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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "She goes into England," said Athos.
2.  "And who has seen this fleur-de-lis?" inquired Aramis."D'Artagnan and I. Or rather, to observe the chronologicalorder, I and D'Artagnan," replied Athos.
3.  "Did she afterward return?"
4.  "Besides, in what manner can I make advances first?""By doing a thing which you know will be agreeable to her.""What is that?"
5.  "That my orders go far, madame; and that I am authorized to seekfor the suspected paper, even on the person of your Majesty.""What horror!" cried the queen.
6.  "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."


1.  "You see, they are going to send a whole regiment againstus," said Athos.
2.  The queen appeared cheerful and happy, which seemed to astonishthe persons who surrounded her and who were accustomed to see heralmost always sad and full of care. The queen attributed thisjoyous feeling to the beauty of the fete, to the pleasure she hadexperienced in the ballet; and as it is not permissible tocontradict a queen, whether she smile or weep, everybodyexpatiated on the gallantry of the aldermen of the city of Paris.Although D'Artagnan did not at all know the queen, he soondistinguished her voice from the others, at first by a slightlyforeign accent, and next by that tone of domination naturallyimpressed upon all royal words. He heard her approach andwithdraw from the partially open door; and twice or three timeshe even saw the shadow of a person intercept the light.At length a hand and an arm, surpassingly beautiful in their formand whiteness, glided through the tapestry. D'Artagnan at oncecomprehended that this was his recompense. He cast himself onhis knees, seized the hand, and touched it respectfully with hislips. Then the hand was withdrawn, leaving in his an objectwhich he perceived to be a ring. The door immediately closed,and D'Artagnan found himself again in complete obscurity.D'Artagnan placed the ring on his finger, and again waited; itwas evident that all was not yet over. After the reward of hisdevotion, that of his love was to come. Besides, although theballet was danced, the evening had scarcely begun. Supper was tobe served at three, and the clock of St. Jean had struck threequarters past two.
3.  Nevertheless, time passed on, and the Rochellais did notsurrender. The last spy that was taken was the bearer of aletter. This letter told Buckingham that the city was at anextremity; but instead of adding, "If your succor does not arrivewithin fifteen days, we will surrender," it added, quite simply,"If your succor comes not within fifteen days, we shall all bedead with hunger when it comes."
4.  "Come, gentlemen, have you decided?" cried Jussac for the thirdtime.
5.  "Why, this is a victory!" cried the king, all radiant, "acomplete victory!"
6.  The cardinal, however contemptible might be the triumph gainedover so vulgar a being as Bonacieux, did not the less enjoy itfor an instant; then, almost immediately, as if a fresh thoughthas occurred, a smile played upon his lips, and he said, offeringhis hand to the mercer, "Rise, my friend, you are a worthy man.""The cardinal has touched me with his hand! I have touched thehand of the great man!" cried Bonacieux. "The great man hascalled me his friend!"


1.  "Yes, that first, and other things afterward."
2.  Nevertheless, D'Artagnan was desirous of examining the appearanceof this impertinent personage who ridiculed him. He fixed hishaughty eye upon the stranger, and perceived a man of from fortyto forty-five years of age, with black and piercing eyes, palecomplexion, a strongly marked nose, and a black and well-shapedmustache. He was dressed in a doublet and hose of a violetcolor, with aiguillettes of the same color, without any otherornaments than the customary slashes, through which the shirtappeared. This doublet and hose, though new, were creased, liketraveling clothes for a long time packed in a portmanteau.D'Artagnan made all these remarks with the rapidity of a mostminute observer, and doubtless from an instinctive feeling thatthis stranger was destined to have a great influence over hisfuture life.
3.  Arrived at the staircase, it was still worse. There were fourMusketeers on the bottom steps, amusing themselves with thefollowing exercise, while ten or twelve of their comrades waitedupon the landing place to take their turn in the sport.One of them, stationed upon the top stair, naked sword in hand,prevented, or at least endeavored to prevent, the three othersfrom ascending.
4.  "The devil! What's to be done?"
5.   This was all that M. de Treville wanted. He wished Bernajoux aspeedy convalescence, took leave of M. de la Tremouille, returnedto his hotel, and immediately sent word to the four friends thathe awaited their company at dinner.
6.  "He has done us the honor to remain here."


1.  "But he will not wish for only one harness."
2.  "'You have said Puritans have but one word. Mine you have heard,and that is to pursue you--on earth to the tribunal of men, inheaven to the tribunal of God.'
3.  "Bah!" said the king, who began to be shaken, "was it somanaged?"
4、  The queen cast a glance around her, and saw the cardinal behind,with a diabolical smile on his countenance.
5、  "Bernajoux, at your service."




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      "And even what I am sure of."

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       "No," cried Felton, "no; you shall live and you shall beavenged."

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      Milady shuddered through her whole system. These words ofFelton's passed like ice through her veins.

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    {  The usher returned and made a sign to D'Artagnan to followhim. It appeared to the young man that the Guards, onseeing him depart, chuckled among themselves.

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      "I have said, monsieur, and I repeat, that the handkerchief didnot fall from my pocket."}

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      "My faith, monsieur! that will be the first time I have doneso for sixteen days."

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      "Ah, monsieur," said Planchet, "I will succeed or I willconsent to be cut in quarters; and if they do cut me inquarters, be assured that not a morsel of me will speak."It was decided that Planchet should set out the next day, ateight o'clock in the morning, in order, as he had said, thathe might during the night learn the letter by heart. Hegained just twelve hours by this engagement; he was to beback on the sixteenth day, by eight o'clock in the evening.In the morning, as he was mounting his horse, D'Artagnan,who felt at the bottom of his heart a partiality for theduke, took Planchet aside.

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       "I believe the queen to have too high a sense of her duty, sire.""But they have corresponded; it is to him that the queen has beenwriting all the day. Monsieur Duke, I must have those letters!""Sire, notwithstanding--"

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    {  "A confession!"

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      "Not even that."