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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How so?"
2.  "And shall we begin at once?"
3.  "What? You believe so?"
4.  "He has at least found peace."
5.  "Nothing I should like better."
6.  She took successively all the other papers out till thedrawer was empty. "But there are no more," said she.Noirtier's eye was fixed on the dictionary. "Yes, Iunderstand, grandfather," said the young girl.


1.  "Yes."
2.  As for Villefort, instead of sending to Paris, he carefullypreserved the petition that so fearfully compromised Dantes,in the hopes of an event that seemed not unlikely, -- thatis, a second restoration. Dantes remained a prisoner, andheard not the noise of the fall of Louis XVIII.'s throne, orthe still more tragic destruction of the empire.
3.  "In a word," said Mercedes, "it was a way of assuring methat his abstinence was intended." And she left the room. Aminute afterwards the blinds were thrown open, and throughthe jessamine and clematis that overhung the window onecould see the garden ornamented with lanterns, and thesupper laid under the tent. Dancers, players, talkers, alluttered an exclamation of joy -- every one inhaled withdelight the breeze that floated in. At the same timeMercedes reappeared, paler than before, but with thatimperturbable expression of countenance which she sometimeswore. She went straight to the group of which her husbandformed the centre. "Do not detain those gentlemen here,count," she said; "they would prefer, I should think, tobreathe in the garden rather than suffocate here, since theyare not playing."
4.  "You? Oh, you are young while I am beginning to get old. Aurevoir, Benedetto;" and running into a court, hedisappeared. "Alas," said Andrea, sighing, "one cannot becompletely happy in this world!"
5.  "And I say to you, fabulous as it may seem, I tell it as atrue one from beginning to end. The brigands had carried meoff, and conducted me to a gloomy spot, called the Catacombsof Saint Sebastian."
6.  "Franz introduced me to her at Rome," replied Albert.


1.  "Did you recognize him?"
2.  "Yes."
3.  "So that, as you confess, you are jealous?"
4.  "You are a singular man," said Villefort.
5.   "Ah, then, indeed, sir," said the sweet girl, bathed intears, "I see that I am condemned to die!"
6.  "If they should hear of the separation" --


1.  "In April you went to dine at the minister's. You heard aprivate conversation respecting Spanish affairs -- on theexpulsion of Don Carlos. I bought some Spanish shares. Theexpulsion took place and I pocketed 600,000 francs the dayCharles V. repassed the Bidassoa. Of these 600,000 francsyou took 50,000 crowns. They were yours, you disposed ofthem according to your fancy, and I asked no questions; butit is not the less true that you have this year received500,000 livres."
2.  "And," asked the abbe, "is M. Morrel still alive?"
3.  Albert had proceeded no farther than the door, where heremained rooted to the spot, being completely fascinated bythe sight of such surpassing beauty, beheld as it was forthe first time, and of which an inhabitant of more northernclimes could form no adequate idea.
4、  "Indeed, your excellency, I had very considerable difficultyin obtaining them, and, as it is, they have cost an enormousprice."
5、  "In a month, then, on your honor, if I am not consoled, youwill let me take my life into my own hands, and whatever mayhappen you will not call me ungrateful?"




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      "I know something of diamonds; I have had some."

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      "What? a real father?"

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      "Yes, doubtless; and is it not that he may never do us anyharm?" Mercedes shuddered, and, fixing on her son ascrutinizing gaze, "You speak strangely," said she toAlbert, "and you appear to have some singular prejudices.What has the count done? Three days since you were with himin Normandy; only three days since we looked on him as ourbest friend."

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    {  "Come, Louise," said Mademoiselle Danglars to her friend.They passed into the next drawing-room, where tea wasprepared. Just as they were beginning, in the Englishfashion, to leave the spoons in their cups, the door againopened and Danglars entered, visibly agitated. Monte Cristoobserved it particularly, and by a look asked the banker foran explanation. "I have just received my courier fromGreece," said Danglars.

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      "But your house is not M. de Morcerf's," murmured Mercedes;"and since he has been here I have watched him."}

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      "Because they are pursued for having made a stiff, as if itwas not in a Corsican's nature to revenge himself."

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      "Without being so far advanced as that, my dear countess,"returned Franz, "I cannot deny that we have abused his goodnature all day."

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       "Do you understand that, my dear Franz -- no horses?" hesaid, "but can't we have post-horses?"

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    {  "No, but Franz has; for heaven's sake, not a word of thisbefore him. Franz went in with his eyes blindfolded, and waswaited on by mutes and by women to whom Cleopatra was apainted strumpet. Only he is not quite sure about the women,for they did not come in until after he had taken hashish,so that what he took for women might have been simply a rowof statues."

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      "That is well." And Bertuccio, feeling in his pocket, signedto a keeper whom he saw through the window of the wicket.