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1. 那天上午,我去看了超市、药店以及这个空荡荡的城市,拍下照片回传新媒体很快发布。
2. 在遭遇职业发展瓶颈时,普通人可以通过跳槽、换岗、再培训重新上岗等方式来进行改变。
3. 2019年7月完成愉悦资本领投的亿元级A+轮融资。
4. 一晃七年,对赵洪明来说那一幕就像发生在昨天。
5.   `Who?' demanded the traveller.
6.   The time is come, that I may no longer continue heere, becausePublius my Father is dead, and I must needs returne to Rome, whereforebeing minded to take Sophronia thither with mee, I was the morewilling to acquaint you therewith, as also what else I have said,which otherwise had still beene concealed from you. Nor can you buttake it in good part, if you be wise, and rest well contented withwhat is done: considering, if I had any intention eyther to deceive,or otherwise wrong you, I could have basely left her, and made ascorne both of her and you, you not having any power to stay meeheere. But the Gods will never permitte that any couragious Romane,should ever conceive so vile and degenerate a thought.


1.   Bessie now returned; at the same moment the carriage was heardrolling up the gravel-walk.
2. 马云认为,每一场技术革命都会带来社会变革。
3. 什么机会呢?就是利用个性化推荐技术,去做信息分发产品。
4. 正当中原地区爆发秦末农民起义和楚汉战争期间,匈奴奴隶制国家也发生了一次重要的宫廷政变,即冒顿杀死了他的父亲头曼单于,并取而代之。
5.   Here poor Ulysses would have certainly perished even in spite of hisown destiny, if Minerva had not helped him to keep his wits about him.He swam seaward again, beyond reach of the surf that was beatingagainst the land, and at the same time he kept looking towards theshore to see if he could find some haven, or a spit that should takethe waves aslant. By and by, as he swam on, he came to the mouth ofa river, and here he thought would be the best place, for there wereno rocks, and it afforded shelter from the wind. He felt that therewas a current, so he prayed inwardly and said:
6.   Which I did finde


1.   'In what way is he peculiar?'
2. 看到这一幕的网友忍不住调侃:百老汇比不上这一季演员的水,印度片比不上这一季演员的尬。
3.   When they reached the water side they went to thewashing-cisterns, through which there ran at all times enough purewater to wash any quantity of linen, no matter how dirty. Here theyunharnessed the mules and turned them out to feed on the sweet juicyherbage that grew by the water side. They took the clothes out ofthe waggon, put them in the water, and vied with one another intreading them in the pits to get the dirt out. After they had washedthem and got them quite clean, they laid them out by the sea side,where the waves had raised a high beach of shingle, and set aboutwashing themselves and anointing themselves with olive oil. Thenthey got their dinner by the side of the stream, and waited for thesun to finish drying the clothes. When they had done dinner they threwoff the veils that covered their heads and began to play at ball,while Nausicaa sang for them. As the huntress Diana goes forth uponthe mountains of Taygetus or Erymanthus to hunt wild boars or deer,and the wood-nymphs, daughters of Aegis-bearing Jove, take their sportalong with her (then is Leto proud at seeing her daughter stand a fullhead taller than the others, and eclipse the loveliest amid a wholebevy of beauties), even so did the girl outshine her handmaids.
4. 目前,九园包子的会员月复购达6次以上。
5. 至少与物价和工资的膨胀一样重要的是西班牙贵族即伊达戈对国民经济和国民准则的破坏性影响。虽然贵族和高级教士合起来还不到人口的2%,他们却拥有95一97%的土地。因此,约占西班牙人总数的95%的农民几乎全都没有土地。剩下的3%是教士、商人和专门职业者,其中不少人为犹太人;就任何经济或社会的意义来说,他们不能算一个中产阶级。比较起享有社会地位和声望的贵族,他们大大地黯然失色。因此,由于贵族看不起经营商业或从事工业的职业、认为它们有损于任何绅士的身份,这一偏见便成为国民准则。这也不仅仅是无谓的虚荣,因为伊达戈确拥有一切好处——荣誉、免税和地产;地产比商业或工业财富更可靠。所以,有成就的商人的志向是获取地产、购买陷入穷困的王室所出卖的爵位,从而抛弃自己的阶级,成为伊达戈。这种伊达戈精神的破坏性影响在经济的各部门——在对牧羊业而非农业所显示的偏爱里,在对勤劳的犹太人和穆斯林的驱逐以及议会对商业和工业利益所持的否定态度中——均可感觉到。因此,16世纪上半世纪中西班牙突然繁荣的经济最终衰退了。
6.   Fourthly, how can we account for species, when crossed, being sterile and producing sterile offspring, whereas, when varieties are crossed, their fertility is unimpaired?


1. 李光比田超年长十来岁,为人热心、实在,二人很谈得来,喝酒、聊天、交心,都没问题,但有一件事,田超是绝对不会跟李光提的,那就是他深陷网络赌博无法自拔。
2.   "No matter," he replied, "go back by the path that you came."
3. 以优势产品作为能力输出,助力抗「疫」成为不少企业的选择。
4. 既然有明确的政策支持,也就意味着,不管是校服款式、价格确定,还是招标、验收,对于校服采购,学校家委会都应该积极参与其中。
5. 从某种意义上讲,我们以前都见过这样的例子。这只不过是涉及超过两个人的囚徒困境;你也可以把它称为“人质困境”。现在我们要用这个困境阐述一个不同的观点,确切地说,就是惩罚经常压倒回报而处于上风。独裁者可以通过向大众提供物质乃至精神安慰保持局势稳定,不过,这个做法可能需要付出高昂代价。建立在人质困境之上的压迫和恐吓可能是一种代价小得多的替代选择。
6. ['hedwei]


1. 我们真没想到来了一位国家一级演员,太感动了。
2. 非标产品和互联网,天然是互斥的。
3. 尤其是工业互联网与基于网络的供应链网络协同计划进行核心技术开发和网络建设。

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