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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Later, however, his old discretion asserted itself. Somethinghad to be done. A climax was near and she would not sit idle.He knew her well enough to know that when she had decided upon aplan she would follow it up. Possibly matters would go into alawyer's hands at once.
2.  "Say, Harry," Hurstwood said to him one evening, as the latterstood at the bar drinking before wending his belated wayhomeward, "you can help the boys out, I guess."
3.  "Here you are," remarked a bystander, putting a coin into hishand.
4.  A boy threw a clod of mud while he was thus reflecting and hithim upon the arm. It hurt sharply and angered him more than hehad been any time since morning.
5.  "Ray," she said, gently, using a tone of voice much more calmthan when she had last appeared. It was the scene which hadpleased the director at the rehearsal.
6.  "All right," said Carrie.


1.  "Yes, sir."
2.  "I mean it," he said. "Frown hard when Mr. Sparks dances. Iwant to see how it looks."
3.  "Why, I know it. I've always known it," said Drouet.
4.  He is becoming too wise to hearken always to instincts anddesires; he is still too weak to always prevail against them. Asa beast, the forces of life aligned him with them; as a man, hehas not yet wholly learned to align himself with the forces. Inthis intermediate stage he wavers--neither drawn in harmony withnature by his instincts nor yet wisely putting himself intoharmony by his own free-will. He is even as a wisp in the wind,moved by every breath of passion, acting now by his will and nowby his instincts, erring with one, only to retrieve by the other,falling by one, only to rise by the other--a creature ofincalculable variability. We have the consolation of knowingthat evolution is ever in action, that the ideal is a light thatcannot fail. He will not forever balance thus between good andevil. When this jangle of free-will instinct shall have beenadjusted, when perfect under standing has given the former thepower to replace the latter entirely, man will no longer vary.The needle of understanding will yet point steadfast andunwavering to the distinct pole of truth.
5.  "Well, good luck," said Minnie, when she was ready to go. Theyhad agreed it was best to walk, that morning at least, to see ifshe could do it every day--sixty cents a week for car fare beingquite an item under the circumstances.
6.  "I'm glad winter's over."


1.  "In twenty minutes," said the man.
2.  "See here," he said, "there's no use my talking about this atall. I respect your power all right, but I'll have to deal withthe people who know."
3.  "Why, George," she said; "what's the matter with you?"
4.  "Come with me in here a minute," she exclaimed, turning into astore.
5.   At the sound of a gong near the barn door, two bells were givenby the conductor and Hurstwood opened his lever.
6.  "Did you see by the paper they are going to call out themilitia?" Hurstwood heard one of them remark.


1.  "She asks only in return," said Carrie, scarcely hearing thesmall, scheduled reply of her lover, and putting herself evenmore in harmony with the plaintive melody now issuing from theorchestra, "that when you look upon her your eyes shall speakdevotion; that when you address her your voice shall be gentle,loving, and kind; that you shall not despise her because shecannot understand all at once your vigorous thoughts andambitious designs; for, when misfortune and evil have defeatedyour greatest purposes, her love remains to console you. Youlook to the trees," she continued, while Hurstwood restrained hisfeelings only by the grimmest repression, "for strength andgrandeur; do not despise the flowers because their fragrance isall they have to give. Remember," she concluded, tenderly, "loveis all a woman has to give," and she laid a strange, sweet accenton the all, "but it is the only thing which God permits us tocarry beyond the grave."
2.  How true it is that words are but the vague shadows of thevolumes we mean. Little audible links, they are, chainingtogether great inaudible feelings and purposes. Here were thesetwo, bandying little phrases, drawing purses, looking at cards,and both unconscious of how inarticulate all their real feelingswere. Neither was wise enough to be sure of the working of themind of the other. He could not tell how his luring succeeded.She could not realise that she was drifting, until he secured heraddress. Now she felt that she had yielded something--he, thathe had gained a victory. Already they felt that they weresomehow associated. Already he took control in directing theconversation. His words were easy. Her manner was relaxed.
4、  "Oh," said Carrie, "it's pretty hard. I don't like it."
5、  "Not alone, are you?" asked Hanson.




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      Carrie became frightened over this announcement. She thoughtdesperately upon the subject. Frequently she had considered thestage as a door through which she might enter that gilded statewhich she had so much craved. Now, as in Chicago, it came as alast resource in distress. Something must be done if he did notget work soon. Perhaps she would have to go out and battle againalone.

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      He was ignoring the last deception as something that might go bythe board. He wanted to convince her that his wife could nolonger be a factor in their relationship. The money he hadstolen he tried to shut out of his mind.

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       Drouet, all the time, was conducting himself in a model way forone of his sort. He took her about a great deal, spent moneyupon her, and when he travelled took her with him. There weretimes when she would be alone for two or three days, while hemade the shorter circuits of his business, but, as a rule, shesaw a great deal of him.

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      As in Chicago, she was seized with stage fright as the very firstentrance of the ballet approached, but later she recovered. Theapparent and painful insignificance of the part took fear awayfrom her. She felt that she was so obscure it did not matter.Fortunately, she did not have to wear tights. A group of twelvewere assigned pretty golden-hued skirts which came only to a lineabout an inch above the knee. Carrie happened to be one of thetwelve.

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    {  "Well," he said, "there's no use talking about it now. If you'llcome in Saturday, I'll pay you something on it."

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      "Perhaps it was," said Mrs. Hurstwood, knowing full well thatsuch was not the case, as Jessica had been her companion forweeks. She had recovered herself sufficiently to wish to knowmore of the details.}

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      "Oh, yes, come and go. What have you got to do?"

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      He left her revived by the possibilities, sure that she had foundsomething at last. Instantly the blood crept warmly over herbody. Her nervous tension relaxed. She walked out into the busystreet and discovered a new atmosphere. Behold, the throng wasmoving with a lightsome step. She noticed that men and womenwere smiling. Scraps of conversation and notes of laughterfloated to her. The air was light. People were already pouringout of the buildings, their labour ended for the day. Shenoticed that they were pleased, and thoughts of her sister's homeand the meal that would be awaiting her quickened her steps. Shehurried on, tired perhaps, but no longer weary of foot. Whatwould not Minnie say! Ah, the long winter in Chicago--thelights, the crowd, the amusement! This was a great, pleasingmetropolis after all. Her new firm was a goodly institution.Its windows were of huge plate glass. She could probably do wellthere. Thoughts of Drouet returned--of the things he had toldher. She now felt that life was better, that it was livelier,sprightlier. She boarded a car in the best of spirits, feelingher blood still flowing pleasantly. She would live in Chicago,her mind kept saying to itself. She would have a better timethan she had ever had before--she would be happy.

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       He hurried into his little room, took down his light overcoat andhat, locked his desk, and grabbed the satchel. Then he turnedout all but one light and opened the door. He tried to put onhis old assured air, but it was almost gone. He was repentingrapidly.

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    {  As usual, the table was one short that evening.

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      "I don't like the actors in our company," she told Lola one day."They're all so struck on themselves."