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1. 952
2.   'Grace!' exclaimed Mrs. Fairfax.
3.   `A. M.!' croaked Jacques Three, as he read greedily.
4. 叶维佳形容,自己已经不像之前那样感到很无力。
6.   'Twas not my purpose thee to lime; The snare hast entered of thine own freewill: Let him who holds the devil, hold him still! So soon he'll catch him not asecond time.


1.   "Which of you is Holmes?" asked this apparition.
2.   `I hope I am; naturally,' she said. `Anyhow the future's going to have more sense, and a woman needn't be dragged down by her functions.'
3. 1905年成为自治领的省份。
4.   When he did so, it was his intention to make believe that he hadjust come in and was disturbed at being caught. Then he wouldexplain his need of his clothes and find out how things stood.
5. distract
6. 原花帽军首领完颜仲元(郭仲元)一年调知凤翔府事,统帅军兵。兵马都总管判官马庆祥(汪古人)为副,受京兆行省完颜合达指挥。十一月,蒙古不花军将攻凤翔,行省令马庆祥与治中胥谦,分道清野。马庆祥出兵前,命画工为他画像付给家人,决心死战。马庆祥军在浍水与蒙古先锋军相遇,作战不利,且行且战,将及城,遭蒙古军邀截归路。金军被围。马庆祥对部下说:“我们受国厚恩,竭力效死,乃是本分”。全军护死力战,弓矢用尽。蒙古军围数重,迫使投降。马庆祥不屈而死。胥谦也力战不屈,牺牲。


1. 原标题:相伴一生。
2. 徽宗想要清除朝廷内部的争论,曾布又主张“调和元祐、绍圣之人”,两者并用。但遭到反对,无法实行。权给事中任伯雨上疏说:“人才固不当分党与,但君子小人不能并用。”邓绾子邓洵武对徽宗说:“韩忠彦是韩琦的儿子,反对新法,是继承父志。陛下是神宗的儿子,为什么反而不能绍述神宗呢?”徽宗“调和”不成,又决意再度“绍述”。一一○二年又改元“崇宁”,意为崇法熙宁。在这年先后罢免韩忠彦、曾布的相位出朝,起用蔡京入相。
3. Latest data from the US Treasury Department shows that India held securitie sworth $80 billion in September and further reduced its exposure to $77.5billion in October -- which is also a three-month low.
4. But Terry stopped in his tracks. "Look here, fellows," he said. "This is our find. Let's not tell those cocky old professors. Let's go on home with 'em, and then come back--just us--have a little expedition of our own."
5. 我还采访过一家金融信息平台,一端连接贷款公司,一端连接需要借款的用户,导流一个用户获得贷款公司的相应分成,初期积累了不少用户,中期发现商业模式有问题:不管怎么降低成本,拿到的分成都cover不了自己的获客成本。
6. 锱云科技于2017年5月获得云天使和英华基金共同投资的天使轮融资,并在2019年2月完成Pre-A轮融资。


1. 人们不约而同将目光聚焦在本次参会的中国巾帼英雄王亚平身上。
2.   Mr. Omer, hearing his daughter's footstep before I heard it, touched me with his pipe, and shut up one eye, as a caution. She and her husband came in immediately afterwards.
3. 1987年股票市场大崩盘是一件具有历史意义的事件。我们必须回溯到1929年、1907年、甚至1893年的崩盘,才能找到可供比较者。就许多方面来说,最有关联并且最广为人知者的就是1929年了。但在做比较时,我们必须注意不要将崩盘本身与其后果相混淆。
4. 警方供图办案民警介绍,8月初有事主报警称:有骗子使用野果冒充西藏雪参,声称可以包治百病,且疗效快。
5. 论对教师的基本要求。教师的地位极高,作用重大,因此对教师的要求自然要格外严格,决不允许滥竽充数,扬雄对此亦有深刻认识,他对教师提出了多方面的基本要求。第一,要有深厚的基础和广博的知识。扬雄说:通天地,人曰儒(《君子》),圣人之于天下,耻一物之不知(《君子》),这里的儒和圣人,虽不全指教师,但从扬雄的许多论述可知,儒、圣人,还有君子,多包括教师在内。教师必须对世间的知识广泛全面探求,具有广博的知识,打下坚实的基础,而且要精专卓识,融汇贯通,甚至还要懂得更深奥的大知.扬雄又说:师之贵也,知大知也。李轨注大知说是圣道(《问明》)。过里明显地说明了教师必须具有崇高的政治理想,这与扬雄一贯的提倡是完全一致的。反之,对于那些小知之师当然属于贱矣(《问明》)。不言而喻,作为教师,如果基础薄弱,一知半解,当然不能担负培养人才、创造人类精神文明和物质文明的重任,严格地说,不仅不能享受教师的崇高地位,而且就根本没资格当教师。
6.   "She at once called her husband Antiphates from the place ofassembly, and forthwith he set about killing my men. He snatched upone of them, and began to make his dinner off him then and there,whereon the other two ran back to the ships as fast as ever theycould. But Antiphates raised a hue and cry after them, and thousandsof sturdy Laestrygonians sprang up from every quarter- ogres, not men.They threw vast rocks at us from the cliffs as though they had beenmere stones, and I heard the horrid sound of the ships crunching upagainst one another, and the death cries of my men, as theLaestrygonians speared them like fishes and took them home to eatthem. While they were thus killing my men within the harbour I drew mysword, cut the cable of my own ship, and told my men to row with alftheir might if they too would not fare like the rest; so they laid outfor their lives, and we were thankful enough when we got into openwater out of reach of the rocks they hurled at us. As for the othersthere was not one of them left.


1. 付强表示,这样的一套解决方案,蜂鸟视图用60天就能完成。
2. 2010年至案发期间,被告人姜大海、刘怡忠、于德健、康乐斌、周邦富、彭逢辰、周凤波、魏宝军等人先后经聘用进入钱宝系公司,分别负责钱宝网的产品设计开发、数据分析处理、产品运营、资金收付结算、宣传营销客服等事项,共同实施和维护钱宝网的线上集资。
3. 虽然,这些品牌积极向三四线城市拓展,但是他们不会放弃对深圳市场的追求,这当中藏着对一线城市的渴望。

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