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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you promise?"
2.  "What signal?" The captain pointed towards the island, upthe side of which ascended a volume of smoke, increasing asit rose. "Ah, yes," he said, as if awaking from a dream."Give it to me."
3.  "His life, madame, belongs not to him; it is mine, in returnfor my having myself saved him from death." Madame deVillefort made no further reply; her mind was utterlyabsorbed in the contemplation of the person who, from thefirst instant she saw him, had made so powerful animpression on her. During the evident preoccupation ofMadame de Villefort, Monte Cristo scrutinized the featuresand appearance of the boy she kept folded in her arms,lavishing on him the most tender endearments. The child wassmall for his age, and unnaturally pale. A mass of straightblack hair, defying all attempts to train or curl it, fellover his projecting forehead, and hung down to hisshoulders, giving increased vivacity to eyes alreadysparkling with a youthful love of mischief and fondness forevery forbidden enjoyment. His mouth was large, and thelips, which had not yet regained their color, wereparticularly thin; in fact, the deep and crafty look, givinga predominant expression to the child's face, belongedrather to a boy of twelve or fourteen than to one so young.His first movement was to free himself by a violent pushfrom the encircling arms of his mother, and to rush forwardto the casket from whence the count had taken the phial ofelixir; then, without asking permission of any one, heproceeded, in all the wilfulness of a spoiled childunaccustomed to restrain either whims or caprices, to pullthe corks out of all the bottles.
4.  "No!"
5.  "You are fond of gardening?"
6.  "He is staying, then, at the Hotel de Londres with you?"


1.  "Heaven would have given me strength; but now all is lost."
2.  "I will."
3.  "I should think we did know it," exclaimed Albert, "since itis owing to that circumstance that we are packed into thesesmall rooms, like two poor students in the back streets ofParis."
4.  "Well, what is it?" asked Louis XVIII. The minister ofpolice, giving way to an impulse of despair, was about tothrow himself at the feet of Louis XVIII., who retreated astep and frowned.
5.  "Without you? Did you really think me capable of that?"
6.  "You must have searched badly."


1.  "Is your jailer gone?"
2.  "In stock?"
3.  At this sound, as he was already partially exposed to view,he stepped back and concealed himself completely, remainingperfectly motionless. He had formed his resolution. If itwas Valentine alone, he would speak as she passed; if shewas accompanied, and he could not speak, still he should seeher, and know that she was safe; if they were strangers, hewould listen to their conversation, and might understandsomething of this hitherto incomprehensible mystery. Themoon had just then escaped from behind the cloud which hadconcealed it, and Morrel saw Villefort come out upon thesteps, followed by a gentleman in black. They descended, andadvanced towards the clump of trees, and Morrel soonrecognized the other gentleman as Doctor d'Avrigny.
4.  "Capital," exclaimed Albert; "your breakfast shall bewaiting."
5.   "Why do you call me baron?" said Danglars; "you know that Icare nothing for my title. I am not like you, viscount; youlike your title, do you not?"
6.  "Let him follow me; I will take him to his cell."


1.  "No, but Franz has; for heaven's sake, not a word of thisbefore him. Franz went in with his eyes blindfolded, and waswaited on by mutes and by women to whom Cleopatra was apainted strumpet. Only he is not quite sure about the women,for they did not come in until after he had taken hashish,so that what he took for women might have been simply a rowof statues."
2.  "Let us not mistake," said Monte Cristo; "I love every oneas God commands us to love our neighbor, as Christians; butI thoroughly hate but a few. Let us return to M. Franzd'Epinay. Did you say he was coming?"
3.  "You do not understand me, Maximilian. About a year ago, Italked of retiring to a convent. Madame de Villefort, inspite of all the remarks which she considered it her duty tomake, secretly approved of the proposition, my fatherconsented to it at her instigation, and it was only onaccount of my poor grandfather that I finally abandoned theproject. You can form no idea of the expression of that oldman's eye when he looks at me, the only person in the worldwhom he loves, and, I had almost said, by whom he is belovedin return. When he learned my resolution, I shall neverforget the reproachful look which he cast on me, and thetears of utter despair which chased each other down hislifeless cheeks. Ah, Maximilian, I experienced, at thatmoment, such remorse for my intention, that, throwing myselfat his feet, I exclaimed, -- `Forgive me, pray forgive me,my dear grandfather; they may do what they will with me, Iwill never leave you.' When I had ceased speaking, hethankfully raised his eyes to heaven, but without uttering aword. Ah, Maximilian, I may have much to suffer, but I feelas if my grandfather's look at that moment would more thancompensate for all."
4、  "Sir," replied the Englishman, laughing, "I am like myhouse, and do not do such things -- no, the commission I askis quite different."
5、  "Dear Benedetto," said he, "I think he will not be sorry toinherit his fortune, and he who hastens the day when he cantouch his five hundred thousand will not be his worstfriend."




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      "Why, what can have happened?" he exclaimed, "what has thusdisturbed you? Is M. de Saint-Meran with you?"

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      "What? That he has given the diamond to us only?" inquiredCaderousse, half bewildered with joy; "yes, nothing moretrue! See, here it is." The woman gazed at it a moment, andthen said, in a gloomy voice, "Suppose it's false?"Caderousse started and turned pale. "False!" he muttered."False! Why should that man give me a false diamond?"

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       "No, excellency, no," returned the steward, with a sort ofnervous trembling, which Monte Cristo, a connoisseur in allemotions, rightly attributed to great disquietude.

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      "She only speaks Romaic."

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    {  "He awaits the answer?"

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      "I would not wish for a better to sail round the world."}

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      Villefort pronounced these last words with a feverish rage,which gave a ferocious eloquence to his words.

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      "Shall I drive you back to Paris?" he asked.

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       "Yes, I heard it spoken of, but I did not know the details,and then no one can be more ignorant than I am of theaffairs in the Bourse."

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    {  "Where?" stammered Morcerf.

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      "Have you served under the usurper?"