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1.   "Yes, I think so," he answered.
2.   "'For how long, may I ask, do you want this sum?' I asked."'Next Monday I have a large sum due to me, and I shall then mostcertainly repay what you advance, with whatever interest you thinkit right to charge. But it is very essential to me that the moneyshould be paid at once.'
3. 甚至有事实证明超过14天的气味也能被它追踪到,其嗅觉能力可想而知。
4. "That means, `Come to me through the secret passage under the wall,' she explained. `I have something to communicate.'"
5. 游乐场本应是孩子们的乐园,在这里一次次看到跳楼机的字眼,会让孩子在潜意识里把跳楼和刺激、快乐相联系。
6. 2月5日中午,米粒丫丫说需要一些志愿者,帮助核实病人基本信息,包括是否确诊?哪种方式确诊(CT和核酸测试)?病情症状?主要方式是每个志愿者直接电话联系病人,核实后填表转报给她


1.   "Ah," said Villefort, smiling, "I confess I should like tobe warned when one of these beings is in contact with me."
2. 02说了失败的例子,再说一个成功的案例。
3.   D'Artagnan crossed the quays, went out by the gate of LaConference and followed the road, much more beautiful then thanit is now, which leads to St. Cloud.
4.   Mephistopheles
5. 大半个月来,为了打赢这场战役,几乎每个人都是连轴转、超负荷,确实非常辛苦和疲惫了,所以这个时候我觉得我最需要的就是给大家鼓鼓劲、打打气。
6. 2020年下半年视频、游戏等应用适配逐步完成,5G特色业务开始出现。


1. 1)Thank You: Common courtesy? Sure. But tell me this: When was the last time you forgot (or rejected) gratitude? Whether given in private or public, a sincere ‘thanks’ creates goodwill. Don’t forget your mother’s advice: “Say please.” People are always happier doing a favor than taking an order.
2.   And yet, methinks, by most 'twill be confess'd That Death is never quite awelcome guest.
3. 一方面,年初定下的年度计划是给自己和投资人的承诺,不能因为疫情就所动摇,但压力增加不少。
4. 上述判决书显示,经审理查明,1996年5月,被告人法子英与劳荣枝(在逃)窜至江西省南昌市。
5. 第二节:公司的成因
6. 目前,MadeinChina在东南亚非常受欢迎,跨境电商为解决这种需求最有效的方式,在中国的生产商和平台消费者之间建立一个顺畅的渠道就是Shopee们要做的事。


1. 《前第一夫人要求伊斯兰教变得宽容并支持女权》(A Former First Lady Presses On for a Tolerant, Feminist Islam)
2. 驶入港口时,请当心暗礁浅滩。船的航行须贴近水道中间,但航向应朝着东北海岸,因为那里可以抛锚泊船。谨防船航行时过于靠近最近在东面发现的暗礁浅滩。驶入港口时,应保持船离大陆的两船头之距,因为那里水深6至6.5寻。……
3. 腾讯娱乐讯近期,李光洁在音乐综艺节目中劲歌热舞,向观众展示了自己的歌舞天赋。一身酷似迈克杰克逊的造型亮相舞台。黑色西服,头戴礼帽低头走上舞台,一边手打响指,一边扶起帽檐,露出冷峻的神情,略带邪魅的演唱起来。响指舞、脱帽舞,一首歌的时间里李光洁连。
4. 当然,也有全国分散设点再深耕的特例出现。
5.   A distant bell tinkled: immediately three ladies entered theroom, each walked to a table and took her seat; Miss Miller assumedthe fourth vacant chair, which was that nearest the door, and aroundwhich the smallest of the children were assembled: to this inferiorclass I was called, and placed at the bottom of it.
6. 在法国,米其林星级餐厅的级别是根据该餐厅的厨师长星级制定的,所以整个餐厅的命运都压在了主厨身上,甚至,有许多名厨不堪重负而选择了自杀。


1.   For of her owen thought she wax'd all red, Rememb'ring her right thus: "Lo! this is he Which that mine uncle swears he might be dead, But* I on him have mercy and pity:" *unless And with that thought for pure shame she Gan in her head to pull, and that full fast, While he and all the people forth by pass'd.
2.   "Stop, Prince," cried the unhappy vizir, "stay and hear what I have to say."
3. 同时,工场手工业既不能掌握全部社会生产,也不能根本改造它。工场手工业作为经济上的艺术品,耸立在城市手工业和农村家庭工业的广大基础之上。工场手工业本身的狭隘的技术基础发展到一定程度,就和它自身创造出来的生产需要发生矛盾。

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      Having thus spoken, he turned to the Lady, saying. Madame, I nowdischarge you of all promises made me, delivering you to yourHusband franke and free: And when he had given him the Lady, and thechild in his armes, he returned to his place, and sate downe againe.Nicoluccio, with no meane joy and hearty contentment received both hiswife and childe, being before farre from expectation of such anadmirable comfort; returning the Knight infinite thankes (as all therest of the Company pany the like) who could not refraine from weepingfor meere joy, for such a strange and wonderful accident: every onehighly commending Gentile, and such also as chanced to hearethereof. The Lady was welcommed home to her owne house, with manymoneths of joviall feasting, and as she passed through the streets,all beheld her with admiration, to be so happily recovered from hergrave Signior Gentile lived long after, a loyall friend toNicoluccio and his Lady, and all that were well-willers to them.

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