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1.   "You need not do that," said the bird, when she had returned to ask counsel. "Break off a twig, and plant it in your garden, and it will take root, and grow into a magnificent tree."
2. 如果防卫行为没有超过正当防卫的必要限度的,就应当根据刑法规定,不负刑事责任。
3.   "I only heard of it this morning," the lawyer explained."Mr. Holmes advised me to have some friend in the house. I neglectedhis advice, and I have paid for it."
4. Girls--hundreds of them--eager, bright-eyed, attentive young faces; crowding questions, and, I regret to say, an increasing inability on our part to answer them effectively.
5.   "AFTER we were clear of the river Oceanus, and had got out intothe open sea, we went on till we reached the Aeaean island where thereis dawn and sunrise as in other places. We then drew our ship on tothe sands and got out of her on to the shore, where we went to sleepand waited till day should break.
6. 自从1981年沈阳第一机床厂从德国工程师协会引进了第一套MRPⅡ(ManufacturingResourcePlanning,MRPⅡ,中文含义是制造资源计划)软件以来,MRPⅡ/ERP在中国的应用与推广已经历了20多年的风雨历程。回顾ERP在我国的应用和发展过程,大致可划分为以下4个阶段。


1.   Great was the dread and eke the repentance Of them that hadde wrong suspicion Upon this sely* innocent Constance; *simple, harmless And for this miracle, in conclusion, And by Constance's mediation, The king, and many another in that place, Converted was, thanked be Christe's grace!
2. 这就是后来在经济学界大名鼎鼎的信息不对称理论。
3. 现场民警告诉新京报记者,虽然春运的客流量增大,但是对于旅客以及行李的安检绝不会放松。
4. 今日(12月4日),新京报从杭州互联网法院获悉,法院一审认定周某的恶意退款行为系滥用淘宝会员权利,损害平台正常运营秩序,判决周某赔偿淘宝平台经济损失1元及合理支出(律师费)1万元。
5. 这时,乌撒乌蒙的起义军正节节进取,于禄丰寨劫取皇太后和梁王位下财队和人畜;进攻曲靖、沾益州,烧毁荡坦驿。乌撤、乌蒙、东川、马湖四族又聚兵四千并联合罗罗斯军,渡过金沙江,攻建昌。三月,前锋直指雅州,邛部州,四川震动。
6. 一位有关部门的消息人士呼吁,希望上面的政客们看到此次事件后,能好好反思,修改一下保释制度。


1.  除了以上这种情况外,还有没有其他情况会导致营业执照被吊销呢?当然有!不过以下列举的情况在一定程度上属于违法经营的范畴
2.   "Well, I like that," exclaimed Drouet, little realising the firehis remark had generated. "I think I've done a good deal."
3.   'If you two gent'lmen, gent'lmen growed,' said Mr. Peggotty, 'don't ex-cuse me for being in a state of mind, when you understand matters, I'll arks your pardon. Em'ly, my dear! - She knows I'm a going to tell,' here his delight broke out again, 'and has made off. Would you be so good as look arter her, Mawther, for a minute?'
4. 据日本读卖新闻报道,悠仁今年4月刚升入初中,就读于日本国立御茶水女子附属中学。
5.   "Possibly, possibly," said Beauchamp immediately; "but everysimpleton would not be able to understand your heroism, andsooner or later you will find yourself compelled to explainit to them more energetically than would be convenient toyour bodily health and the duration of your life. May I giveyou a friendly counsel? Set out for Naples, the Hague, orSt. Petersburg -- calm countries, where the point of honoris better understood than among our hot-headed Parisians.Seek quietude and oblivion, so that you may return peaceablyto France after a few years. Am I not right, M. deChateau-Renaud?"
6.   "To wait, concealed in the neighborhood, and assure yourself who are themen who come to ask for you."


1. 这一群体的崛起,使得大中型房企的市场占有率加速提升。
2. 作为老舍唯一浪漫爱情主题的短篇小说,《微神》的化用,让孟氏美学所追求的浪漫忧愁找到了泼洒的出口,也让这版《茶馆》所强调的梦境得以架构起来,赋予王利发梦中诗人的身份,和小丁宝浪漫爱情回忆,以及台词抒情色彩的合理化。
3. 人工流产是危害女性生殖健康的重要因素
4.   "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."
5.   Here, leaning over the banister, I cried out suddenly, andwithout at all deliberating on my words-
6.   "Exactly; there are fifteen of them."


1. 据相关负责人介绍,在北京市启动突发公共卫生事件一级响应,通知暂停全市各类校外培训机构所有线下课程和集体活动的情况下,当事人违反停课要求,擅自开展线下培训,其行为涉嫌违反了《传染病防治法》第42条关于传染病暴发、流行时停课的规定,存在危害社会公共利益风险,影响恶劣。
2.   'Oh, really? You know how ignorant I am, and that I only ask for information, but isn't it always so? I thought that kind of life was on all hands understood to be - eh?' 'It is education for a very grave profession, if you mean that, Rosa,' Mrs. Steerforth answered with some coldness.
3. 他就是微软公司Windows操作系统的创始人,但在最近的采访中,曾公开对外发言,表示大力支持华为,这次比尔盖茨宣布支持华为的态度,就连华为消费者业务CEO余承东也感到惊讶,不得不说,比尔盖茨支持华为的观点,确实非常值得国内网友为他点赞除了三位首富大力支持华为以外,也有某国的首富拒绝和华为的合作,这个首富就是日本的孙正义,华为被列入实体清单后,孙正义更是直接拒绝与华为的一切合作,而近日有媒体报道,日本首富孙正义投资的日本软银在第三季度亏损高达60多亿美元,还有WEWORK的投资,也让孙正义损失超过150亿美元,如今的日本软银也是负债累累,孙正义的作为还是让他一度的走向了下坡路。

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      Thereon he floated about for two nights and two days in the water,with a heavy swell on the sea and death staring him in the face; butwhen the third day broke, the wind fell and there was a dead calmwithout so much as a breath of air stirring. As he rose on the swellhe looked eagerly ahead, and could see land quite near. Then, aschildren rejoice when their dear father begins to get better afterhaving for a long time borne sore affliction sent him by some angryspirit, but the gods deliver him from evil, so was Ulysses thankfulwhen he again saw land and trees, and swam on with all his strengththat he might once more set foot upon dry ground. When, however, hegot within earshot, he began to hear the surf thundering up againstthe rocks, for the swell still broke against them with a terrificroar. Everything was enveloped in spray; there were no harbourswhere a ship might ride, nor shelter of any kind, but onlyheadlands, low-lying rocks, and mountain tops.

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