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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well," he said, "I saw you across the street there. I thought itwas you. I was just coming out to your place. How are you,anyhow?"
2.  "Not yet," he said, "I'm very busy just now."
3.  "What's the matter?" said Drouet.
4.  "Ha, ha," he exclaimed softly, as if to himself, "that's funny."
5.  "I don't know," said Carrie, taken back by the question.
6.  To one not inclined to drink, and gifted with a more serious turnof mind, such a bubbling, chattering, glittering chamber mustever seem an anomaly, a strange commentary on nature and life.Here come the moths, in endless procession, to bask in the lightof the flame. Such conversation as one may hear would not warranta commendation of the scene upon intellectual grounds. It seemsplain that schemers would choose more sequestered quarters toarrange their plans, that politicians would not gather here incompany to discuss anything save formalities, where the sharp-eared may hear, and it would scarcely be justified on the scoreof thirst, for the majority of those who frequent these moregorgeous places have no craving for liquor. Nevertheless, thefact that here men gather, here chatter, here love to pass andrub elbows, must be explained upon some grounds. It must be thata strange bundle of passions and vague desires give rise to sucha curious social institution or it would not be.


1.  "Why don't you stay down town and go to the theatre with me?" hesaid, hitching his chair closer. The table was not very wide.
2.  "I have three cents left. These men must be put to bed somehow.There are"--counting--"one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve men. Nine cents more will putthe next man to bed; give him a good, comfortable bed for thenight. I go right along and look after that myself. Who willgive me nine cents?"
3.  She listened until her misgivings vanished. He would show herabout a little and then help her get something. He reallyimagined that he would. He would be out on the road and shecould be working.
4.  "But she is your wife," she said, fixing her whole attention uponthe stilled actor, and softening the quality of her voice untilit was again low and musical. "Ray, my friend, courtship is thetext from which the whole sermon of married life takes its theme.Do not let yours be discontented and unhappy."
5.  "Saturday?" asked Carrie.
6.  "Any answer?"


1.  "Tell her to dress and come to the door at once. Her husband isin the hospital, injured, and wants to see her."
2.  "Were you at McVickar's?" said Hurstwood, with the best grace inthe world.
3.  The game of deception was up with Drouet. He did not try tosimulate indifference further.
4.  "Oh, isn't that too bad?" said Carrie.
5.   They separated in the most cordial manner.
6.  There had been so much enthusiasm engendered that she wasbelieving herself deeply in love. She sighed as she thought ofher handsome adorer. Yes, she would get ready by Saturday. Shewould go, and they would be happy.


1.  While he was doing so, the youth who had advised him to come hereentered, and, seeing Hurstwood, tried to be genial.
2.  "Certainly not," she returned. "I wouldn't worry over it."
3.  She had reached home early and went in the front room to think.What could she do? She could not buy new shoes and wear themhere. She would need to save part of the twenty to pay her farehome. She did not want to borrow of Minnie for that. And yet,how could she explain where she even got that money? If shecould only get enough to let her out easy.
4、  "Ask him," she pleaded softly.
5、  "Mr. Ames is just down in New York for a few days," put in Vance,"and we're trying to show him around a little."




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      He only looked at her in the most kindly and mollifying way.

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      "Do you rehearse in the afternoons?" Hurstwood once asked,concealing almost completely the cynical protest and regret whichprompted it.

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       He was not at all abashed by his position. He knew these peopleneeded men. If one didn't take him, another would. This mancould take him or leave him, just as he chose.

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      "Say," began the girl at her left, "what jeh think he said?"

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    {  In her indifferent wandering she turned into Jackson Street, notfar from the river, and was keeping her way along the south sideof that imposing thoroughfare, when a piece of wrapping paper,written on with marking ink and tacked up on the door, attractedher attention. It read, "Girls wanted--wrappers & stitchers."She hesitated a moment, then entered.

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      Drouet listened to her in astonishment. This was something new.}

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      And yet she was not grieved at Hurstwood's love. No strain ofbitterness was in it for her, whatever he knew. He was evidentlysincere. His passion was real and warm. There was power in whathe said. What should she do? She went on thinking this,answering vaguely, languishing affectionately, and altogetherdrifting, until she was on a borderless sea of speculation.

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      "Been home yet?" finally asked Hurstwood.

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       "I'll look at them if you say so," said Carrie.

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    {  "No, I don't," she answered. "What do you mean?"

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      The effect of the city and his own situation on Hurstwood wasparalleled in the case of Carrie, who accepted the things whichfortune provided with the most genial good-nature. New York,despite her first expression of disapproval, soon interested herexceedingly. Its clear atmosphere, more populous thoroughfares,and peculiar indifference struck her forcibly. She had neverseen such a little flat as hers, and yet it soon enlisted heraffection. The new furniture made an excellent showing, thesideboard which Hurstwood himself arranged gleamed brightly. Thefurniture for each room was appropriate, and in the so-calledparlour, or front room, was installed a piano, because Carriesaid she would like to learn to play. She kept a servant anddeveloped rapidly in household tactics and information. For thefirst time in her life she felt settled, and somewhat justifiedin the eyes of society as she conceived of it. Her thoughts weremerry and innocent enough. For a long while she concernedherself over the arrangement of New York flats, and wondered atten families living in one building and all remaining strange andindifferent to each other. She also marvelled at the whistles ofthe hundreds of vessels in the harbour--the long, low cries ofthe Sound steamers and ferry-boats when fog was on. The merefact that these things spoke from the sea made them wonderful.She looked much at what she could see of the Hudson from her westwindows and of the great city building up rapidly on either hand.It was much to ponder over, and sufficed to entertain her formore than a year without becoming stale.