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1.   "There may no thing, so God my soule save, *Like to* you, that may displease me: *be pleasing* Nor I desire nothing for to have, Nor dreade for to lose, save only ye: This will is in mine heart, and aye shall be, No length of time, nor death, may this deface, Nor change my corage* to another place." *spirit, heart
2. 截至发稿,中国以外的18个国家报告了82例确诊病例。
3.   With these words he scared the women, and they went off into thebody of the house. They trembled all aver, for they thought he woulddo as he said. But Ulysses took his stand near the burning braziers,holding up torches and looking at the people- brooding the while onthings that should surely come to pass.
4. 据此,也有网友猜测称,TIM团队可能去QQ那边帮忙做办公功能了……不过,正如官方说法,腾讯并非是放弃了TIM。
5.   "Queen Arete," he exclaimed, "daughter of great Rhexenor, in mydistress I humbly pray you, as also your husband and these your guests(whom may heaven prosper with long life and happiness, and may theyleave their possessions to their children, and all the honoursconferred upon them by the state) to help me home to my own country assoon as possible; for I have been long in trouble and away from myfriends."
6. 思尧的芬兰老板允许她在家远程办公,但她还是表示,每天在家快要憋疯了。


1. 在人体口腔周围,肌肉和肌肉之间,有结构比较疏松的区域,叫做口腔颌面部间隙。
2. 企业家也经常会说:没有完美的个人,只有完美的团队。
3.   "How did they act with regard to the Marechale d'Ancre?" criedthe king, in the highest state of choler; "first her closets werethoroughly searched, and then she herself."
4. n. 衰微,跌落; 晚年
5.   Doubt is there none, Queen of misericorde,* *compassion That thou art cause of grace and mercy here; God vouchesaf'd, through thee, with us t'accord;* *to be reconciled For, certes, Christe's blissful mother dear! Were now the bow y-bent, in such mannere As it was first, of justice and of ire, The rightful God would of no mercy hear; But through thee have we grace as we desire.
6.   But then some meaning must the words convey.


1. 确实,纳粹大约有20%的区长(gauleiter,相当于现在的省长或州长)、10%的将军决定自尽17,但这也代表有80%的区长、90%的将军非常乐意继续活下去。至于绝大多数领有党证的纳粹党员,甚至盖世太保的成员,都既没有发疯,也没有自杀,后来成了很好的农夫、教师、医生或保险代理人。
2. 转动硬币,从特定角度可以观察到¥,从另一角度可以观察到1。
3. 大麦在讲完惆怅后发来了一条总结。
4.   'Drowndead,' said Mr. Peggotty.
5. The guide stood serenely on the bank, well pleased with our excitement.
6. 原标题:库克:中国从未要求解锁iPhone但美国要求了(观察者网讯文/吕栋编辑/尹哲)据美国广播公司(ABC)的报道,当地时间11月20日,库克陪同特朗普参观了位于在得克萨斯州奥斯汀的工厂。


1.   These were among the echoes to which Lucie, sometimes pensive, sometimes amused and laughing, listened in the echoing corner, until her little daughter was six years old. How near to her heart the echoes of her child's tread came, and those of her own dear father's, always active and self-possessed, and those of her dear husband's, need not be told. Nor, how the lightest echo of their united home, directed by herself with such a wise and elegant thrift that it was more abundant than any waste, was music to her. Nor, how there were echoes all about her, sweet in her ears, of the many times her father had told her that he found her more devoted to him married (if that could be) than single, and of the many times her husband had said to her that no cares and duties seemed to divide her love for him or her help to him, and asked her `What is the magic secret, my darling, of your being everything to all of us, as if there were only one of us, yet never seeming to be hurried, or to have too much to do?'But, there were other echoes, from a distance, that rumbled menacingly in the corner all through this space of time. And it was now, about little Lucie's sixth birthday, that they began to have an awful sound, as of a great storm in France with a dreadful sea rising.
2.   What with the novelty of this cookery, the excellence of it, the bustle of it, the frequent starting up to look after it, the frequent sitting down to dispose of it as the crisp slices came off the gridiron hot and hot, the being so busy, so flushed with the fire, so amused, and in the midst of such a tempting noise and savour, we reduced the leg of mutton to the bone. My own appetite came back miraculously. I am ashamed to record it, but I really believe I forgot Dora for a little while. I am satisfied that Mr. and Mrs. Micawber could not have enjoyed the feast more, if they had sold a bed to provide it. Traddles laughed as heartily, almost the whole time, as he ate and worked. Indeed we all did, all at once; and I dare say there was never a greater success.
3.   "Listen; this is his description: `Benedetto, condemned, atthe age of sixteen, for five years to the galleys forforgery.' He promised well, as you see -- first a runaway,then an assassin."
4. 品牌发展、公司管理及文化冲突难题,这一场蛇吞象式并购,被业界质疑联想能否消化得了。
5. 在证监会的指导下,部分A股上市公司自愿披露了ESG数据,2018年共有856家上市公司披露,相较于整个市场的上市公司数量,披露比例较低。
6. 3、此外,此次合作还将使Farfetch用户享受京东金融提供的多项服务,其中包含将作为首选支付方式的京东支付,及小额消费信贷服务京东白条。


1. 作为一个再出发的创业者,对于当下的创业环境,王欣认为自己是悲观的乐观主义者:本质是乐观主义者,但乐观是长远,悲观是现实。
2. 我们假定市场在某个支撑区域波动了一段时间之后开始向上移动。多头者(在接近支撑区域买进的人)很高兴,但心犹不足的是当初没有买得更多些。如果市场再掉回支撑区域附近,再增加些多头头寸,那该多妙啊!空头者现在终于认识到(或者非常怀疑)自己站错了队(市场从该支撑区上升的距离对这种判断当然极有影响力,我们留待稍后讨论)。空头者但愿(而且祷告老天)价格再跌回他们卖出的区域,这样,他们就能在入市的水平(即“盈亏平衡点”)脱身。
3.   There are many faces that I know, among the little crowd; faces that I knew in church, when mine was always wondering there; faces that first saw my mother, when she came to the village in her youthful bloom. I do not mind them - I mind nothing but my grief - and yet I see and know them all; and even in the background, far away, see Minnie looking on, and her eye glancing on her sweetheart, who is near me.

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