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1.   "My report, as I expected, is a negative one," said Holmes. "Ihave seen Forbes, and I have seen your uncle, and I have set one ortwo trains of inquiry upon foot which may lead to something.""You have not lost heart, then?"
2. 截至2014年12月25日,永安自行车投后估值9亿元。
3.   "On this the men would have come with me at once, but Eurylochustried to hold them back and said, 'Alas, poor wretches that we are,what will become of us? Rush not on your ruin by going to the house ofCirce, who will turn us all into pigs or wolves or lions, and we shallhave to keep guard over her house. Remember how the Cyclops treated uswhen our comrades went inside his cave, and Ulysses with them. Itwas all through his sheer folly that those men lost their lives.'
4.   Fair lady, may I thus make free To offer you my arm and company?Margaret
5.   On the same day, when she devised this peece of service, a man wasburied in Pistoya, and in the Church-yard belonging unto the grayFriars, who being descended of good and worthie parentage: yethimselfe was very infamous, and reputed to be the vilest man living,not onely there in Pistoya, but throughout the whole World beside.Moreover, while he lived, he had such a strange mishapen body, and hisface so ugly deformed, that such as knew him not, would stand gastlyaffrighted at the first sight of him. In regarde whereof, sheeconsidered with her selfe, that the foule deformitie of this loathedfellow, would greatly avayle in her determination, and consulting withher Chamber-maid, thus she spake.
6. 按酒鬼酒公司方面的说法,石磊手中的那些酒于2012年生产,为独家定制产品


1.   "Two millions of Roman crowns; nearly thirteen millions ofour money."*
2. 这种有方向但不知道具体机会在哪,我相信是大部分人创业最早期的心态。
3. 她真情爱兵当兵的娃娃就像我的孩子在冬古拉玛山口58年的守边历程中,她用真心真情温暖着一代又一代的边防官兵。
4.   "I will say what I think will be best," answered Ulysses. "Firstwash and put your shirts on; tell the maids also to go to their ownroom and dress; Phemius shall then strike up a dance tune on his lyre,so that if people outside hear, or any of the neighbours, or someone going along the street happens to notice it, they may thinkthere is a wedding in the house, and no rumours about the death of thesuitors will get about in the town, before we can escape to thewoods upon my own land. Once there, we will settle which of thecourses heaven vouchsafes us shall seem wisest."
5. 在开放课程排行榜中,基于对参加课程高管的调查,瑞士洛桑国际管理发展学院在最重要的10项指标上得分特别高。该校在3项指标上排第一,在其他7项指标上都排前五。
6.   "I say that Monte Cristo is an island in the midst of theMediterranean, without inhabitants or garrison, the resortof smugglers of all nations, and pirates of every flag. Whoknows whether or not these industrious worthies do not payto their feudal lord some dues for his protection?"


1.   "Come in, my braves," said the king, "come in; I am going toscold you."
2.   "If you wish it, my sister," replied Zobeida; "but if he does, I must make a new condition. Porter," she continued, turning to him, "if you remain, you must promise to ask no questions about anything you may see. If you do, you may perhaps hear what you don't like."
3. 事实上当玻尔通过瑞典官方进行交涉的时候,德国人已按照计划行事了。不过,他们并没有像原来预计的那样获得“完全的成功”。
4. 2017年,王聪主动申请到某贫困县担任驻村第一书记。
5. 人立于不败之地最好的方式,就是直接把自己弄死,让对手非常的费解。
6. 在上升趋势中,每当市场向上试探前一个峰值阻挡的时候,这个上升趋势总是处于极为关键的时刻。一旦在上升趋势中市场不能越过前一个高点,或者在下降趋势中市场无力跌破前一个低谷支撑,便发出了现行趋势即将有变的第一个警告信号。在市场试探这些支撑和阻挡水平的过程中,在图表上会形成各种图案,这就是所谓价格形态。在第五章和第六章,我们就要表明,市场如何通过各种价格形态,来暗示自己到底是处在趋势反转过程中、还是仅仅处在既存趋势的休整之中。无论如何,构造这些形态的基本砖石还是支撑和阻挡水平。


1. 目前卓越集团在深圳有5个在运营商业项目,分为卓悦汇、卓悦INTOWN、卓悦时光三条产品线,分别对应区域购物中心、商务商业体和社区商业。
2.   "Yes, you'd better," returned Minnie. "You've got to get upearly, you know."
3. 越来越多人想过个清闲的年、开心的年。
4. 澎湃新闻11月27日下午多次致电杞县卫生局,电话一直无人接听。
5. Miss Minchin glanced toward her scrutinizingly.
6. 复旦大学凝聚态物理专业研究生毕业,获理学博士学位。


1. 当时厨房里的灶台上正烧着晚饭,喷完酒精后不到2分钟,王女士走进厨房,想看看菜烧的怎么样了。
2. 大三则要面对人生的重新选择,担心以后的读研和工作,焦虑更多。
3. So I slipped down first, and stood, well braced against the wall; then Jeff on my shoulders, then Terry, who shook us a little as he sawed through the cord above his head. Then I slowly dropped to the ground, Jeff following, and at last we all three stood safe in the garden, with most of our rope with us.

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