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1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. 贝尔纳斯像往常一样,除国际政治,他还考虑国内政治,他警告说,接受日本的条件可能意味着“把总统钉在十字架上”。
3.   To celebrate it I ordered my steward to bring me a very fat cow to sacrifice. He did so. The cow that he brought was my unfortunate slave. I bound her, but just as I was about to kill her she began to low most piteously, and I saw that her eyes were streaming with tears. It seemed to me most extraordinary, and, feeling a movement of pity, I ordered the steward to lead her away and bring another. My wife, who was present, scoffed at my compassion, which made her malice of no avail. "What are you doing?" she cried. "Kill this cow. It is the best we have to sacrifice."
4. Becky, who was not expected to partake of refreshments, had the indiscretion to linger a moment to look at these beauties-- it really was an indiscretion.
5. 因为商业秘密的主旨是不公开,法律是无从直接保护的。所以世界上没有纯为商业秘密而设的法律。我有一套四巨册的题为《商业秘密》的法律书籍,内里所说的是可以协助保护商业秘密的其他法律,解释怎样可以转用于保护商业秘密那方面去。这些包括合约(contract)、侵犯(tort)、代理(agency)、信托(trust)及归还(restitution)等法律。其中最重要的是合约的法律:你跟我订约,说明不可泄漏秘密,但秘密外泄,我就以合约法起诉。
6. 他认为,在目前的模式中,教练仍未将其前端优势发挥到最大。


1. 即使在绫野还是个孩子的时候,这里也只有大约300人。
2. 原标题:湖南滴滴司机被害案将开庭,受害者家属:对方曾让退回丧葬费今年3月23日,湖南常德一19岁男生因悲观厌世而产生轻生念头,当晚乘坐滴滴网约车下车时,无故将司机陈某杀害,之后投案自首被警方刑拘。
3. 创始人的使命就是领导员工寻找出路,在此时,更不能扔下队伍。
4.   For of her owen thought she wax'd all red, Rememb'ring her right thus: "Lo! this is he Which that mine uncle swears he might be dead, But* I on him have mercy and pity:" *unless And with that thought for pure shame she Gan in her head to pull, and that full fast, While he and all the people forth by pass'd.
5. 揣着融来的钱,公司开始搞大动作了,花大价钱购买了大股东控制的另一家公司。
6.   `What pussy, dear?'


1.   Not doing harme to John or me,
2.   "Well, well, we can't expect to have it all our own way, Watson," hesaid, at last. "We must come back in the afternoon, if Mr. Hardingwill not be here until then. I am, as you have no doubt surmised,endeavouring to trace these busts to their source, in order to find ifthere is not something peculiar which may account for their remarkablefate. Let us make for Mr. Morse Hudson, of the Kennington Road, andsee if he can throw any light upon the problem."
3. 由于销售表现不佳,日本显示器公司已在今年7月暂停了这座工厂的显示器生产活动,寄希望于出售这座工厂将可帮助其扭亏为盈。
4. 维吾尔族元明史籍中的畏兀儿,清人泛称为回部。清初,蒙古察哈台汗后裔在喀什噶尔建国,后迁都叶尔羌,因而被称为叶尔羌汗国,向清廷纳贡,维吾尔族处于汗国统治之下。一六七八年(康熙十七年),蒙古准噶尔部噶尔丹汗灭叶尔羌汗国,统治天山南北。一六九六年(康熙三十五年),康熙帝战胜准噶尔部,噶尔丹败亡。维吾尔族贵族玛罕穆特建国自立。一七○○年(康熙三十九年),被准噶尔部策妄阿拉布坦攻灭,玛罕穆特一家被囚禁于伊犁。一七五五年(乾隆二十年),乾隆帝平准部,以玛罕穆特之子大和卓波罗尼都与小和卓霍集占分别统治喀什噶尔与叶尔羌。一七五七年(乾隆二十二年),霍集占叛清自立,一七五九年(乾隆二十四年)败死。天山南北的维吾尔人从此均归于清朝统治。
5. 纵观天下局势,纳斯达克的崩塌对中国经济的现实影响并不大,反倒让我们有了水落石出、一枝独秀的表演机会。①
6.   "Well, I understand what I now have to do," repliedVillefort. "In less than one week from this time I willascertain who this M. de Monte Cristo is, whence he comes,where he goes, and why he speaks in our presence of childrenthat have been disinterred in a garden." Villefortpronounced these words with an accent which would have madethe count shudder had he heard him. Then he pressed the handthe baroness reluctantly gave him, and led her respectfullyback to the door. Madame Danglars returned in another cab tothe passage, on the other side of which she found hercarriage, and her coachman sleeping peacefully on his boxwhile waiting for her.


1. 一个口罩的制作有多道工艺,我们整理出所需技术功能,在公司技术库进行检索,基本都能找到对应的。
2. 原标题:深圳一公交司机疑感染新冠肺炎,密切接触人员已被隔离2月7日凌晨,澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn)从深圳市卫健委获悉,深圳一公交车驾驶员姚某的妻子已确诊感染新冠肺炎,姚某及其儿子均检出新型冠状病毒核酸阳性。
3. 原标题:未来十年,人人有望在家远程办公?在当前疫情肆虐的大环境之下,新的一周开启,不少公司都选择了远程办公的模式,而这种方法具有什么样的特点?会成为一种主流的工作模式吗?作者|ChrisHerd整理|弯月,责编|屠敏以下为译文:远程办公不可避免虽然我们不确定蓝领工作向白领工作过度的确切时机,但毋庸置疑现如今我们已然步入了白领的时代。
4. 直播间下方聊天区域不断提示有嘉宾进入,这时红娘开始喊话:有喜欢我们女嘉宾的赶紧上麦,不方便上麦,加女嘉宾好友私聊也行。
5.   "I never did," she returned.
6. 其他12名被告人分别被判处一年至八年不等的有期徒刑。


1. 小程序中可实现看书、听书、看视频等功能,不用下载APP,操作简单、便捷。
2.   'I declare,' said my mother, gently, 'they are exactly alike. I suppose they are mine. I think they are the colour of mine. But they are wonderfully alike.'
3. 然而,根Wind数据,自公司上市以来,吴厚刚已经累计减持三次,合计套现近4亿元。

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