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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I guess we have a few days yet," he said.
2.  "Friday," said Drouet. "Had a fine trip."
3.  He arose from his chair and went and looked out into the street.The long drizzle had begun. Pedestrians had turned up collars,and trousers at the bottom. Hands were hidden in the pockets ofthe umbrellaless; umbrellas were up. The street looked like asea of round black cloth roofs, twisting, bobbing, moving.Trucks and vans were rattling in a noisy line and everywhere menwere shielding themselves as best they could. He scarcelynoticed the picture. He was forever confronting his wife,demanding of her to change her attitude toward him before heworked her bodily harm.
4.  "I think I must have left spots on some of them," said the other.
5.  "How are you, Frank?" said Hurstwood, somewhat relieved by thesight of him. "Sit down," and he motioned him to one of thechairs in the little room.
6.  "Why don't we get married?" she inquired, thinking of the volublepromises he had made.


1.  From Partridge's they went to a shoe store, where Carrie wasfitted for shoes. Drouet stood by, and when he saw how nice theylooked, said, "Wear them." Carrie shook her head, however. Shewas thinking of returning to the flat. He bought her a purse forone thing, and a pair of gloves for another, and let her buy thestockings.
2.  "Oh, no," said Carrie. "Don't try."
3.  Carrie looked over the large bill of fare which the waiter handedher without really considering it. She was very hungry, and thethings she saw there awakened her desires, but the high pricesheld her attention. "Half broiled spring chicken--seventy-five.Sirloin steak with mushrooms--one twenty-five." She had dimlyheard of these things, but it seemed strange to be called toorder from the list.
4.  Hurstwood frowned. Then in despair he got out his purse.
5.  "All right," she said.
6.  Now, when such little things, such as the proposed earlier startto Waukesha, came up, they made clear to him his position. Hewas being made to follow, was not leading. When, in addition, asharp temper was manifested, and to the process of shoulderinghim out of his authority was added a rousing intellectual kick,such as a sneer or a cynical laugh, he was unable to keep histemper. He flew into hardly repressed passion, and wishedhimself clear of the whole household. It seemed a mostirritating drag upon all his desires and opportunities.


1.  "Indeed I won't," said Carrie. "I know what he'd say. I don'twant to meet anybody that way."
2.  "What?" said Hanson.
3.  "And you, sir; we have been looking for you since eight o'clock,"but with so little colour and in such a feeble voice that it waspositively painful.
4.  "Did you see that?" said Shaughnessy one morning to Hurstwood,pointing to the real estate column in a copy of the "Herald,"which he held.
5.   Hurstwood made arrangements with one of the instalment houseswhereby they furnished the flat complete and accepted fiftydollars down and ten dollars a month. He then had a littleplate, bearing the name G. W. Wheeler, made, which he placed onhis letter-box in the hall. It sounded exceedingly odd to Carrieto be called Mrs. Wheeler by the janitor, but in time she becameused to it and looked upon the name as her own.
6.  "I see," said Hurstwood. "Well, I'm in no position to choose,just at present. If it were open, I should be glad to get it."


1.  He bowed and backed toward the door.
2.  "No, sir."
3.  Carrie went over and looked out the window, while Hurstwoodlooked at himself in the glass. He felt dusty and unclean. Hehad no trunk, no change of linen, not even a hair-brush.
4、  "Several weeks, anyhow," he said, looking steadily into her eyes.
5、  "Oh," said the ballet-master, "that's Miss Madenda."




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      In the front room Hanson was reading his paper. As usual, shehelped Minnie clear away the dishes and straighten up. Then shesaid:

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      This confused Carrie considerably, for she realised the flood-gates were open. She didn't know exactly what to answer."I don't know," she answered.

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       "Get that thing off the track," shouted the two policemen.

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      Carrie did not forget that there was something to be settledbetween her and Hurstwood, but the thought was ignored in heragitation. The one thing was to finish this strange pilgrimage.

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    {  "I always have. There's one going on up at the Broadway thismonth. I'm going to try and get in that if this one reallygoes."

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      "Is that so?" said the friend. "Glad to hear it. I'll come downand see you."}

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      This little experience settled her hunting for one day. Shelooked around elsewhere, but it was from the outside. She gotthe location of several playhouses fixed in her mind--notably theGrand Opera House and McVickar's, both of which were leading inattractions--and then came away. Her spirits were materiallyreduced, owing to the newly restored sense of magnitude of thegreat interests and the insignificance of her claims uponsociety, such as she understood them to be.

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      "Oh, that's it, is it?" he returned. "Well, you come on with me.Let's go over here to Partridge's."

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       Passing down the aisle came a very fair-haired banker's son, alsoof Chicago, who had long eyed this supercilious beauty. Even nowhe did not hesitate to glance at her, and she was conscious ofit. With a specially conjured show of indifference, she turnedher pretty face wholly away. It was not wifely modesty at all.By so much was her pride satisfied.

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    {  On the second trip of the afternoon he ran into a crowd abouthalf way along the line, that had blocked the car's progress withan old telegraph pole.

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      "Give me 1643," he called to Central, after looking up theMichigan Central depot number. Soon he got the ticket agent.