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1. 他最后走向这个结局,很多人都没有想到,包括他自己。
2. 2月8日之后高速开始收费,我说,不行,心疼停车费。
3.   "When you please," said D'Artagnan.
4.   The morning's sun rose clear and resplendent, touching thefoamy waves into a network of ruby-tinted light.
5. 九、专制主义中央集权的加强与统一多民族国家的巩固和发展
6.   Connie looked up at him at last. The child, her child, was just an `it' to him.!


1. 今日,一名自称参与当日长生液熬制现场的人告诉新京报记者,这是一次乡医聚会,所谓的长生液是由中草药熬制而成。
2. What Mr Ravenscroft liked about it when he was choosing his graduate career path was that it of-fered the best of two worlds. He would be fast-tracked into the classroom, earning a salary, being mentored by an executive from the private sector and making contacts with business; in return, he would commit to teaching for two years and complete a teacher training qualification.
3. 民警:驾驶证照片有吗?驾驶员:没有,我能记住号,身份证号,你一查就查着了。
4. 何一形容,那是一种冲动来了百爪挠心的感觉,如果不执行,整个人都要爆炸了。
5. 在此之前,世和基因已累计获得超过6亿元融资。
6. 在他看来,达标标准就是能自圆其说。


1.   "Me? No. I've always worked in a paper factory."
2. 只要信息基本属实,发布者、传播者主观上并无恶意,行为客观上并未造成严重的危害,我们对这样的‘虚假信息理应保持宽容态度。
3. 教育部还表示,公费留学学生的归国率达到了98%。公费留学生一般选择中国急需的专业,包括工程学、纯科学、农业和医学科学等。
4. Comic skit “I Want To Be In Spring Festival Gala” (Various artistes)
5. 虽说于正本身也是糟点满满的人,但这次他说的话倒也在理,女艺人请别人评价自己的电影,得到了不理想的评价后居然不理睬别人,未免也太玻璃心了。
6.   by Charles Darwin


1. 到了Note10这代则换用了居中挖孔的设计,观感上更为平衡。
2. 该案中,汪先生、李先生遭受侵害的侵害人是农庄,农庄亦是受益人,故农庄应承担汪先生、李先生的赔偿责任。
3.   I promised to obey, and went upstairs with my message; thinking, as I went, that if Mr. Dick had been working at his Memorial long, at the same rate as I had seen him working at it, through the open door, when I came down, he was probably getting on very well indeed. I found him still driving at it with a long pen, and his head almost laid upon the paper. He was so intent upon it, that I had ample leisure to observe the large paper kite in a corner, the confusion of bundles of manuscript, the number of pens, and, above all, the quantity of ink (which he seemed to have in, in half-gallon jars by the dozen), before he observed my being present.
4. ['institju:t]
5.   Carton rejoining, `Nothing in life!' Darnay rang. `Do you call the whole reckoning?' said Carton. On his answering in the affirmative, `Then bring me another pint of this same wine, drawer, and come and wake me at ten.'
6. 期间,张娟按宋海要求,从车子副驾驶室拿木板给他当船桨用。


1.   Despite my length of beard I need The easy manners that insure success; Th'attempt I fear can ne'er succeed; To mingle in the world I want address; I stillhave an embarrass'd air, and then I feel myself so small with other men.Mephistopheles
2. 单词syndrome 联想记忆:
3.   The good old Lady imagined, that this was a matter somewhatdifficult, and might lay a blamefull imputation on her daughter.Neverthelesse, considering, what an honest office it was in her, tobee the meanes, whereby so worthy a Countesse should recover anunkinde husband, led altogether by lust, and not a jot of cordialllove; she knew the intent to be honest, the Countesse vertuous, andher promise religious, and therefore undertooke to effect it. Withinfew dayes after, verie ingeniously, and according to the instructedorder, the Ring was obtayned, albeit much against the Counts will; andthe Countesse, in sted of the Ladies vertuous daughter, was embracedby him in bed: the houre proving so auspicious, and juno being Lady ofthe ascendent, conjoyned with the witty Mercury, shee conceived of twogoodly Sonnes, and her deliverance agreed correspondently with thejust time.Thus the old Lady, not at this time onely, but at many other meetingsbesides; gave the Countesse free possession of her husbands pleasures,yet alwayes in such darke and concealed secrecie, as it was neversuspected, nor knowne by any but themselves, the Count lying withhis owne wife, and disappointed of her whom he more deerely loved.Alwayes at his uprising in the mornings (which usually was beforethe break of day, for preventing the least scruple of suspicion)many familiar conferences passed betweene them, with the gifts ofdivers faire: and costly jewels; all which the Countesse carefullykept, and perceiving assuredly, that shee was conceived with childe,shee would no longer bee troublesome to the good old Lady; but callingher aside, spake thus to her. Madame, I must needes give thankes toheaven and you, because my desires are amply accomplished, and bothtime and your deserts doe justly challenge, that I shouldaccordingly quite you before my departure. It remaineth now in yourowne power, to make what demand you please of me, which yet I will notgive you by way of reward, because that would seeme to bee base andmercenary: but onely whatsoever you shall receive of me, is inhonourable recompence of faire and vertuous deservings, such as anyhonest and well-minded Lady in the like distresse, may with goodcredit allow, and yet no prejudice to her reputation.

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      It has often been assumed that man has chosen for domestication animals and plants having an extraordinary inherent tendency to vary, and likewise to withstand diverse climates. I do not dispute that these capacities have added largely to the value of most of our domesticated productions; but how could a savage possibly know, when he first tamed an animal, whether it would vary in succeeding generations, and whether it would endure other climates? Has the little variability of the ass or guinea-fowl, or the small power of endurance of warmth by the reindeer, or of cold by the common camel, prevented their domestication? I cannot doubt that if other animals and plants, equal in number to our domesticated productions, and belonging to equally diverse classes and countries, were taken from a state of nature, and could be made to breed for an equal number of generations under domestication, they would vary on an average as largely as the parent species of our existing domesticated productions have varied.

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      However there was no use in stopping where I was, so I came down the mountain and found myself in a flat plain which was bounded by the sea. I travelled towards it, and was pleased to see a vessel moored about half a mile from shore. There were no waves, so I broke off the branch of a tree, and dragging it down to the waters edge, sat across it, while, using two sticks for oars, I rowed myself towards the ship.

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