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1. 直至接近2016年春节,在舅舅今年不回来过年的追问下,吴谢宇回复舅舅自己在福州,过节回去。
2.   It was a queer mixture of feelings the woman showed as she talked. She liked the colliers, whom she had nursed for so long; but she felt very superior to them. She felt almost upper class; and at the same time a resentment against the ruling class smouldered in her. The masters! In a dispute between masters and men, she was always for the men. But when there was no question of contest, she was pining to be superior, to be one of the upper class. The upper classes fascinated her, appealing to her peculiar English passion for superiority. She was thrilled to come to Wragby; thrilled to talk to Lady Chatterley, my word, different from the common colliers' wives! She said so in so many words. Yet one could see a grudge against the Chatterleys peep out in her; the grudge against the masters.
3. Then we both cautioned him. "Look here, Terry, my boy! You be careful! They've been mighty good to us--but do you remember the anesthesia? If you do any mischief in this virgin land, beware of the vengeance of the Maiden Aunts! Come, be a man! It won't be forever."
4. 交通运输部新闻发言人吴春耕来源:交通运输部网站交通运输部17日早间举行1月份例行新闻发布会,媒体提问称:有网友质疑,取消高速公路省界收费站是各大银行在抢占ETC领域,挤出人们惯用的微信、支付宝等支付方式,对此交通运输部有何评价?吴春耕指出,取消高速公路省界收费站是党中央国务院重大决策,也是系统工程。
5.   It was no matter of wonder to me to find Mrs. Steerforth devoted to her son. She seemed to be able to speak or think about nothing else. She showed me his picture as an infant, in a locket, with some of his baby-hair in it; she showed me his picture as he had been when I first knew him; and she wore at her breast his picture as he was now. All the letters he had ever written to her, she kept in a cabinet near her own chair by the fire; and she would have read me some of them, and I should have been very glad to hear them too, if he had not interposed, and coaxed her out of the design.
6.   When they were both inside the door was fastened, and they all three entered a large court, surrounded by an open-work gallery. At one end of the court was a platform, and on the platform stood an amber throne supported by four ebony columns, garnished with pearls and diamonds. In the middle of the court stood a marble basin filled with water from the mouth of a golden lion.


1.   Chapter 4
2. 除夕那天没顾得上给你买保暖衣服,我内心一直很自责,幸好你托同事在那边买到了,这才让我心里舒服些许。
3. 据不完全统计,2018年,全国安宁疗护服务共服务患者28.3万人,但这与实际需求仍相差甚远。
4. 法院经审理查明:2008年至2018年10月,被告人吴长智在担任吉林市委组织部副部长、松原市人民检察院检察长、吉林省人民检察院反贪污贿赂局局长及副检察长期间,利用其职务上的便利,为他人在职务提拔、案件查办、工程建设等方面谋取利益,多次直接或者通过他人非法收受财物共计折合人民币1907万余元。
5.   "Well," said Athos, "that only makes four; and we arefour-- one for one. Pardieu! if we may believe the signsGrimaud is making, we are about to have to do with a verydifferent number of people. What is it, Grimaud?Considering the gravity of the occasion, I permit you tospeak, my friend; but be laconic, I beg. What do you see?""A troop."
6.   At the utterance of Miss Temple's name, a soft smile flitted overher grave face.


1. 苹果公司和中国移动之间的协议尘埃落定之后,有关苹果下一款重大产品发布的供应链传言又开始浮现。Digitimes报道称,据“上游供应链的消息”,苹果公司正酝酿在明年5月发布一款5英寸屏幕的iPhone 6“平板手机”,在明年10月发布一款大尺寸平板电脑。
2.   And she was angry against the self-willed male. A servant too! She walked sullenly home.
3. 这种玩法最先由二手球鞋交易平台nice推出。
4. 玛格丽特让开了。
5. 忽必烈杀王文统,从此对汉人幕僚增加了疑虑,逐渐疏远。
6. 此外,就算不管胜败问题,单单为了正义,也该支持用机器人和无人机取代士兵和飞行员。人类士兵可能犯下谋杀、强奸、劫掠等罪行,而且就算他们守规矩,误杀平民仍然在所难免。相较之下,如果是搭载伦理算法的计算机士兵,遵守国际刑事法院最新规约的可能性就高多了。


1.   "Ha! You put me off, do you?" said our new visitor, taking a stepforward and shaking his hunting-crop. "I know you, you scoundrel! Ihave heard of you before. You are Holmes, the meddler."My friend smiled.
2.   "Frown a little more, Miss Madenda," said the stage manager.
3. 脱发和头发变白的原因是相关的,科学家首次确认了对此负有责任的细胞。
4. 中国老年保健协会阿尔茨海默病分会的副主任委员王华丽说,在这场突如其来的疫情中,协会的最近关心的事情是,对有阿尔茨海默病患者的家庭来说,是否会经历更大的困难。
5. 为100%,资本每年周转两次。这样,年产品就是:
6. 由于永安行2016年12月公司开始大规模投放无桩共享单车,而当月投放的单车从下月开始折旧,因此报告期内没有计提单车的折旧成本。


1. 为什么连扇贝苗也会出现如此大量的死亡?该人士表示,海水温度上升是客观原因,正常来说水温超过23摄氏度,扇贝苗一个星期内就会死亡,去年水温在28摄氏度持续了一个多月。
2.   "One word -- one single word more, doctor! You go, leavingme in all the horror of my situation, after increasing it bywhat you have revealed to me. But what will be reported ofthe sudden death of the poor old servant?"
3. 暂时说到这里,这些只是为了更好地理解以下的叙述。

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