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1. 顾虑上述我们讨论了看似不可阻挡的这种趋势,下面让我们来看看为什么这不是一件易事。
2.   "You are to use this room, Miss Madenda," said one of the stagelackeys.
3. 新京报:此前是在哪里接受治疗?黄先生:在武昌医院。
4.   It was but the inquiry of his first confusion and astonishment, the answer being obvious. If the impression were not produced by a real corresponding and sufficient cause, how came he, Jarvis Lorry, there? How came he to have fallen asleep, in his clothes, on the sofa in Dr. Manette's consulting-room, and to be debating these points outside the Doctor's bedroom door in the early morning?
5. 原标题:阿里的新战役作者|陆水月时隔13个月,阿里第三次重大的组织架构变革方案出炉。
6. 蒸汽机、纺织机,都不足以吸收从郎卡郡大量涌来的剩余价值。人们怀着扩充生产时具有的那种热情,投身于铁路的建筑;在这里,工厂主和商人的投机欲望第一次得到满足,并且从1844年夏季以来已经如此。人们尽可能多地认股,这就是说,只要有钱足够应付第一次缴款,就把股份认下来;至于以后各期股款的缴付,总会有法可想!当以后付款的期限来到时,——按照《商业危机》1848—1857年第1059号的记载,1846—1847年投在铁路上的资本,约等于7500万镑,——人们不得不求助于信用,商行的基本营业多半也只好为此而蒙受损失。


1.   "When I had said this she went straight through the court with herwand in her hand and opened the pigsty doors. My men came out likeso many prime hogs and stood looking at her, but she went aboutamong them and anointed each with a second drug, whereon thebristles that the bad drug had given them fell off, and they becamemen again, younger than they were before, and much taller and betterlooking. They knew me at once, seized me each of them by the hand, andwept for joy till the whole house was filled with the sound of theirhullabalooing, and Circe herself was so sorry for them that she cameup to me and said, 'Ulysses, noble son of Laertes, go back at onceto the sea where you have left your ship, and first draw it on tothe land. Then, hide all your ship's gear and property in some cave,and come back here with your men.'
2.   An angel, sweet, if it resembled thee!
3. 下午,一名患者在赴医院就诊时突然昏倒,经全力急救后保住生命。
4. 但数月来工厂工业不振,正好是表现为物质商品资本过剩而堆在货栈内卖不出去,而且正是因为这样,所以物质生产资本全部或半数已闲置不用,为的是不致有更多的卖不出去的商品资本生产出来。
5. 原来,事故发生后,真正的驾驶人和同车人员立即下车扶起了倒下的护栏,随后迅速逃离。
6. 首都机场公安局联合北京市区域合成作战指挥部以及江西省厅进一步调查,发现照片拍摄者黄某在首都机场等待提取自己货物时随手拍摄了防疫物资照片,并发布到朋友圈。


1.   "I have to be emphatic, Mr. Holmes, for the time is so limited. Iwould not have him find me here for the world. He is almost due now.But I was so situated that I could not come earlier. His secretary,Mr. Ferguson, only told me this morning of his appointment with you.""And you are his manager?"
2. 其运行特点鲜明:1、规模小而精悍,运行模式灵活。
3.   Now it chanced by ill fortune, that there stood a Florentine neereto the body, who knew Martellino very perfectly; but appearing somonstrously mishapen, when he was brought into the Church, hee couldtake no knowledge of him. But when he saw him stand up and walke,hee knew him then to be the man indeede; whereupon he saide. Howcommeth it to passe, that this fellow should be so miraculously cured,that never truly was any way impotent? Certaine men of the Cityhearing these words, entred into further questioning with him,demanding, how he knew that the man had no such imperfection? Wellenough (answered the Florentine) I know him to be as direct in hislimbes and body, as you; I, or any of us all are: but indeede, heknowes better how to dissemble counterfet trickes, then any man elsethat ever I saw.
4.   Now have I told you of very [true] confession, that is the second part of penitence: The third part of penitence is satisfaction, and that standeth generally in almsdeed and bodily pain. Now be there three manner of almsdeed: contrition of heart, where a man offereth himself to God; the second is, to have pity of the default of his neighbour; the third is, in giving of good counsel and comfort, ghostly and bodily, where men have need, and namely [specially] sustenance of man's food. And take keep [heed] that a man hath need of these things generally; he hath need of food, of clothing, and of herberow [lodging], he hath need of charitable counsel and visiting in prison and malady, and sepulture of his dead body. And if thou mayest not visit the needful with thy person, visit them by thy message and by thy gifts. These be generally alms or works of charity of them that have temporal riches or discretion in counselling. Of these works shalt thou hear at the day of doom. This alms shouldest thou do of thine own proper things, and hastily [promptly], and privily [secretly] if thou mayest; but nevertheless, if thou mayest not do it privily, thou shalt not forbear to do alms, though men see it, so that it be not done for thank of the world, but only for thank of Jesus Christ. For, as witnesseth Saint Matthew, chap. v., "A city may not be hid that is set on a mountain, nor men light not a lantern and put it under a bushel, but men set it on a candlestick, to light the men in the house; right so shall your light lighten before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father that is in heaven."
5. 因违反《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》和《铁路安全管理条例》的相关规定,蒋某被北京铁路警方处以治安罚款1000元的处罚
6. 不论是业余搏击类运动的训练或是比赛,都要赶紧规范行业规则,使其更合理,更细致,更安全。


2. 由于林萃路建设需断行13号线1、2号出入段线,若西直门至回龙观站区间正常运营,13号线车辆将无法回车辆段进行检修。
3. 方山跟我一样谨慎,但他在汉口的活动不多,且疫情发生后就一直特别注意。
4.   'Family troubles, for one thing.'
5. (这句话没毛病,继续往下看。
6. 2019年1月24日,普吉府检察院正式向普吉府法院指控犯罪嫌疑人张轶凡触犯泰国法律,要求判处死刑。


1.   `Afraid?'
2. So we made a long skirting voyage, turned the point of the cape which was close by, ran up one side of the triangle at our best speed, crossed over the base where it left the higher mountains, and so back to our lake by moonlight.
3. The only family comedy/drama you need to see this year.

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    It was not until long afterward that she realized that her bed had been so hard that she turned over and over in it to find a place to rest, that the darkness seemed more intense than any she had ever known, and that the wind howled over the roof among the chimneys like something which wailed aloud. Then there was something worse. This was certain scufflings and scratchings and squeakings in the walls and behind the skirting boards. She knew what they meant, because Becky had described them. They meant rats and mice who were either fighting with each other or playing together. Once or twice she even heard sharp-toed feet scurrying across the floor, and she remembered in those after days, when she recalled things, that when first she heard them she started up in bed and sat trembling, and when she lay down again covered her head with the bedclothes.

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      It was the nephew of Monseigneur. He had been some few leagues behind Monseigneur, early in the afternoon. He had diminished the distance rapidly, but not so rapidly as to come up with Monseigneur on the road. He had heard of Monseigneur, at the posting-houses, as being before him.

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      On this he gave his orders to the servants, who got the waggonout, harnessed the mules, and put them to, while the girl broughtthe clothes down from the linen room and placed them on the waggon.Her mother prepared her a basket of provisions with all sorts ofgood things, and a goat skin full of wine; the girl now got into thewaggon, and her mother gave her also a golden cruse of oil, that sheand her women might anoint themselves. Then she took the whip andreins and lashed the mules on, whereon they set off, and their hoofsclattered on the road. They pulled without flagging, and carried notonly Nausicaa and her wash of clothes, but the maids also who werewith her.

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