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1. 第一回合:全球税收合作应对数字经济挑战。
2.   `Both were so wrapped up, and the night was so dark, and we were all so reserved, that I cannot undertake to say even that.'
3. 而非游戏订阅在应用商店总消费的占比增长到28%。
4. 有一些可能是百分之二三十,有一些可能是百分之四十左右。
5.   When they had rested themselves there for some few dayes, thesupposed Abbot, with the two Knights, and none else in company butAlessandro, went before the Pope, and having done him such reverenceas beseemed, the Abbot began to speake in this manner.
6. 上海百货公司的第二个创举,是开放了屋顶游乐场,日本、欧美都不太有这种操作。


1. 数之联在发展过程中走出了自己的行业定位和行业方向,深耕三大行业的过程中,数之联慢慢积累了自己的门槛。
2. 经典把党项列为吐蕃统治下的“外四族”之一。吐蕃强盛,党项族遭到吐蕃的压迫。八世纪初,吐蕃袭杀党项拓拔首领。党项各部落被迫迁移到今甘肃和陕西北部一带。迁到夏州的部落,被称为平夏部。
3. 汉时由于农桑业的迅速发展,全国范围内都普遍植桑养蚕,绵帛生产激增。据《汉书?平准书》记载,在元封四年(公元前107年)的一年中,官府收到民间的输帛500余万匹,根据现存的西汉牙尺推算,500万匹就是2400万平方米左右,而当时全国人口至多不过五、六千万,由此可知当时纺织生产的发达。
4. 中学体育课上,一男生与同学们进行跳绳比赛,跳着跳着尴尬的一幕发生了,男生的裤子跳落了,但他丝毫没受影响,坚持完成了比赛。
5. 这操作,形同于狼人自刀式自爆,你可以不明,但必须觉厉。
6. After Sara had sat in her seat in the schoolroom for a few minutes, being looked at by the pupils, Miss Minchin rapped in a dignified manner upon her desk.


1. 我相信很多人知道推迟三分钟和提前三分钟天差地别,推迟三分钟学生恨死你,千万不要以为你讲的别人都要听。
2.   10. "And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth. These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb." -- Revelations xiv. 3, 4.
3. 根据我们报道13000家创新企业的经验,我们发现:创业公司PR实际上就是创始人PR,只要创始团队或高管懂得PR策略,无论是融资还是市场推广,都可以自己来完成。
4. 说到底,不管是企业还是有关协会,都该懂得,品牌翻身要经历艰苦的重塑过程,而不是忽然拿到一些荣誉,社会评价、消费者口碑就上来了。
5. 当年,我也是个缠着妈妈要抱抱的小女孩儿。
6. 其主席兼首席执行官StevenAppleton是美国境内中芯阻击论的高调鼓吹者。


1.   Now tell me, gentlemen, what you desire?
2. 西班牙人占有吕宋三年,中国海寇林凤因官军的攻剿,不克在闽海立足,率领部众四千,前来争夺,翌年失利而去。时福建师船跟踪而至,西班牙总督乘机遣使福州,得到了互市的许可。西班牙人野心勃勃,有主以武力征服中国者,认为这是轻而易举的事。寻以西班牙的无敌舰队在大西洋为英国所败,此一企图,自谈不到。一五九八年,西班牙请市广州,以违例被拒,但福建商船前往吕宋者颇多。因为菲律宾缺乏货物,西班牙人多用银饼付价,这种银饼就是来自墨西哥的银元。不过西班牙的对华商务,始终不甚重要。
3.   It occurred to me several times that we should have got on better, if we had not been quite so genteel. We were so exceedingly genteel, that our scope was very limited. A Mr. and Mrs. Gulpidge were of the party, who had something to do at second-hand (at least, Mr. Gulpidge had) with the law business of the Bank; and what with the Bank, and what with the Treasury, we were as exclusive as the Court Circular. To mend the matter, Hamlet's aunt had the family failing of indulging in soliloquy, and held forth in a desultory manner, by herself, on every topic that was introduced. These were few enough, to be sure; but as we always fell back upon Blood, she had as wide a field for abstract speculation as her nephew himself.
4. 目前,“一带一路”正在成为中国最重要的对外战略,旨在新时期统筹陆海开放、协调东西开放,深化与丝绸之路沿线国家在经贸、人文、科技、生态等多领域的合作交流,进一步推动中国可持续发展。
5.   Four shots replied to them almost instantaneously, but muchbetter aimed than those of the aggressors; three soldiersfell dead, and one of the pioneers was wounded.
6.   It it a great while since, when among those that were LordMarquesses of Saluzzo, the very greatest and worthiest man of them al,was a young Noble Lord, named Gualtiero, who having neyther wife norchilde, spent his time in nothing else but hawking and hunting: norhad he any minde of marriage, or to enjoy the benefit of children,wherein many did repute him the wiser. But this being distastfull tohis subjects, they very often earnestly solicited him, to matchhimselfe with a wife, to the end, that hee might not decease withoutan heire, nor they be left destitute of a succeeding Lord; offeringthemselves to provide him of such a one, so well descended by Fatherand Mother, as not only should confirm their hope, but also yeeldhim high contentment; whereto the Lord Marquess thus answered.


1. ”显然,体育产业的左脑已经够发达,科学家将左脑称之为“自身脑”,右脑称之为“祖先脑”,这两大半脑只有发生协同,达成合作关系,即体育产业的男女比例均衡,女性更多柔性的思考进入,这个产业才真正称之为体育产业。
2.   'Smoke? You don't mean chimneys?' said my aunt.
3. 2。浑象

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      This Alla king had of this child great wonder, And to the senator he said anon, "Whose is that faire child that standeth yonder?" "I n'ot,"* quoth he, "by God and by Saint John; *know not A mother he hath, but father hath he none, That I of wot:" and shortly in a stound* *short time <18> He told to Alla how this child was found.