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1.   "'First he will look over all his seals, and count them; then,when he has seen them and tallied them on his five fingers, he will goto sleep among them, as a shepherd among his sheep. The moment you seethat he is asleep seize him; put forth all your strength and holdhim fast, for he will do his very utmost to get away from you. He willturn himself into every kind of creature that goes upon the earth, andwill become also both fire and water; but you must hold him fast andgrip him tighter and tighter, till he begins to talk to you andcomes back to what he was when you saw him go to sleep; then you mayslacken your hold and let him go; and you can ask him which of thegods it is that is angry with you, and what you must do to reachyour home over the seas.'
2. 近日,他接受了BBC的采访,他本来想借这次采访进行洗白,但不仅没有洗白成功,还给自己招黑,遭到大家的抨击。
3.   The accompanying diagram will aid us in understanding this rather perplexing subject. Let A to L represent the species of a genus large in its own country; these species are supposed to resemble each other in unequal degrees, as is so generally the case in nature, and as is represented in the diagram by the letters standing at unequal distances. I have said a large genus, because we have seen in the second chapter, that on an average more of the species of large genera vary than of small genera; and the varying species of the large genera present a greater number of varieties. We have, also, seen that the species, which are the commonest and the most widely-diffused, vary more than rare species with restricted ranges. Let (A) be a common, widely-diffused, and varying species, belonging to a genus large in its own country. The little fan of diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring. The variations are supposed to be extremely slight, but of the most diversified nature; they are not supposed all to appear simultaneously, but often after long intervals of time; nor are they all supposed to endure for equal periods. Only those variations which are in some way profitable will be preserved or naturally selected. And here the importance of the principle of benefit being derived from divergence of character comes in; for this will generally lead to the most different or divergent variations (represented by the outer dotted lines) being preserved and accumulated by natural selection. When a dotted line reaches one of the horizontal lines, and is there marked by a small numbered letter, a sufficient amount of variation is supposed to have been accumulated to have formed a fairly well-marked variety, such as would be thought worthy of record in a systematic work.The intervals between the horizontal lines in the diagram, may represent each a thousand generations; but it would have been better if each had represented ten thousand generations. After a thousand generations, species (A) is supposed to have produced two fairly well-marked varieties, namely a1 and m1. These two varieties will generally continue to be exposed to the same conditions which made their parents variable, and the tendency to variability is in itself hereditary, consequently they will tend to vary, and generally to vary in nearly the same manner as their parents varied. Moreover, these two varieties, being only slightly modified forms, will tend to inherit those advantages which made their common parent (A) more numerous than most of the other inhabitants of the same country; they will likewise partake of those more general advantages which made the genus to which the parent-species belonged, a large genus in its own country. And these circumstances we know to be favourable to the production of new varieties.
4.   A voice was heard, in general audience, That said; "Thou hast deslander'd guilteless The daughter of holy Church in high presence; Thus hast thou done, and yet *hold I my peace?"* *shall I be silent?* Of this marvel aghast was all the press, As mazed folk they stood every one For dread of wreake,* save Constance alone. *vengeance
5. 到了2016年,除了由个人主义、人权、民主、自由市场组成的自由主义一揽子方案之外,我们似乎没有什么真正值得考虑的替代方案。2011年曾有一波社会抗争运动席卷西方世界,比如占领华尔街或西班牙的15–M运动,但它们都并非反对民主、个人主义或人权,甚至也不是反对自由市场经济的基本原则。正好相反,它们是责怪政府未能达成这些自由主义的理想。这些运动要求市场必须真正自由,而不是被那些“大而不倒”的企业或银行控制和操纵。它们要求真正有代表性的民主制度,能够照顾一般大众,而不只是照顾有钱的游说者和有势力的利益团体。就连那些用最严厉措辞抨击股票交易所和国会的人,也无法提出另一个可行的世界运作模式。虽然西方学者和运动人士最爱挑自由主义一揽子方案的毛病,但至今仍未能提出任何更佳的选项。
6. 冻卵服务尚未放开,面临多重风险难题徐某某在接受媒体采访时说:我知道有相关规定,未婚男性出于保健的目的可以冷冻自己的精子。


1. They were not young. They were not old. They were not, in the girl sense, beautiful. They were not in the least ferocious. And yet, as I looked from face to face, calm, grave, wise, wholly unafraid, evidently assured and determined, I had the funniest feeling--a very early feeling--a feeling that I traced back and back in memory until I caught up with it at last. It was that sense of being hopelessly in the wrong that I had so often felt in early youth when my short legs' utmost effort failed to overcome the fact that I was late to school.
2. 光阴荏冉,岁月流失,眨眼过去了20多年,也许是过分神秘的缘故吧,宛振平一家越是严加看管那张宝图,越是让宛家福对那张宝图心思神往,越想看到那张宝图,甚至想恨不得马上看到。也正是这种从小产生的天真无邪的好奇心,逐渐牵引着他,到后来,逐渐扭曲了他的心灵。2003年5月16日,他终于因宛振平去洛阳购买拖拉机,中途不幸被一小汽车撞伤股骨,而获得了一次最佳“观宝”机会。那天,宛家福手提着大包小包的礼品踏进宛振平家。鉴于宛家福一番盛情,宛振平的妻子杜梅花寒暄着把丈夫这位幼年时的同学引进内屋,看望正在卧床休养的宛振平。他问候宛振平病情,安慰宛振平好好疗养,劝说宛振平只要股骨没有断裂,养段时间就好;还主动介绍可服用“三花接骨散”,说此药系治疗骨病名药,对伤骨、断骨作用很不错,如何如何……
3. 展开全文华为在此时选择了果断出手。
4.   'Perhaps you'll be a partner in Mr. Wickfield's business, one of these days,' I said, to make myself agreeable; 'and it will be Wickfield and Heep, or Heep late Wickfield.'
5. 当然,这中间有一点还是要提醒大家:在做产品细节时,一定要注意成本,不要用力过猛。
6. 在这之后,利用的歌声合成软件进行创作的原创歌曲也开始在niconico的平台上活跃起来,而其中部分歌曲的水准甚至能媲美业界。


1. 我们邀请到了易后台财税创始人CEO姚宁作为分享导师进行主题为疫情危机下的企业财税应对的精彩分享。
2.   "It certainly sounds feasible."
3. Now 12 games into the quadrennial tournament, the World Cup is averaging 3.42 goals per game. Nigeria-Iran promises to bring that average down, but as long there is at least one goal in that game or the United States-Ghana match, the World Cup will head into its sixth day averaging at least 3.0 goals per game. The last time a World Cup averaged that many goals for an entire tournament was 1958 when Pele burst onto the scene and the 12 teams combined to average 3.60 over just 35 total matches.
4. 经查,陈某在微信群里发布的涉疫信息确定为虚假信息。
5. 回到大本营,很多媒体也都找到他,希望他谈谈珠峰上的堵车和死亡。
6.   This was the dull season with the department stores, but she waslistened to with more consideration than was usually accorded toyoung women applicants, owing to her neat and attractiveappearance. She was asked the same old questions with which shewas already familiar.


1. "Assuredly we have, for each living generation."
2. When lessons were over and the pupils gathered together in groups to talk, Sara looked for Miss St. John, and finding her bundled rather disconsolately in a window-seat, she walked over to her and spoke. She only said the kind of thing little girls always say to each other by way of beginning an acquaintance, but there was something friendly about Sara, and people always felt it.
3. 当时还是12月20多号,距离武汉首次通报肺炎疫情还有几天时间(正式通报是在2019年12月31日,武汉市政府及相关部门称系病毒性肺炎,不存在人传人现象,未发现医务人员感染)。
4. Dachis says: Strong financial performance combined with a slew of new features made LinkedIn a magnet for positivity in 2012. Positivity like this could help the company move from stern business network to lively communications platform in 2013.
5.   When death came, unrepining His cities o'er he told; All to his heir resigning,Except his cup of gold.
6. 既没有拖车,也没有吊运,还要收费59000元吗?经高速交警、路政人员的多番调解,59000元就是一分也不能少,不给钱就用多台小车对大货车进行围堵。


1. Sara stood quite still, her eyes growing larger, her face paler. Ermengarde burst into tears.
2.   26. Plato, in his "Theatetus," tells this story of Thales; but it has since appeared in many other forms.
3.   Finding by degrees, however, that I was sober, and (I hope) that I was a modest young gentleman, Mrs. Waterbrook softened towards me considerably, and inquired, firstly, if I went much into the parks, and secondly, if I went much into society. On my replying to both these questions in the negative, it occurred to me that I fell again in her good opinion; but she concealed the fact gracefully, and invited me to dinner next day. I accepted the invitation, and took my leave, making a call on Uriah in the office as I went out, and leaving a card for him in his absence.

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