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1.   "Their hearts sank as they heard me, for they remembered how theyhad been treated by the Laestrygonian Antiphates, and by the savageogre Polyphemus. They wept bitterly in their dismay, but there wasnothing to be got by crying, so I divided them into two companiesand set a captain over each; I gave one company to Eurylochus, while Itook command of the other myself. Then we cast lots in a helmet, andthe lot fell upon Eurylochus; so he set out with his twenty-two men,and they wept, as also did we who were left behind.
2.   85. With sluttery beard, and ruggy ashy hairs: With neglected beard, and rough hair strewn with ashes. "Flotery" is the general reading; but "sluttery" seems to be more in keeping with the picture of abandonment to grief.
3. 所谓生态葬,就是将骨灰埋在树根处,使其化作树木的养分。
4. 三、学术著述。朱熹一生著述繁富,这使他在学术界获得较高的声望,因而也便利了他的学说的传布。在经学方面,著有《易本义》、《诗集传》、《论孟集义》、《孝经刊误》等多种。历史方面,有《通鉴纲目》。文学方面有《楚辞集注》。朱熹号为理学的集大成者,对北宋以来理学家的著述作了许多注解和编纂的工作。如《太极图解》、《通书解》、《西铭解》、《正蒙解》以及《谢上蔡语录》、《延平(李侗)问答》、《近思录》、《程氏遗书》等,又作《伊洛渊源录》,说明程学渊源。朱熹本人的讲学言论和平日写作的文稿,由后人编为《朱子语类》、《朱文公文集》等传世。朱熹在世时,著名的弟子有蔡元定、蔡沈父子,陈淳和朱熹婿黄斡等人,各有著述,传播朱学。
5.   Ulysses answered, "Laodamas, why do you taunt me in this way? mymind is set rather on cares than contests; I have been throughinfinite trouble, and am come among you now as a suppliant, prayingyour king and people to further me on my return home."
6. X


1. 虽然随着电视、网络等媒体渠道的发展,无论是年轻人还是中老年人都能较及时获得这些信息,但是具体行为上如何落实仍然具有很大的差异。
2. Somehow, all at once, Sara understood. She realized that this was the beginning of the change Miss Minchin had spoken of.
3. 举报人自称在2019年6月被上海财经大学会计学院录取为会计硕士,钱F胜是其《财务会计前置课程》的授课教师,第一节课后钱F胜曾主动询问她你成家了吗?早点找,不要把自己做空(理解为耽误掉了)。
4. 在电商产品里面,这段注意力的成本花的越多便更有可能付出金钱成本,因为注意力成本为沉没成本。
5. 贪图便宜的王某就和对方联系,付款后通过快递收到了车票,谁知道进站时出了问题。
6. "I'll tell you something warmer," shivered Sara. "Get your coverlet and wrap it round you, and I'll get mine, and we will huddle close together on the bed, and I'll tell you about the tropical forest where the Indian gentleman's monkey used to live. When I see him sitting on the table near the window and looking out into the street with that mournful expression, I always feel sure he is thinking about the tropical forest where he used to swing by his tail from coconut trees. I wonder who caught him, and if he left a family behind who had depended on him for coconuts."


1. 去年7月,瑞幸咖啡宣布在全国40个城市近3000家门店推出了全新的战略茶饮产品——小鹿茶,定位为年轻人的活力下午茶。
2. 在一个国家,就象在一个制针厂一样,每一个个人、每一个生产部门、以至整个国家的生产力所依靠的是彼此处于适当关系中的一切个人的努力。我们把这种关系叫作生产力的平衡或协调。有些国家可能会有这样的情况,哲学家、语言学家、文学家这类人材有余,而熟练技工、商人和海员却感到不足。这是由于在学问方面文化有了高度进展,但工业力量与国内外贸易却没有能获得高度进展,在这方面缺乏支持;这就象一个工作失调的制针厂一样,制针头的大多了,制针尖的却赶不上。象这样“针头过多”的国家,它所过剩的是一大堆无用的书本、难以究诘的理论体系和学说的空泛争论,结果使整个国家在理智上越来越糊涂而不是越来越开朗,对于实用工作则置之不顾,生产力的发展受到了阻滞,这就好象是处于这样一种畸形状态,国内的僧侣很多而缺少诱导青年的教师,军人很多而缺少政治家,行政官很多而缺少公理与正义的裁判者和捍卫者。
3.   And again he humbly pressed his suit. But the lady disdained the idea that, "for a word of sugar'd eloquence," she should have compassion in so little space; "there come but few who speede here so soon." If, as he says, the beams of her eyes pierce and fret him, then let him withdraw from her presence:
4. 张角立即派人连夜飞告各方,提前于二月同时起义。张角称天公将军,他的两个弟弟,张宝称地公将军,张梁称人公将军,各地起义农民都头裹黄巾,以为标志,故称黄巾军。起义发动之后,他们焚烧官府,杀官吏,攻打地主庄园,官吏闻风逃窜。在短短的几天之内,全国各地纷纷响应,京师为之震动。
5. "You surely do not think that any of us," he said it with a good deal of emphasis on the "us," "would hurt your young girls?"
6. "Is this a new pupil for me, madame?" he said to Miss Minchin. "I hope that is my good fortune."


1. 如果创业项目是一个强市场导向的2C的业务模式,那么PR的重要性和张理肯定高于一个2B业务的创业项目。
2. ['li:kid?]
3. 中午12点左右,家里的外婆心里估摸着这时候是饭点,河边应该没有人,于是,一个人戴着口罩偷偷摸去河边洗衣服。
4.   'You are a strange child, Miss Jane,' she said, as she lookeddown at me; 'a little roving, solitary thing: and you are going toschool, I suppose?'
5. "BIRTH, we know, of course; but what is VIRGIN?"
6.   All these in one faire flower,


1.   From that time all their studies were done in common. They had the best masters for the fine arts, geography, poetry, history and science, and even for sciences which are learned by few, and every branch seemed so easy to them, that their teachers were astonished at the progress they made. The princess had a passion for music, and could sing and play upon all sorts of instruments she could also ride and drive as well as her brothers, shoot with a bow and arrow, and throw a javelin with the same skill as they, and sometimes even better.
2. 工作不可能是一帆风顺的,当遇到困难的时候,就是我们成长的机会。
3. 开国者的一个独特贡献就是解决了联邦制这一难题。他们通过使权力竞争降到最低限度这样的方式谨慎地在国家政府和州政府之间分配政治权力。如果出现任何争端,独立的法院系统便采取措施作出裁决。事实上,国会依据新宪法作出的最早的决议之一就是通过了阐明联邦法庭的职责和权力的《司法条例》。1787年的《西北法令》规定,新州应建立在俄亥俄河以北地区;它们在法律上除不采用奴隶制外,其他方面都与旧州完全一样。这确保了西部各地在有资格成为州时会在相同的原则和条件下加入联邦。在这些情况下,美国不断向西扩展疆土,从阿勒格尼山脉一直扩展到太平洋。它通过各种方式获得了大片大片的领土:通过从法国手中购进“路易斯安那购地”获得密西西比河流域;通过强占和购买从墨西哥手中获得西南地区;通过同英国谈判夺得西北地区;通过购买从俄国手中获得阿拉斯加。在这些新地区又建起一连串的州,最后增加到50个州,组成了今日的美利坚合众国。

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