After he had tasted of suchcheare as they had, and was indifferently refreshed by the goodfire; he discoursed his hard disasters to them, as also how hehappened thither, desiring to know, if any Village or Castle wereneere there about, where he might in better manner releeve himselfe.The Shepheards told him, that about a mile and an halfe from thence,was the Castle of Signior Liello di Campo di Fiore, and that hisLady was residing there; which was no meane comfort to poore Pedro,requesting that one of them would accompany him thither, as two ofthem did in loving manner, to rid him of all further feares.
6. 获悉该情况后,启东市公安局迅速开展调查,并锁定该男子为薛某(男,24岁,启东人)


1.   "I'm old enough to play poker and do something with it. I'll trymy hand to-night."
2.   "My dear," answered Ulysses, "why should you press me to tell you?Still, I will not conceal it from you, though you will not like BOOKit. I do not like it myself, for Teiresias bade me travel far andwide, carrying an oar, till I came to a country where the peoplehave never heard of the sea, and do not even mix salt with their food.They know nothing about ships, nor oars that are as the wings of aship. He gave me this certain token which I will not hide from you. Hesaid that a wayfarer should meet me and ask me whether it was awinnowing shovel that I had on my shoulder. On this, I was to fix myoar in the ground and sacrifice a ram, a bull, and a boar toNeptune; after which I was to go home and offer hecatombs to all thegods in heaven, one after the other. As for myself, he said that deathshould come to me from the sea, and that my life should ebb awayvery gently when I was full of years and peace of mind, and mypeople should bless me. All this, he said, should surely come topass."
3. 假阳性又称误诊率,指实际无病但根据筛检被判为有病的百分比。

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