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1. 04KTV发展数十年,可谓是几家欢乐几家愁。
2. 一位业内人士对虎嗅说到。
3. 修改后简化了财务指标,取消了财务指标增长的硬性要求,允许收入在一定规模以上的企业只需要有一年盈利记录即可上市。
4.   'All times and seasons, you know, Dan'l,' said Mrs. Gummidge, 'I shall be allus here, and everythink will look accordin' to your wishes. I'm a poor scholar, but I shall write to you, odd times, when you're away, and send my letters to Mas'r Davy. Maybe you'll write to me too, Dan'l, odd times, and tell me how you fare to feel upon your lone lorn journies.'
5.   `What can't go on?'
6. When I got this far in my reading I went to Somel for more light. We were as friendly by that time as I had ever been in my life with any woman. A mighty comfortable soul she was, giving one the nice smooth mother-feeling a man likes in a woman, and yet giving also the clear intelligence and dependableness I used to assume to be masculine qualities. We had talked volumes already.


1. "Why didn't you stay all night?" she snapped.
2. char茶,ity状态-请喝茶的状态-施舍-仁慈
3.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4.   'You may look at it,' replied the girl, offering me the book.
5. 在新闻发布会现场,澎湃新闻记者提问:国务院通知延长春节假期到2月3日,上海市通知企业不早于2月9日24时前复工。
6.   Look at a plant in the midst of its range, why does it not double or quadruple its numbers? We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts. In this case we can clearly see that if we wished in imagination to give the plant the power of increasing in number, we should have to give it some advantage over its competitors, or over the animals which preyed on it. On the confines of its geographical range, a change of constitution with respect to climate would clearly be an advantage to our plant; but we have reason to believe that only a few plants or animals range so far, that they are destroyed by the rigour of the climate alone. Not until we reach the extreme confines of life, in the arctic regions or on the borders of an utter desert, will competition cease. The land may be extremely cold or dry, yet there will be competition between some few species, or between the individuals of the same species, for the warmest or dampest spots.


1. 阅邻循环商店·阅邻联合创始人COO杨宇欢2019年是阅邻业务突飞猛进的一年,我们从一家只做线上的互联网公司,成为了一家线上线下并举的互联网公司,线下门店业务-阅邻循环商店成为了我们公司业务中很重要的一块。
2. 此外,中国网财经在12月3日的报道中指出,经统计,迎驾贡酒自2017年以来,每年都对旗下中高端产品生态洞藏系列酒进行提价。
3.   It was a queer mixture of feelings the woman showed as she talked. She liked the colliers, whom she had nursed for so long; but she felt very superior to them. She felt almost upper class; and at the same time a resentment against the ruling class smouldered in her. The masters! In a dispute between masters and men, she was always for the men. But when there was no question of contest, she was pining to be superior, to be one of the upper class. The upper classes fascinated her, appealing to her peculiar English passion for superiority. She was thrilled to come to Wragby; thrilled to talk to Lady Chatterley, my word, different from the common colliers' wives! She said so in so many words. Yet one could see a grudge against the Chatterleys peep out in her; the grudge against the masters.
4. 情节严重的,依法暂停相关业务、停业整顿、吊销相关业务许可证或者吊销营业执照。
5. 上半身穿着带窄袖的短衫,下半身着束裙。
6. 附近一摊位店主是位大爷,他称六街有几家卖野味的,有野鸡、蛇等很多品种,你来晚了,(都)关门了。


1. 因为萧条不可能无限持续下去,如果能够做到即使销售额减半仍能做出利润的企业体质,等到景气复元,订单恢复时,利润率将会迅速增长。
2.   So sinking quietly on his knees, he took hold of the sleeve of the princess and drew her arm lightly towards him. The princess opened her eyes, and seeing before her a handsome well-dressed man, she remained speechless with astonishment.
3.   Jessica heard this last while walking out of the room, with atoss of her head and a flick of her pretty skirts indicative ofthe independence and indifference she felt. She did not proposeto be quarrelled with.
4.   "Well, monsieur," said Bertuccio, "this man with thisspotless reputation" --
5. 8.股市与选美
6. 9个月后的福布斯富豪榜显示,贝索斯不仅没有因为分家产而丢失世界首富的身份,还让前妻也登上了富豪榜。


1.   And when this alchemister saw his time, "Rise up, Sir Priest," quoth he, "and stand by me; And, for I wot well ingot* have ye none; *mould Go, walke forth, and bring me a chalk stone; For I will make it of the same shape That is an ingot, if I may have hap. Bring eke with you a bowl, or else a pan, Full of water, and ye shall well see than* *then How that our business shall *hap and preve* *succeed* And yet, for ye shall have no misbelieve* *mistrust Nor wrong conceit of me, in your absence, I wille not be out of your presence, But go with you, and come with you again." The chamber-doore, shortly for to sayn, They opened and shut, and went their way, And forth with them they carried the key; And came again without any delay. Why should I tarry all the longe day? He took the chalk, and shap'd it in the wise Of an ingot, as I shall you devise;* *describe I say, he took out of his owen sleeve A teine* of silver (evil may he cheve!**) *little piece **prosper Which that ne was but a just ounce of weight. And take heed now of his cursed sleight; He shap'd his ingot, in length and in brede* *breadth Of this teine, withouten any drede,* *doubt So slily, that the priest it not espied; And in his sleeve again he gan it hide; And from the fire he took up his mattere, And in th' ingot put it with merry cheer; And in the water-vessel he it cast, When that him list, and bade the priest as fast Look what there is; "Put in thine hand and grope; There shalt thou finde silver, as I hope." What, devil of helle! should it elles be? Shaving of silver, silver is, pardie. He put his hand in, and took up a teine Of silver fine; and glad in every vein Was this priest, when he saw that it was so. "Godde's blessing, and his mother's also, And alle hallows,* have ye, Sir Canon!" *saints Saide this priest, "and I their malison* *curse But, an'* ye vouchesafe to teache me *if This noble craft and this subtility, I will be yours in all that ever I may." Quoth the canon, "Yet will I make assay The second time, that ye may take heed, And be expert of this, and, in your need, Another day assay in mine absence This discipline, and this crafty science. Let take another ounce," quoth he tho,* *then "Of quicksilver, withoute wordes mo', And do therewith as ye have done ere this With that other, which that now silver is. "
2.   "The windows of the three rooms open out upon the lawn. That fatalnight Dr. Roylott had gone to his room early, though we knew that hehad not retired to rest, for my sister was troubled by the smell ofthe strong Indian cigars which it was his custom to smoke. She lefther room, therefore, and came into mine, where she sat for sometime, chatting about her approaching wedding. At eleven o'clock sherose to leave me, but she paused at the door and looked back."'Tell me, Helen,' said she, 'have you ever heard anyone whistlein the dead of the night?'
3. 一方面,新医改的稳步推进,尤其是在今年,围绕三医联动展开的政策变革尤为显著,政策影响的逐步释放和落实传导至行业的各个细分领域。

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      "Oh, you love her still," said Kitty, who had not taken hereyes off the young man's countenance for an instant."No, Kitty, you are mistaken. I do not love her, but I willavenge myself for her contempt."

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      Master Chappelet still wept and sighed, and continued silent,notwithstanding all the Confessors comfortable perswasions; butafter hee had helde him a long while in suspence, breathing forth asighe, even as if his very heart would have broken, he saide; HolyFather, seeing you promise to pray to God for me, I will reveale it toyou: Know then, that when I was a little boy, I did once curse myMother; which he had no sooner spoken, but he wrung his hands, andgreeved extraordinarily. Oh good Son, saide the Friar: doth that seemeso great a sinne to thee? Why, men doe daily blaspheme our Lord God,and yet neverthelesse, upon their hearty repentance, he is alwayesready to forgive them; and wilt not thou beleeve to obtaine remission,for a sinne so ignorantly committed? Weepe no more deare Sonne, butcomfort thy selfe and rest resolved, that if thou wert one of them,who nayled our blessed Saviour to his Crosse; yet being so trulyrepentant, as I see thou art, he would freely forgive thee. Say you soFather? quoth Chappelet. What mine owne deare Mother? that bare mein her wombe nine moneths, day and night, and afterwards fed me withher breasts a thousand times, can I be pardoned for cursing her? Ohno, it is too haynous a sinne, and except you pray to God veryinstantly for me, he will not forgive me.

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