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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, what is Haidee to Ali Tepelini?"
2.  "And do you propose to make this journey very shortly?"
3.  "I was passing close to the door of the captain's cabin,which was half open, and I saw him give the packet andletter to Dantes."
4.  "My father howled aloud, plunged his fingers into the holeswhich the balls had made, and tore up one of the planksentire. But immediately through this opening twenty moreshots were fired, and the flame, rushing up like fire fromthe crater of a volcano, soon reached the tapestry, which itquickly devoured. In the midst of all this frightful tumultand these terrific cries, two reports, fearfully distinct,followed by two shrieks more heartrending than all, froze mewith terror. These two shots had mortally wounded my father,and it was he who had given utterance to these frightfulcries. However, he remained standing, clinging to a window.My mother tried to force the door, that she might go and diewith him, but it was fastened on the inside. All around himwere lying the Palikares, writhing in convulsive agonies,while two or three who were only slightly wounded weretrying to escape by springing from the windows. At thiscrisis the whole flooring suddenly gave way. my father fellon one knee, and at the same moment twenty hands were thrustforth, armed with sabres, pistols, and poniards -- twentyblows were instantaneously directed against one man, and myfather disappeared in a whirlwind of fire and smoke kindledby these demons, and which seemed like hell itself openingbeneath his feet. I felt myself fall to the ground, mymother had fainted."
5.  "What have we all done, then, dear grandpapa?" saidValentine; "you no longer seem to love any of us?" The oldman's eyes passed rapidly from Villefort and his wife, andrested on Valentine with a look of unutterable fondness."Well," said she; "if you love me, grandpapa, try and bringthat love to bear upon your actions at this present moment.You know me well enough to be quite sure that I have neverthought of your fortune; besides, they say I am already richin right of my mother -- too rich, even. Explain yourself,then." Noirtier fixed his intelligent eyes on Valentine'shand. "My hand?" said she.
6.  "Prevent me, then!" replied Morrel, with another struggle,which, like the first, failed in releasing him from thecount's iron grasp.


1.  Dantes heard joyfully the key grate in the lock; he listeneduntil the sound of steps died away, and then, hastilydisplacing his bed, saw by the faint light that penetratedinto his cell, that he had labored uselessly the previousevening in attacking the stone instead of removing theplaster that surrounded it.
2.  "I asked you if you knew him?"
3.  "That night a memorable event occurred, due, no doubt, tothe imprudence of some servant who had neglected toextinguish the lights. The Villa of San-Felice took fire inthe rooms adjoining the very apartment of the lovelyCarmela. Awakened in the night by the light of the flames,she sprang out of bed, wrapped herself in a dressing-gown,and attempted to escape by the door, but the corridor bywhich she hoped to fly was already a prey to the flames. Shethen returned to her room, calling for help as loudly as shecould, when suddenly her window, which was twenty feet fromthe ground, was opened, a young peasant jumped into thechamber, seized her in his arms, and with superhuman skilland strength conveyed her to the turf of the grass-plot,where she fainted. When she recovered, her father was by herside. All the servants surrounded her, offering herassistance. An entire wing of the villa was burnt down; butwhat of that, as long as Carmela was safe and uninjured? Herpreserver was everywhere sought for, but he did not appear;he was inquired after, but no one had seen him. Carmela wasgreatly troubled that she had not recognized him. As thecount was immensely rich, excepting the danger Carmela hadrun, -- and the marvellous manner in which she had escaped,made that appear to him rather a favor of providence than areal misfortune, -- the loss occasioned by the conflagrationwas to him but a trifle.
4.  "Speak, and I will follow your advice."
5.  On landing, the count turned towards the cemetery, where hefelt sure of finding Morrel. He, too, ten years ago, hadpiously sought out a tomb, and sought it vainly. He, whoreturned to France with millions, had been unable to findthe grave of his father, who had perished from hunger.Morrel had indeed placed a cross over the spot, but it hadfallen down and the grave-digger had burnt it, as he did allthe old wood in the churchyard. The worthy merchant had beenmore fortunate. Dying in the arms of his children, he hadbeen by them laid by the side of his wife, who had precededhim in eternity by two years. Two large slabs of marble, onwhich were inscribed their names, were placed on either sideof a little enclosure, railed in, and shaded by fourcypress-trees. Morrel was leaning against one of these,mechanically fixing his eyes on the graves. His grief was soprofound that he was nearly unconscious. "Maximilian," saidthe count, "you should not look on the graves, but there;"and he pointed upwards.
6.  "Sir," said Franz, "I have one request to make."


1.  "Yet conscience remains," remarked Madame de Villefort in anagitated voice, and with a stifled sigh.
2.  "Who are you, then? Who are you?"
3.  "Very brave," said Monte Cristo; "I have seen him sleep witha sword suspended over his head."
4.  "Sure to gain!" repeated Beauchamp, looking with amazementat the count.
5.   "And does he not live in the Champs-Elysees?"
6.  "Sometimes," said he, "in my voyages, when I was a man andcommanded other men, I have seen the heavens overcast, thesea rage and foam, the storm arise, and, like a monstrousbird, beating the two horizons with its wings. Then I feltthat my vessel was a vain refuge, that trembled and shookbefore the tempest. Soon the fury of the waves and the sightof the sharp rocks announced the approach of death, anddeath then terrified me, and I used all my skill andintelligence as a man and a sailor to struggle against thewrath of God. But I did so because I was happy, because Ihad not courted death, because to be cast upon a bed ofrocks and seaweed seemed terrible, because I was unwillingthat I, a creature made for the service of God, should servefor food to the gulls and ravens. But now it is different; Ihave lost all that bound me to life, death smiles andinvites me to repose; I die after my own manner, I dieexhausted and broken-spirited, as I fall asleep when I havepaced three thousand times round my cell."


1.  "You keep the registers of entries and departures?"
2.  "Would you pass in his eyes for a prophet?"
3.  "She was of a noble family of Fiesole, count."
4、  The guests were still at table, and the heated and energeticconversation that prevailed betrayed the violent andvindictive passions that then agitated each dweller of theSouth, where unhappily, for five centuries religious strifehad long given increased bitterness to the violence of partyfeeling.
5、  "Then they shall go for him directly, dear grandpapa. Isthat all you want?"




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      "No," replied Noirtier eagerly.

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      Meantime the subject of the arrest was being canvassed inevery different form.

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       A cloud passed over Danglars' brow. "Your pardon, M.Morrel," said Dantes, approaching, "the vessel now rides atanchor, and I am at your service. You hailed me, I think?"

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      "Perhaps not," replied Danglars; "but I hear that he isambitions, and that's rather against him."

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    {  "The punishment?" exclaimed Madame de Villefort, "thepunishment, monsieur? Twice you have pronounced that word!"

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      They found the door ajar. "Oh, ho," said the brigadier, whothoroughly understood the trick; "a bad sign to find thedoor open! I would rather find it triply bolted." And,indeed, the little note and pin upon the table confirmed, orrather corroborated, the sad truth. Andrea had fled. We saycorroborated, because the brigadier was too experienced tobe convinced by a single proof. He glanced around, looked inthe bed, shook the curtains, opened the closets, and finallystopped at the chimney. Andrea had taken the precaution toleave no traces of his feet in the ashes, but still it wasan outlet, and in this light was not to be passed overwithout serious investigation.}

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      "And yet the murder, if you choose to call it so, would besimply a measure of self-preservation."

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      "By all means," replied the governor, and he signed to theturnkey to open the door. At the sound of the key turning inthe lock, and the creaking of the hinges, Dantes, who wascrouched in a corner of the dungeon, whence he could see theray of light that came through a narrow iron grating above,raised his head. Seeing a stranger, escorted by two turnkeysholding torches and accompanied by two soldiers, and to whomthe governor spoke bareheaded, Dantes, who guessed thetruth, and that the moment to address himself to thesuperior authorities was come, sprang forward with claspedhands.

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       "Eugenie! Mademoiselle Danglars!" exclaimed Andrea,stupefied.

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    {  "Monsieur," replied Bertuccio, "it leads to the garden."

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      Monte Cristo shuddered; Antoine had been his jailer. He hadalmost forgotten his name and face, but at the mention ofthe name he recalled his person as he used to see it, theface encircled by a beard, wearing the brown jacket, thebunch of keys, the jingling of which he still seemed tohear. The count turned around, and fancied he saw him in thecorridor, rendered still darker by the torch carried by theconcierge. "Would you like to hear the story, sir?"