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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  And he kissed the letter with passion, without evenvouchsafing a look at the gold which sparkled on the table.Bazin scratched at the door, and as Aramis had no longer anyreason to exclude him, he bade him come in.
2.  "Stupid fellow yourself!" said D'Artagnan, stooping in histurn on the neck of his horse, and answering on his sidethrough the carriage window. "I do not go on because itpleases me to stop here."
3.  "And in what have I been so unfortunate as to displease yourMajesty?" asked M. de Treville, feigning the most profoundastonishment.
4.  "And Bazin?" asked Athos.
5.  "Because, monsieur, some mischief might happen to you.""Of what kind, in the name of wonder?"
6.  And he showed the cardinal, with his finger, the four musketspiled near the drum, on which were the cards and dice."Your Eminence may believe," added D'Artagnan, "that we wouldhave come to meet you, if we could have supposed it wasMonseigneur coming toward us with so few attendants."The cardinal bit his mustache, and even his lips a little."Do you know what you look like, all together, as you are armedand guarded by your lackeys?" said the cardinal. "You look likefour conspirators."


1.  "Well, and then?"
2.  "Oh, my friends," said D'Artagnan, "you come once more tosave my life, not only mine but that of these gentlemen.Gentlemen," continued he, addressing the Guardsmen, "Irequest you will be silent with regard to this adventure.Great personages may have had a hand in what you have seen,and if talked about, the evil would only recoil upon us.""Ah, monsieur!" stammered Planchet, more dead than alive,"ah, monsieur, what an escape I have had!"
3.  "And I," said M. d'Artagnan. "Pardon me, madame, for having by a trickunworthy of a gentleman provoked your anger; and I, in exchange, pardonyou the murder of my poor love and your cruel vengeance against me. Ipardon you, and I weep for you. Die in peace!"
4.  As they rode along, the duke endeavored to draw from D'Artagnan,not all that had happened, but what D'Artagnan himself knew. Byadding all that he heard from the mouth of the young man to hisown remembrances, he was enabled to form a pretty exact idea of aposition of the seriousness of which, for the rest, the queen'sletter, short but explicit, gave him the clue. But that whichastonished him most was that the cardinal, so deeply interestedin preventing this young man from setting his foot in England,had not succeeded in arresting him on the road. It was then,upon the manifestation of this astonishment, that D'Artagnanrelated to him the precaution taken, and how, thanks to thedevotion of his three friends, whom he had left scattered andbleeding on the road, he had succeeded in coming off with asingle sword thrust, which had pierced the queen's letter and forwhich he had repaid M. de Wardes with such terrible coin. Whilehe was listening to this recital, delivered with the greatestsimplicity, the duke looked from time to time at the young manwith astonishment, as if he could not comprehend how so muchprudence, courage, and devotedness could be allied with acountenance which indicated not more than twenty years.The horses went like the wind, and in a few minutes they were atthe gates of London. D'Artagnan imagined that on arriving intown the duke would slacken his pace, but it was not so. He kepton his way at the same rate, heedless about upsetting those whomhe met on the road. In fact, in crossing the city two or threeaccidents of this kind happened; but Buckingham did not even turnhis head to see what became of those he had knocked down.D'Artagnan followed him amid cries which strongly resembledcurses.
5.  The worthy mercer had, immediately upon re-entering his house,informed his wife of his happy return, and his wife had repliedby congratulating him, and telling him that the first moment shecould steal from her duties should be devoted to paying him avisit.
6.  "Either you are a demon," continued Felton, "or the baron--mybenefactor, my father--is a monster. I have known you four days;I have loved him four years. I therefore may hesitate betweenyou. Be not alarmed at what I say; I want to be convinced.Tonight, after twelve, I will come and see you, and you shallconvince me."


1.  On his part, the cardinal was not behind the king in thisrespect. When he saw the formidable and chosen body with whichLouis XIII had surrounded himself, this second, or rather thisfirst king of France, became desirous that he, too, should havehis guard. He had his Musketeers therefore, as Louis XIII hadhis, and these two powerful rivals vied with each other inprocuring, not only from all the provinces of France, but evenfrom all foreign states, the most celebrated swordsmen. It wasnot uncommon for Richelieu and Louis XIII to dispute over theirevening game of chess upon the merits of their servants. Eachboasted the bearing and the courage of his own people. Whileexclaiming loudly against duels and brawls, they excited themsecretly to quarrel, deriving an immoderate satisfaction orgenuine regret from the success or defeat of their owncombatants. We learn this from the memoirs of a man who wasconcerned in some few of these defeats and in many of thesevictories.
2.  "The count is here," said the officer, "and requests to speakwith your Eminence instantly."
3.  D'Artagnan then cast an anxious and rapid glance over the fieldof battle.
4.  "To kill yourself?" cried Felton, with terror, forgetting towithdraw his hands from the hands of the prisoner, "to killyourself?"
5.   "To wait," replied Athos.
6.  "And now, my young friend, for you will permit me, I hope,to give you that name," said Lord de Winter, "on this veryevening, if agreeable to you, I will present you to mysister, Milady Clarik, for I am desirous that she shouldtake you into her good graces; and as she is not in bad odorat court, she may perhaps on some future day speak a wordthat will not prove useless to you.


1.  "This doctor has a niece," continued Aramis.
2.  "You shall know."
3.  "I have told, sir," murmured Milady, lowering her voice, andallowing herself to sink overpowered to the ground; "I have toldmy secret! He knows all! My God, I am lost!"
4、  D'Artagnan descended by the staircase at which he hadentered, and found Athos and the four Musketeers waiting hisappearance, and beginning to grow uneasy. With a word,D'Artagnan reassured them; and Planchet ran to inform theother sentinels that it was useless to keep guard longer, ashis master had come out safe from the Palais-Cardinal.Returned home with Athos, Aramis and Porthos inquiredeagerly the cause of the strange interview; but D'Artagnanconfined himself to telling them that M. de Richelieu hadsent for him to propose to him to enter into his guards withthe rank of ensign, and that he had refused.
5、  "I wished to explain this plan to you on the day youreceived my first invitation; but you did not come.Fortunately, nothing is lost by this delay, and you are nowabout to hear it. Sit down there, before me, d'Artagnan;you are gentleman enough not to listen standing." And thecardinal pointed with his finger to a chair for the youngman, who was so astonished at what was passing that heawaited a second sign from his interlocutor before heobeyed.




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      "Still another obstacle," murmured Mme. Bonacieux, sorrowfully."As to that," cried D'Artagnan, after a moment of reflection, "Ishall surmount it, be assured."

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      But soon thou dost afford

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       "Well, come!" said the young man, laughing, "she thinks I amworth something. A hundred louis? Well, that was atemptation for two wretches like you. I understand why youaccepted it, and I grant you my pardon; but upon onecondition."

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      "Dust I am, and to dust I return. Life is full of humiliationsand sorrows," continued he, becoming still more melancholy; "allthe ties which attach him to life break in the hand of man,particularly the golden ties. Oh, my dear D'Artagnan," resumedAramis, giving to his voice a slight tone of bitterness, "trustme! Conceal your wounds when you have any; silence is the lastjoy of the unhappy. Beware of giving anyone the clue to yourgriefs; the curious suck our tears as flies suck the blood of awounded hart."

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    {  Several strokes resounded on the door; this time Milady reallypushed him away from her.

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      "Where did he lodge?"}

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      "How did you fare?"

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      "And I," said M. d'Artagnan. "Pardon me, madame, for having by a trickunworthy of a gentleman provoked your anger; and I, in exchange, pardonyou the murder of my poor love and your cruel vengeance against me. Ipardon you, and I weep for you. Die in peace!"

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       "It is some superior officer making his night rounds," saidAthos. "What do you wish, gentlemen?"

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    {  "Well, perhaps. I will say, then, Monsieur, quite short.""You may even say, My Lord," replied Athos, who stickled forpropriety.

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      "Athos, she is your wife, I tell you," repeated D'Artagnan;"only reflect how much the two descriptions resemble eachother."