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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'I was blue ribbon at that time, and we were putting a little moneyby, and all was as bright as a new dollar. My God, whoever wouldhave thought that it could have come to this? Whoever would havedreamed it?
2.  Mr. Neil Gibson had not returned from town, but we saw in thehouse the neurotic Mr. Bates who had called upon us in the morning. Heshowed us with a sinister relish the formidable array of firearms ofvarious shapes and sizes which his employer had accumulated in thecourse of an adventurous life.
3.  Three yellow squares of light shone above us in the gathering gloom."Your three birds are all in their nests," said Holmes, lookingup. "Halloa! What's that? One of them seems restless enough."It was the Indian, whose dark silhouette appeared suddenly uponhis blind. He was pacing swiftly up and down his room.
4.  "Tell me," said Holmes- and I could see by his eyes that he was muchexcited- "was this a mere addition to the first or did it appear to beentirely separate?"
5.  "It must have been so."
6.  It was from the Carlton Club and dated the evening before. This iswhat I read:


1.  "What did you do next?"
2.  "My stepfather's business papers."
3.  "'Well, I hope to goodness the house won't be burgled during thenight,' said he.
4.  "But why don't you?"
5.  It was pleasant to Dr. Watson to find himself once more in theuntidy room of the first floor in Baker Street which had been thestarting-point of so many remarkable adventures. He looked round himat the scientific charts upon the wall, the acid-charred bench ofchemicals, the violin-case leaning in the corner, the coal-scuttle,which contained of old the pipes and tobacco. Finally, his eyes cameround to the fresh and smiling face of Billy, the young but verywise and tactful page, who had helped a little to fill up the gap ofloneliness and isolation which surrounded the saturnine figure ofthe great detective.
6.  "We must fall back upon the old axiom that when all othercontingencies fail, whatever remains, however improbable, must bethe truth. Here all other contingencies have failed. When I found thatthe leading international agent, who had just left London, lived ina row of houses which abutted upon the Underground, I was so pleasedthat you were a little astonished at my sudden frivolity.""Oh, that was it, was it?"


1.  The door of the left-hand flat upon the third landing was standingajar. Gregson pushed it open. Within all was absolute silence anddarkness. I struck a match and lit the detective's lantern. As I didso, and as the flicker steadied into a flame, we all gave a gasp ofsurprise. On the deal boards of the carpetless floor there wasoutlined a fresh track of blood. The red steps pointed towards usand led away from an inner room, the door of which was closed. Gregsonflung it open and held his light full blaze in front of him, whilewe all peered eagerly over his shoulders.
2.  "Awake, Watson?" he asked.
3.  My friend took the instrument and I heard the usual syncopateddialogue.
4.  "He wanted to get our amiable friend out of his room- that is veryclear, and, as the collector never went out, it took some planningto do it. The whole of this Garrideb invention was apparently for noother end. I must say, Watson, that there is a certain devilishingenuity about it, even if the queer name of the tenant did givehim an opening which he could hardly have expected. He wove his plotwith remarkable cunning."
5.   "Well, if we can't we can't," said Holmes, cheerfully.
6.  "On June 3rd, that is, on Monday last McCarthy left his house atHatherley about three in the afternoon and walked down to the BoscombePool, which is a small lake formed by the spreading out of thestream which runs down the Boscombe Valley. He had been out with hisserving-man in the morning at Ross, and he had told the man that hemust hurry, as he had an appointment of importance to keep at three.From that appointment he never came back alive.


1.  Holmes snorted his contempt.
2.  "Mercer is since your time," said Holmes. "He is my generalutility man who looks up routine business. It was important to knowsomething of the man with whom our professor was so secretlycorresponding. His nationality connects up with the Prague visit.""Thank goodness that something connects with something," said I. "Atpresent we seem to be faced by a long series of inexplicable incidentswith no bearing upon each other. For example, what possible connectioncan there be between an angry wolfhound and a visit to Bohemia, oreither of them with a man crawling down a passage at night? As to yourdates, that is the biggest mystification of all."
3.  "I suppose, Watson," said he, "that you imagine that I have addedopium smoking to cocaine injections, and all the other littleweaknesses on which you have favoured me with your medical views.""I was certainly surprised to find you there."
4、  "Never have I felt such a cold chill of disappointment, Watson.For a moment it seemed to me that there must be some radical mistakein my calculations. The setting sun shone full upon the passage floor,and I could see that the old, foot-worn gray stones with which itwas paved were firmly cemented together, and had certainly not beenmoved for many a long year. Brunton had not been at work here. Itapped upon the floor, but it sounded the same all over, and there wasno sign of any crack or crevice. But fortunately, Musgrave, who hadbegun to appreciate the meaning of my proceedings, and who was nowas excited as myself, took out his manuscript to check mycalculations.
5、  "You don't like being beaten any more than the rest of us do,"said he. "A man can't expect always to have it his own way, can he,Dr. Watson? Step this way, if you please, gentlemen, and I think I canconvince you once for all that it was John McFarlane who did thiscrime."




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      "I have been beaten four times--three times by men, and onceby a woman."

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      "Was he in the master's class?"

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       "Yes, at the mines."

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      "'Certainly,' said I. 'It's all your own.'

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    {  "You are well aware, Dr. Huxtable, that his Grace is particularlyanxious to avoid all public scandal. He prefers to take as fewpeople as possible into his confidence."

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      Our guide's answer was a singular one. He snatched off the darkbeard which had disguised him and threw it on the ground, disclosing along, sallow, clean-shaven face below it. Then he raised hisrevolver and covered the young ruffian, who was advancing upon himwith his dangerous riding crop swinging in his hand.

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      "That is singular, because you sat down in that chair over yondernear the corner. Why did you pass these other chairs?"

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    {  One day in early spring he had so far relaxed as to go for a walkwith me in the Park, where the first faint shoots of green werebreaking out upon the elms, and the sticky spear-heads of thechestnuts were just beginning to burst into their fivefold leaves. Fortwo hours we rambled about together, in silence for the most part,as befits two men who know each other intimately. It was nearly fivebefore we were back in Baker Street once more.

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      "Have you had any other admirers?"