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1. 紧缩政策促使一些企业寻求其他融资方案,比如债券或在全国中小企业股份转让系统上市。
2. 想一想再看
3.   "Barrois," cried Valentine, "Barrois!"
4.   preposterous way of settling a dispute."
5. (2)归纳方式推导整体原因通过归纳方式,对相似问题进行总结,能够找到整体的本质原因。
6. 离开医院后,要尽早清洗双手。


1.   'Oh! And that's all about it, is it?' she exclaimed, trimming his whiskers with a little restless pair of scissors, that went glancing round his head in all directions. 'Very well: very well! Quite a long story. Ought to end "and they lived happy ever afterwards"; oughtn't it? Ah! What's that game at forfeits? I love my love with an E, because she's enticing; I hate her with an E, because she's engaged. I took her to the sign of the exquisite, and treated her with an elopement, her name's Emily, and she lives in the east? Ha! ha! ha! Mr. Copperfield, ain't I volatile?'
2.   胡继晔表示,任何一个新的事物出来,往往会有人来借着这个新生事物进行诈骗活动,尤其是区块链对于普通公众来说显得神秘而高大上,于是就有人利用人们一知半解同时又想一夜暴富的心理来空手套白狼。
3.   I shut up my shop, paid him every attention, taking him to the bath, giving him my most beautiful robes. I examined my accounts, and found that I had doubled my capital--that is, that I now possessed two thousand sequins. I gave my brother half, saying: "Now, brother, you can forget your losses." He accepted them with joy, and we lived together as we had before.
4. 但想要面对实现各个环节的自动化运营还是一个巨大的挑战,同时掌握线下物流供应商和拿货能力依然是货代企业的核心竞争力。
5.   "And I said, 'Agamemnon, why do you ask me? I do not know whetheryour son is alive or dead, and it is not right to talk when one doesnot know.'
6. 在电商领域,京东5亿美元领投了二手数码电子回收平台爱回收。


1. 而依托中科院体系的国科系则在与芯片、医疗、教育等人工智能技术和应用领域均有涉足。
2. 业界的说法就是说线下实现了品牌和用户认知很重要的壁垒,线上是卖货的。
3. 最后,印度人在国外企业工作,忠诚度很高,一般跳槽不多,在一个公司工作时间很长,也算是熬出来了。
4. 在一个没有市场的社会中,竞争也是层出不穷的,只不过竞争的形式有所不同罢了。弱肉强食是竞争,权力斗争是竞争,走后门、论资排辈、等级特权等等,也是竞争形式。道理很明确:凡是多过一个人需求同一经济物品,竞争就必定存在。
5. Once on a dark winter's day, when the yellow fog hung so thick and heavy in the streets of London that the lamps were lighted and the shop windows blazed with gas as they do at night, an odd-looking little girl sat in a cab with her father and was driven rather slowly through the big thoroughfares.
6. 尽管工位数和会员数领先,优客工场收入却远远不及WeWork,2018年两家收入分别为4.5亿人民币和18.2亿美元,优客工场仅为WeWork的3.7%。


1. Sweden’s Proponent of ‘Feminist Foreign Policy,’ Shaped by Abuse
2. 陈某表示,其因自身原因给两个家庭都造成了巨大的伤害,会尽其所能补偿被害人家属,并接受法院的任何判决。
3. 这项技术是通过改变物体表面的物理结构达到抑菌的作用,所以一旦产品表面出现磨损,抑菌性能就会减弱。
4. 今日(11月22日),新京报记者从泗水县教体局获悉,初步排除食物中毒,学生今日已返校上课,具体原因正在进一步调查中。
5. 以前我是白手起家,包括做奥运会一些指挥调度系统,做亚运会,这些我都是白手起家做起来的。
6. She announced smoothly and evenly: "Not in the least. I thought it was quite plain. We are trying to learn of you all we can, and to teach you what you are willing to learn of our country."


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3. 杠杆收购以及其他的诸多合并形式是信贷消费的大户,但它们只是试图生成相应数量的流动资产。从表面上看,它们似乎属于信贷扩张那一块,但实际上它们应纳入信贷循环中的衰退板块。它们增加了债务余额却未能刺激经济的发展。大量的现金不是用于购置有形资产而是用于偿还债务,财产的出让加剧抵押品的贬值,垃圾债券的兜售令收益曲线走势陡峭,总起来说,其效果更多地体现为抑制而不是刺激。

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      They all held their peace except King Alcinous, who began, "Sir,we have had much pleasure in hearing all that you have told us, fromwhich I understand that you are willing to show your prowess, ashaving been displeased with some insolent remarks that have beenmade to you by one of our athletes, and which could never have beenuttered by any one who knows how to talk with propriety. I hope youwill apprehend my meaning, and will explain to any be one of yourchief men who may be dining with yourself and your family when you gethome, that we have an hereditary aptitude for accomplishments of allkinds. We are not particularly remarkable for our boxing, nor yet aswrestlers, but we are singularly fleet of foot and are excellentsailors. We are extremely fond of good dinners, music, and dancing; wealso like frequent changes of linen, warm baths, and good beds, sonow, please, some of you who are the best dancers set about dancing,that our guest on his return home may be able to tell his friendshow much we surpass all other nations as sailors, runners, dancers,minstrels. Demodocus has left his lyre at my house, so run some one orother of you and fetch it for him."

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    However, 2016 saw the rise of Chinese mobile phone-makers. Huawei shipments grew 30.2 percent year on year to 139.3 million units, and the company retained its No. 3 position globally.