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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Madame will be tired to-night," continued Monte Cristo,"and will, no doubt, wish to rest. Desire the Frenchattendants not to weary her with questions, but merely topay their respectful duty and retire. You will also see thatthe Greek servants hold no communication with those of thiscountry." He bowed. Just at that moment voices were heardhailing the concierge. The gate opened, a carriage rolleddown the avenue, and stopped at the steps. The count hastilydescended, presented himself at the already opened carriagedoor, and held out his hand to a young woman, completelyenveloped in a green silk mantle heavily embroidered withgold. She raised the hand extended towards her to her lips,and kissed it with a mixture of love and respect. Some fewwords passed between them in that sonorous language in whichHomer makes his gods converse. The young woman spoke with anexpression of deep tenderness, while the count replied withan air of gentle gravity. Preceded by Ali, who carried arose-colored flambeau in his hand, the new-comer, who was noother than the lovely Greek who had been Monte Cristo'scompanion in Italy, was conducted to her apartments, whilethe count retired to the pavilion reserved for himself. Inanother hour every light in the house was extinguished, andit might have been thought that all its inmates slept.
2.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "you would not like me to risk takingcold?"
3.  "That the day after to-morrow I shall have to draw upon youfor about four thousand francs; but the count, expecting mybachelor's revenue could not suffice for the coming month'soutlay, has offered me a draft for twenty thousand francs.It bears his signature, as you see, which isall-sufficient."
4.  "Bah," said Albert, staring.
5.  "What new calamity?"
6.  "Why not? I am fond of grass and shade," said Monte Cristo.


1.  "Why so? In life, our greatest preoccupation is death; is itnot then, curious to study the different ways by which thesoul and body can part; and how, according to theirdifferent characters, temperaments, and even the differentcustoms of their countries, different persons bear thetransition from life to death, from existence toannihilation? As for myself, I can assure you of one thing,-- the more men you see die, the easier it becomes to dieyourself; and in my opinion, death may be a torture, but itis not an expiation."
2.  Horticulture seemed, however, to have been abandoned in thedeserted kitchen-garden; and where cabbages, carrots,radishes, pease, and melons had once flourished, a scantycrop of lucerne alone bore evidence of its being deemedworthy of cultivation. A small, low door gave egress fromthe walled space we have been describing into the projectedstreet, the ground having been abandoned as unproductive byits various renters, and had now fallen so completely ingeneral estimation as to return not even the one-half percent it had originally paid. Towards the house thechestnut-trees we have before mentioned rose high above thewall, without in any way affecting the growth of otherluxuriant shrubs and flowers that eagerly dressed forward tofill up the vacant spaces, as though asserting their rightto enjoy the boon of light and air. At one corner, where thefoliage became so thick as almost to shut out day, a largestone bench and sundry rustic seats indicated that thissheltered spot was either in general favor or particular useby some inhabitant of the house, which was faintlydiscernible through the dense mass of verdure that partiallyconcealed it, though situated but a hundred paces off.
3.  "But still there are some signals only addressed to you."
4.  "But the contract?" The same smile returned. "Will youassure me it shall not be signed?"
5.  "Why not? I am fond of grass and shade," said Monte Cristo.
6.  "Everything will be forgotten, madame," said Villefort."Your daughter will be married to-morrow, if not to-day --in a week, if not to-morrow; and I do not think you canregret the intended husband of your daughter."


1.  "Ah, you do not know with what I am threatened. I shall hearthis morning that M. Danglars make a speech at the Chamberof Deputies, and at his wife's this evening I shall hear thetragedy of a peer of France. The devil take theconstitutional government, and since we had our choice, asthey say, at least, how could we choose that?"
2.  "Yes, madame."
3.  "And you still bid me hope?"
4.  "Yes, ask her for one of her liqueur cellarets, mine isincomplete; and tell her I shall have the honor of seeingher about three o'clock, and that I request permission tointroduce some one to her." The valet left the room. Albertthrew himself on the divan, tore off the cover of two orthree of the papers, looked at the theatre announcements,made a face seeing they gave an opera, and not a ballet;hunted vainly amongst the advertisements for a newtooth-powder of which he had heard, and threw down, oneafter the other, the three leading papers of Paris,muttering, "These papers become more and more stupid everyday." A moment after, a carriage stopped before the door,and the servant announced M. Lucien Debray. A tall youngman, with light hair, clear gray eyes, and thin andcompressed lips, dressed in a blue coat with beautifullycarved gold buttons, a white neckcloth, and a tortoiseshelleye-glass suspended by a silken thread, and which, by aneffort of the superciliary and zygomatic muscles, he fixedin his eye, entered, with a half-official air, withoutsmiling or speaking. "Good-morning, Lucien, good-morning,"said Albert; "your punctuality really alarms me. What do Isay? punctuality! You, whom I expected last, you arrive atfive minutes to ten, when the time fixed was half-past! Hasthe ministry resigned?"
5.   "Bah," said Andrea, a little overcome, by the solemnity ofBertuccio's manner, "why not?"
6.  "Yes," answered Franz; "and it is to punish them thatduelling is tolerated."


1.  "Come," said Andrea, "you are a man void of compassion; I'llhave you turned out." This made the keeper turn around, andhe burst into a loud laugh. The prisoners then approachedand formed a circle. "I tell you that with that wretchedsum," continued Andrea, "I could obtain a coat, and a roomin which to receive the illustrious visitor I am dailyexpecting."
2.  "I was once very fond of it, but I do not indulge now."
3.  "Listen, Hermine; I consider myself as brave as most men,but when I drew from my breast the little key of thestaircase, which I had found in my coat -- that little keywe both used to cherish so much, which you wished to havefastened to a golden ring -- when I opened the door, and sawthe pale moon shedding a long stream of white light on thespiral staircase like a spectre, I leaned against the wall,and nearly shrieked. I seemed to be going mad. At last Imastered my agitation. I descended the staircase step bystep; the only thing I could not conquer was a strangetrembling in my knees. I grasped the railings; if I hadrelaxed my hold for a moment, I should have fallen. Ireached the lower door. Outside this door a spade was placedagainst the wall; I took it, and advanced towards thethicket. I had provided myself with a dark lantern. In themiddle of the lawn I stopped to light it, then I continuedmy path.
4、  "Whatever may happen, Valentine, do not be alarmed; thoughyou suffer; though you lose sight, hearing, consciousness,fear nothing; though you should awake and be ignorant whereyou are, still do not fear; even though you should findyourself in a sepulchral vault or coffin. Reassure yourself,then, and say to yourself: `At this moment, a friend, afather, who lives for my happiness and that of Maximilian,watches over me!'"
5、  "Yes."




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      "They told you, then, that M. d'Epinay consented to our allliving together?"

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      "He showed it me; but that is not all -- there is a codicil,as I said just now."

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       "Yes. The Frenchman threw her a bouquet; Teresa returned it-- all this with the consent of the chief, who was in thecarriage."

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      "The result, then, of six more such months as this would beto reduce the third-rate house to despair."

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    {  "What ails you?" said he at length.

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      "I do not mean that for you, Blacas," continued LouisXVIII.; "for if you have discovered nothing, at least youhave had the good sense to persevere in your suspicions. Anyother than yourself would have considered the disclosure ofM. de Villefort insignificant, or else dictated by venalambition," These words were an allusion to the sentimentswhich the minister of police had uttered with so muchconfidence an hour before.}

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      "Yes, that is the penalty of being a living puzzle!"

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      "Nay, your excellency, it is you who should tell us what youwant. Give your orders, and we will execute them."

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       "Why, as for that, I could only know what I was toldrespecting the merchandise with which the vessel was laden.I know she was loaded with cotton, and that she took in herfreight at Alexandria from Pastret's warehouse, and atSmyrna from Pascal's; that is all I was obliged to know, andI beg I may not be asked for any further particulars."

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    {  "Good!" said the gendarme, placing his knee on his chest;"believe soft-spoken gentlemen again! Harkye, my friend, Ihave disobeyed my first order, but I will not disobey thesecond; and if you move, I will blow your brains out." Andhe levelled his carbine at Dantes, who felt the muzzleagainst his temple.

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