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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I can, then, rely on the notes he has left concerning you?"
2.  Chapter 46Unlimited Credit.
3.  "Ma foi, captain," replied the sentry, "I do not know; forthe last hour I have not heard him stir."
4.  "You will promise not to betray me?"
5.  "What shall we do?" asked Louise.
6.  "Yes," replied the angry look.


1.  We saw in a preceding chapter how Madame Danglars wentformally to announce to Madame de Villefort the approachingmarriage of Eugenie Danglars and M. Andrea Cavalcanti. Thisannouncement, which implied or appeared to imply, theapproval of all the persons concerned in this momentousaffair, had been preceded by a scene to which our readersmust be admitted. We beg them to take one step backward, andto transport themselves, the morning of that day of greatcatastrophes, into the showy, gilded salon we have beforeshown them, and which was the pride of its owner, BaronDanglars. In this room, at about ten o'clock in the morning,the banker himself had been walking to and fro for someminutes thoughtfully and in evident uneasiness, watchingboth doors, and listening to every sound. When his patiencewas exhausted, he called his valet. "Etienne," said he, "seewhy Mademoiselle Eugenie has asked me to meet her in thedrawing-room, and why she makes me wait so long."
2.  He arose, and quietly opening the door of the drawing-room,saw Haidee, who had fallen on a chair, with her arms hangingdown and her beautiful head thrown back. She had beenstanding at the door, to prevent his going out withoutseeing her, until sleep, which the young cannot resist, hadoverpowered her frame, wearied as she was with watching. Thenoise of the door did not awaken her, and Monte Cristo gazedat her with affectionate regret. "She remembered that shehad a son," said he; "and I forgot I had a daughter." Then,shaking his head sorrowfully, "Poor Haidee," said he; "shewished to see me, to speak to me; she has feared or guessedsomething. Oh, I cannot go without taking leave of her; Icannot die without confiding her to some one." He quietlyregained his seat, and wrote under the other lines: --
3.  "Edmond," continued Mercedes, with her arms extended towardsthe count, "since I first knew you, I have adored your name,have respected your memory. Edmond, my friend, do not compelme to tarnish that noble and pure image reflectedincessantly on the mirror of my heart. Edmond, if you knewall the prayers I have addressed to God for you while Ithought you were living and since I have thought you must bedead! Yes, dead, alas! I imagined your dead body buried atthe foot of some gloomy tower, or cast to the bottom of apit by hateful jailers, and I wept! What could I do for you,Edmond, besides pray and weep? Listen; for ten years Idreamed each night the same dream. I had been told that youhad endeavored to escape; that you had taken the place ofanother prisoner; that you had slipped into the windingsheet of a dead body; that you had been thrown alive fromthe top of the Chateau d'If, and that the cry you uttered asyou dashed upon the rocks first revealed to your jailersthat they were your murderers. Well, Edmond, I swear to you,by the head of that son for whom I entreat your pity, --Edmond, for ten years I saw every night every detail of thatfrightful tragedy, and for ten years I heard every night thecry which awoke me, shuddering and cold. And I, too, Edmond-- oh! believe me -- guilty as I was -- oh, yes, I, too,have suffered much!"
4.  "Willingly," said Albert; "but let us walk. I think a littleexertion would do me good." The two friends walked out onthe fortress. When arrived at the Madeleine, -- "Since weare out," said Beauchamp, "let us call on M. de MonteCristo; he is admirably adapted to revive one's spirits,because he never interrogates, and in my opinion those whoask no questions are the best comforters."
5.  "Yes; but Don Carlos?"
6.  "So are all Italians."


1.  "Well, since you will grant me no more, I must be contentwith what you give me. But one word more, count."
2.  "Have you never had the curiosity, when you have landed andfound this island deserted, to seek for this enchantedpalace?"
3.  "Is there, indeed, my good fellow? Pray tell me, is itsympathy of heart?"
4.  "You will soon know."
5.   " I was then almost assured that the inheritance had neitherprofited the Borgias nor the family, but had remainedunpossessed like the treasures of the Arabian Nights, whichslept in the bosom of the earth under the eyes of the genie.I searched, ransacked, counted, calculated a thousand and athousand times the income and expenditure of the family forthree hundred years. It was useless. I remained in myignorance, and the Count of Spada in his poverty. My patrondied. He had reserved from his annuity his family papers,his library, composed of five thousand volumes, and hisfamous breviary. All these he bequeathed to me, with athousand Roman crowns, which he had in ready money, oncondition that I would have anniversary masses said for therepose of his soul, and that I would draw up a genealogicaltree and history of his house. All this I did scrupulously.Be easy, my dear Edmond, we are near the conclusion.
6.  "There has been a misunderstanding."


1.  "But," said Monte Cristo "do you not know any cause for thishatred?"
2.  "`You will sell this diamond; you will divide the money intofive equal parts, and give an equal portion to these goodfriends, the only persons who have loved me upon earth.'"
3.  "How did you know about it?"
4、  "No," replied Morrel.
5、  "Pray to the Almighty to spare his life, and I will takeupon myself to promote his happiness."




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      Albert passed his hand through his hair, and curled hismustache, then, having satisfied himself as to his personalappearance, followed the count into the room, the latterhaving previously resumed his hat and gloves. Ali wasstationed as a kind of advanced guard, and the door was keptby the three French attendants, commanded by Myrtho. Haideewas awaiting her visitors in the first room of herapartments, which was the drawing-room. Her large eyes weredilated with surprise and expectation, for it was the firsttime that any man, except Monte Cristo, had been accorded anentrance into her presence. She was sitting on a sofa placedin an angle of the room, with her legs crossed under her inthe Eastern fashion, and seemed to have made for herself, asit were, a kind of nest in the rich Indian silks whichenveloped her. Near her was the instrument on which she hadjust been playing; it was elegantly fashioned, and worthy ofits mistress. On perceiving Monte Cristo, she arose andwelcomed him with a smile peculiar to herself, expressive atonce of the most implicit obedience and also of the deepestlove. Monte Cristo advanced towards her and extended hishand, which she as usual raised to her lips.

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      "But" -- said Villefort, and then suddenly checking himself,he was silent; then he continued, "Your pardon, sire," hesaid, bowing, "my zeal carried me away. Will your majestydeign to excuse me?"

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       "Then in that case I shall always choose to remain there."

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      "It was this, -- that while you had related to me all theparticulars of your past life, you were perfectlyunacquainted with mine."

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    {  "No, no; thanks. You need not look for it; I do not wantit," said the old man.

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      "No, for two hundred thousand francs. Our house," added theEnglishman with a laugh, "does not do things in that way."

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      "You do, then, obey some one?"

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       "But, at least, you will be there?"

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    {  "Yes!"

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      "You are most welcome, monsieur," said the Count of Morcerf,saluting Monte Cristo with a smile, "and monsieur hasrendered our house, in preserving its only heir, a servicewhich insures him our eternal gratitude." As he said thesewords, the count of Morcerf pointed to a chair, while heseated himself in another opposite the window.