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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The second reason, Monsieur the Chevalier," replied Kitty,emboldened by the kiss in the first place, and still furtherby the expression of the eyes of the young man, "is that inlove, everyone for herself!"
2.  "Oh, from some heartbroken waiting woman, some despondingGRISETTE; from Madame de Chevreuse's chambermaid, perhaps, whowas obliged to return to Tours with her mistress, and who, inorder to appear smart and attractive, stole some perfumed paper,and sealed her letter with a duchess's coronet."
3.  This disposition, visible as it was in his Majesty, did notprevent the courtiers from ranging themselves along his pathway.In royal antechambers it is worth more to be viewed with an angryeye than not to be seen at all. The three Musketeers thereforedid not hesitate to make a step forward. D'Artagnan on thecontrary remained concealed behind them; but although the kingknew Athos, Porthos, and Aramis personally, he passed before themwithout speaking or looking--indeed, as if he had never seen thembefore. As for M. de Treville, when the eyes of the king fellupon him, he sustained the look with so much firmness that it wasthe king who dropped his eyes; after which his Majesty,grumbling, entered his apartment.
4.  "She worries me everywhere," said D'Artagnan.
5.  M. de la Tremouille reflected for an instant; then as it wasdifficult to suggest a more reasonable proposal, he agreed to it.Both descended to the chamber in which the wounded man lay. Thelatter, on seeing these two noble lords who came to visit him,endeavored to raise himself up in his bed; but he was too weak,and exhausted by the effort, he fell back again almost senseless.M. de la Tremouille approached him, and made him inhale somesalts, which recalled him to life. Then M. de Treville,unwilling that it should be thought that he had influenced thewounded man, requested M. de la Tremouille to interrogate himhimself.
6.  "You know not the subject of their conversation?""He gave her a box, told her not to open it except in London.""Was this woman English?"


1.  "How?" replied D'Artagnan, "you care little if she killsBuckingham or causes him to be killed? But the duke is ourfriend."
2.  "Nothing, absolutely nothing, at present, but quitting at Paris,as I told you, as soon as possible. I will see the queen; I willrelate to her the details of the disappearance of this poorwoman, of which she is no doubt ignorant. These details willguide her on her part, and on your return, I shall perhaps havesome good news to tell you. Rely on me."
3.  It might have been said that between this man and his inferiorsspoken language did not exist, or had become useless.At length Milady could hold out no longer; she broke the silence."In the name of heaven, sir," cried she, "what means all that ispassing? Put an end to my doubts; I have courage enough for anydanger I can foresee, for every misfortune which I understand.Where am I, and why am I here? If I am free, why these bars andthese doors? If I am a prisoner, what crime have I committed?""You are here in the apartment destined for you, madame. Ireceived orders to go and take charge of you on the sea, and toconduct you to this castle. This order I believe I haveaccomplished with all the exactness of a soldier, but also withthe courtesy of a gentleman. There terminates, at least to thepresent moment, the duty I had to fulfill toward you; the restconcerns another person."
4.  "Willingly," said Aramis.
5.  "Oh, nothing which was not right in the character of a creditor.""Well?"
6.  "Oh, my God! You remind me of my fright! If he should haveknown me again!"


1.  "Oh, I comprehend now," said the astonished Porthos."That's lucky," said Athos, shrugging his shoulders.On their part, the French, on seeing the four friends returnat such a step, uttered cries of enthusiasm.
2.  "Your Lordship must have observed that he could not continue hisjourney."
3.  "Well done, Planchet! you are the king of lackeys. Now jumponto your horse, and let us overtake the carriage."This did not take long. At the end of five minutes theyperceived the carriage drawn up by the roadside; a cavalier,richly dressed, was close to the door.
4.  "Therefore, my dear Mr. O'Reilly, you are my prisoner. And ifyou wish ever to leave my palace, you cannot; so make the best ofit. Name to me such of your workmen as you need, and point outthe tools they must bring."
5.   "My dear Cousin, His Eminence, the cardinal, whom Godpreserve for the happiness of France and the confusion ofthe enemies of the kingdom, is on the point of putting anend to the hectic rebellion of La Rochelle. It is probablethat the succor of the English fleet will never even arrivein sight of the place. I will even venture to say that I amcertain M. de Buckingham will be prevented from setting outby some great event. His Eminence is the most illustriouspolitician of times past, of times present, and probably oftimes to come. He would extinguish the sun if the sunincommoded him. Give these happy tidings to your sister, mydear cousin. I have dreamed that the unlucky Englishman wasdead. I cannot recollect whether it was by steel or bypoison; only of this I am sure, I have dreamed he was dead,and you know my dreams never deceive me. Be assured, then,of seeing me soon return."
6.  Athos recognized his comrade, and phlegmatic as he was, heburst into a laugh which was quite excused by the strangemasquerade before his eyes--petticoats falling over hisshoes, sleeves tucked up, and mustaches stiff withagitation.


1.  "Well, but put on this dressing gown first," said theMusketeer to his friend.
2.  "He, he!" murmured she; "can it be he?" And she remained in bed withher eyes fixed.
3.  As to Lord de Winter, he contented himself with calling the womanwho waited on Milady, and when she was come, he recommended theprisoner, who was still fainting, to her care, and left themalone.
4、  D'Artagnan advanced.
5、  The queen remained for a short time to receive the compliments ofthe city dignitaries and to reply to the salutations of theladies. All at once the king appeared with the cardinal at oneof the doors of the hall. The cardinal was speaking to him in alow voice, and the king was very pale.




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      "But who is she?"

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      "Dec. 3, 1627

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       To death we can aspire."

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      D'Artagnan rose, took his hat, as if it had been hisintention to obey, then, opening quickly the door of a largecloset instead of that leading to the staircase, he buriedhimself amid the robes and dressing gowns of Milady."What are you doing?" cried Kitty.

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    {  The Chevalier de Rochefort cast a glance backward, and saw that Porthosand Aramis had placed themselves between him and the gate; he understoodthat he was completely at the mercy of these four men."Gentlemen," said he, "if Monsieur d'Artagnan will surrender his swordto me and join his word to yours, I shall be satisfied with your promiseto convey Monsieur d'Artagnan to the quarters of Monseigneur theCardinal."

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      Buckingham pressed his lips passionately to that beautiful hand,and then rising, said, "Within six months, if I am not dead, Ishall have seen you again, madame--even if I have to overturn theworld." And faithful to the promise he had made, he rushed outof the apartment.}

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      "No, sire."

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      "We believe like Mohammedans, and are as mute as tombstones,"said Athos.

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       "Yes; by a lackey named Lubin."

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    {  "And here is the second."

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