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1. 从地域上,中东、东南亚和印度是比较重要的,我们认为非洲是下一个机会,但是非洲主要的问题是GDP,还有基建做的也不太好,所以从商业化的角度来说,现在还是很难变现的。
2.   "Papa dear, could you manage to let me have a good big waggon? Iwant to take all our dirty clothes to the river and wash them. You arethe chief man here, so it is only right that you should have a cleanshirt when you attend meetings of the council. Moreover, you have fivesons at home, two of them married, while the other three aregood-looking bachelors; you know they always like to have cleanlinen when they go to a dance, and I have been thinking about allthis."
3. 贵族厚葬的习俗在考古发掘中也可窥其大概。如湖南长沙马王堆一、三号墓尽管受当时文帝不得以金银铜锡为饰禁令的限制,没有随葬金银珠宝,但所花费的钱财仍然十分惊人。拿漆器来说,西汉漆器被统治阶级视作很时髦的东西,价钱很贵。据《盐铁论?散不足》说:夫一文(纹)杯得铜杯十.就是说一件有花纹的漆杯要卖十件铜杯的价钱。根据出土的汉代漆器上的题字,可以知道当时官营作坊中有素工(作内胎),髹工、上工(刷漆)、黄涂工(在铜制附件上鎏金)、画工(描绘花纹)、淜工(或写作■、羽、彤的,意思为锥刻铭文、图纹)、清工(最后修整)、造工(管全面的工师)等工种。由于工序复杂,所花工时极多,一杯棬用百人之力,一屏风就万人之功.如果家里拥有大批漆器,被认为是豪富。《史记?货殖列传》列举了当时通都大邑商贾们用以致富的若干种商品,其中就有木器髹者千枚一项,认为手里掌握了千件漆器,只要经营得法,可以富足得比千乘之家(和千户侯一样的富有)。这里虽然没有具体地讲到漆器的价钱,但可看出它一定是十分昂贵的。马王堆三座墓共出土七百多件漆-器,该是要耗费多么大的一笔财富①!此外,湖北江陵凤凰山一六七号墓的墓主是一普通地主,但从墓中发掘的大量豪华的随葬品来看,其葬礼竟与周天子不相上下②。
4. 热烈的反响大大超出了主办方的预期,niwango公司社长杉本诚司在2012年12月接受朝日新闻采访时说道:“到目前为止,公司内部大多数人认为如果一个长约1至2小时的节目有10万人收看就很了不起了。
5.   Wagner
6. 有记者曾做过一个小测试。


1. 主动监督保平安健康平稳的市场秩序是广大消费者平安度过疫期的有力保障。
2. 这一覆盖了中国互联网企业的近半壁江山的阵容,不难看出柳传志在中国企业家中的地位之重。
3. 西宁市政府新闻办和西宁市应急管理局联合发布消息称,已找到6具遇难者遗体,事故坍塌面积约80平方米,官方投入1000余人参与救援。
4. 原标题:美国小伙替同学挡子弹,不幸身亡,被星战公司封绝地武士舍身救人的美国大学生莱利·霍威尔(美联社)海外网12月26日电今年4月,美国北卡罗来纳大学夏洛特分校发生枪击案,21岁大学生莱利·霍威尔英勇挺身,阻止枪手伤害更多人,但不幸身亡
5. 有人已被骗70万…通过培训来提升自我,这本来是件好事儿。
6.   Then began he to make a dreadful kinde of noise, stamping andtrampling with his feete, passing backe againe to Santa Maria dellaScala, and to Prato d'Ognissanti, where hee met with Bruno, who wasconstrained to forsake him, because he could not refraine from lowdeLaughter, then both together went backe once more, to see how thePhysitian would behave himselfe, being so sweetely embrued.


1.   Between 1359, when the poet himself testifies that he was made prisoner while bearing arms in France, and September 1366, when Queen Philippa granted to her former maid of honour, by the name of Philippa Chaucer, a yearly pension of ten marks, or L6, 13s. 4d., we have no authentic mention of Chaucer, express or indirect. It is plain from this grant that the poet's marriage with Sir Payne Roet's daughter was not celebrated later than 1366; the probability is, that it closely followed his return from the wars. In 1367, Edward III. settled upon Chaucer a life- pension of twenty marks, "for the good service which our beloved Valet -- 'dilectus Valettus noster' -- Geoffrey Chaucer has rendered, and will render in time to come." Camden explains 'Valettus hospitii' to signify a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber; Selden says that the designation was bestowed "upon young heirs designed to he knighted, or young gentlemen of great descent and quality." Whatever the strict meaning of the word, it is plain that the poet's position was honourable and near to the King's person, and also that his worldly circumstances were easy, if not affluent -- for it need not be said that twenty marks in those days represented twelve or twenty times the sum in these. It is believed that he found powerful patronage, not merely from the Duke of Lancaster and his wife, but from Margaret Countess of Pembroke, the King's daughter. To her Chaucer is supposed to have addressed the "Goodly Ballad", in which the lady is celebrated under the image of the daisy; her he is by some understood to have represented under the title of Queen Alcestis, in the "Court of Love" and the Prologue to "The Legend of Good Women;" and in her praise we may read his charming descriptions and eulogies of the daisy -- French, "Marguerite," the name of his Royal patroness. To this period of Chaucer's career we may probably attribute the elegant and courtly, if somewhat conventional, poems of "The Flower and the Leaf," "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale," &c. "The Lady Margaret," says Urry, ". . . would frequently compliment him upon his poems. But this is not to be meant of his Canterbury Tales, they being written in the latter part of his life, when the courtier and the fine gentleman gave way to solid sense and plain descriptions. In his love-pieces he was obliged to have the strictest regard to modesty and decency; the ladies at that time insisting so much upon the nicest punctilios of honour, that it was highly criminal to depreciate their sex, or do anything that might offend virtue." Chaucer, in their estimation, had sinned against the dignity and honour of womankind by his translation of the French "Roman de la Rose," and by his "Troilus and Cressida" -- assuming it to have been among his less mature works; and to atone for those offences the Lady Margaret (though other and older accounts say that it was the first Queen of Richard II., Anne of Bohemia), prescribed to him the task of writing "The Legend of Good Women" (see introductory note to that poem). About this period, too, we may place the composition of Chaucer's A. B. C., or The Prayer of Our Lady, made at the request of the Duchess Blanche, a lady of great devoutness in her private life. She died in 1369; and Chaucer, as he had allegorised her wooing, celebrated her marriage, and aided her devotions, now lamented her death, in a poem entitled "The Book of the Duchess; or, the Death of Blanche.<3>
2.   'Tis done! Full soon thou'lt see my exultation; As for my bet no fears Ientertain. And if my end I finally should gain, Excuse my triumphing with allmy soul. Dust he shall eat, ay, and with relish take, As did my cousin, therenowned snake.
3. 是否能够满足别人的需要,只有在商品交换中才能得到证明。
4.   `I think you're right, Clifford. And as far as I can see I agree with you. Only life may turn quite a new face on it all.'
5. 青团劝退指数:????青团是南方一带的传统特色小吃,用艾草的汁拌进糯米粉里,再包裹进豆沙馅儿或者莲蓉,不甜不腻,带有略清淡却很悠长的青草香气,非常适合口味淡的人食用。
6.   "Haroun-al-Raschid, son of Mahdi, sends this letter to Mohammed Zinebi, his cousin. As soon as Noureddin, son of the Vizir Khacan, bearer of this letter, has given it to thee, and thou hast read it, take off thy royal mantle, put it on his shoulders, and seat him in thy place without fail. Farewell."


1.   "But, count, do you remember that the 5th of October" --
2. 减持后最新持股数目约为4.32亿股,最新持股比例为12.93%。
3. 2016年因为连接留萌车站的路段被废除,增毛站也随之成为废站。
4. 简言之,蔚来不会因为交易关系的结束而停止和用户产生联系,相反,它会将品牌渗透到用户生活的方方面面,成为一家豪华车企的同时,也成为一家俱乐部,一个线上社区,甚至是一个生活方式品牌,这不是用互联网造车可以概括的。
5.   To this you answered, O swineherd Eumaeus, "My son, I will tellyou the real truth. He says he is a Cretan, and that he has been agreat traveller. At this moment he is running away from aThesprotian ship, and has refuge at my station, so I will put him intoyour hands. Do whatever you like with him, only remember that he isyour suppliant."
6. 他透露,团队以往习惯于将word、excel文档传来传去,对于各种在线协作工具有所抵触,但对于小团队而言切换起来并不算难。


1.   The hungry man repeated, in a rapturous croak, `Magnificent!' and began gnawing another finger.
2.   The servant who spoke, had thrown the blinds wide, had looked out into the vacant darkness, and stood, with that blank behind him, looking round for instructions.
3.   Up where the moors spread and grey rocks are piled?

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