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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Alas!" said Felton, "I can do but one thing, which is to pityyou if you prove to me you are a victim! But Lord de Wintermakes cruel accusations against you. You are a Christian; youare my sister in religion. I feel myself drawn toward you--I,who have never loved anyone but my benefactor--I who have metwith nothing but traitors and impious men. But you, madame, sobeautiful in reality, you, so pure in appearance, must havecommitted great iniquities for Lord de Winter to pursue youthus."
2.  "Have you any money?"
3.  At this announcement, during which the door remained open,everyone became mute, and amid the general silence the young mancrossed part of the length of the antechamber, and entered theapartment of the captain of the Musketeers, congratulatinghimself with all his heart at having so narrowly escaped the endof this strange quarrel.
4.  "To let me sail first."
5.  "No, bring me all four together. I wish to thank them all atonce. Devoted men are so rare, Treville, by the back staircase.It is useless to let the cardinal know."
6.  "What is the matter, monsieur?" said Planchet. "Oh, come, gentlemen,my master is ill!"


1.  At the door of the chapel D'Artagnan felt his courage fall anew, andreturned to look for Athos; but Athos had disappeared.Faithful to his mission of vengeance, Athos had requested to beconducted to the garden; and there upon the sand following the lightsteps of this woman, who left sharp tracks wherever she went, headvanced toward the gate which led into the wood, and causing it to beopened, he went out into the forest.
2.  "That's true," said Kitty; "your son was the only heir ofhis uncle, and until his majority you would have had theenjoyment of his fortune."
3.  "Be," said the letter, "on Thursday next, at from six toseven o'clock in the evening, on the road to Chaillot, andlook carefully into the carriages that pass; but if you haveany consideration for your own life or that of those wholove you, do not speak a single word, do not make a movementwhich may lead anyone to believe you have recognized her whoexposes herself to everything for the sake of seeing you butfor an instant."
4.  And they both set forward as fast as they could toward thecountry house of the worthy functionary.
5.  Athos, Porthos, and Aramis instantly drew near one another, whileJussac drew up his soldiers.
6.  "Well, it is true!" said Anne of Austria; "and the spies of thecardinal have served him faithfully. I have written a lettertoday; that letter is not yet gone. The letter is here." Andthe queen laid her beautiful hand on her bosom.


1.  "And now, madame, try to make your peace with God, for you arejudged by men!"
2.  "Yes, a base coward," murmured D'Artagnan; "but she--she was verybeautiful."
3.  "Now," said the baron, "look at this woman. She is young; she isbeautiful; she possesses all earthly seductions. Well, she is amonster, who, at twenty-five years of age, has been guilty of asmany crimes as you could read of in a year in the archives of ourtribunals. Her voice prejudices her hearers in her favor; herbeauty serves as a bait to her victims; her body even pays whatshe promises--I must do her that justice. She will try to seduceyou, perhaps she will try to kill you. I have extricated youfrom misery, Felton; I have caused you to be named lieutenant; Ionce saved your life, you know on what occasion. I am for younot only a protector, but a friend; not only a benefactor, but afather. This woman has come back again into England for thepurpose of conspiring against my life. I hold this serpent in myhands. Well, I call you, and say to you: Friend Felton, John,my child, guard me, and more particularly guard yourself, againstthis woman. Swear, by your hopes of salvation, to keep hersafely for the chastisement she has merited. John Felton, Itrust your word! John Felton, I put faith in your loyalty!""My Lord," said the young officer, summoning to his mildcountenance all the hatred he could find in his heart, "my Lord,I swear all shall be done as you desire."
4.  Then those who dwelt in Bonacieux's unfortunate house, togetherwith the nearest neighbors, heard loud cries, stamping of feet,clashing of swords, and breaking of furniture. A moment after,those who, surprised by this tumult, had gone to their windows tolearn the cause of it, saw the door open, and four men, clothedin black, not COME out of it, but FLY, like so many frightenedcrows, leaving on the ground and on the corners of the furniture,feathers from their wings; that is to say, patches of theirclothes and fragments of their cloaks.
5.   "You are an amiable and charming young man," said Mme. Bonacieux."Be assured you will not find her Majesty ungrateful.""Oh, I am already grandly recompensed!" cried D'Artagnan. "Ilove you; you permit me to tell you that I do--that is alreadymore happiness than I dared to hope."
6.  "Yes."


1.  Do not depend upon me, madame, for the next meeting. Sincemy convalescence I have so many affairs of this kind on myhands that I am forced to regulate them a little. When yourturn comes, I shall have the honor to inform you of it. Ikiss your hands.
2.  At ten o'clock in the morning the Sieur de la Coste, ensign inthe king's Guards, followed by two officers and several archersof that body, came to the city registrar, named Clement, anddemanded of him all the keys of the rooms and offices of thehotel. These keys were given up to him instantly. Each of themhad ticket attached to it, by which it might be recognized; andfrom that moment the Sieur de la Coste was charged with the careof all the doors and all the avenues.
3.  "PERMIT you? I BESEECH you."
4、  "An infamous scoundrel, monseigneur, a scoundrel!""Give me paper, a quill, and some ink, then," said thecardinal.
5、  "But I have sworn to kill that man!" said D'Artagnan."Your life is devoted from this moment, and does not belong toyou. In the name of the queen I forbid you to throw yourselfinto any peril which is foreign o that of your journey.""And do you command nothing in your own name?"




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      "Come, then."

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      "Ah, you have reflected!" said the prisoner, sitting down in herarmchair, with a smile of disdain; "and I also have reflected.""Upon what?"

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       During this passage, Felton related everything to Milady--how,instead of going to London, he had chartered the little vessel;how he had returned; how he had scaled the wall by fasteningcramps in the interstices of the stones, as he ascended, to givehim foothold; and how, when he had reached the bars, he fastenedhis ladder. Milady knew the rest.

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      Mme. Bonacieux blushed.

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    {  Felton, in his rapid walk, reviewed in his mind all the accusationsagainst the favorite of James I and Charles I, furnished by two years ofpremature meditation and a long sojourn among the Puritans.When he compared the public crimes of this minister--startling crimes,European crimes, if so we may say--with the private and unknown crimeswith which Milady had charged him, Felton found that the more culpableof the two men which formed the character of Buckingham was the one ofwhom the public knew not the life. This was because his love, sostrange, so new, and so ardent, made him view the infamous and imaginaryaccusations of Milady de Winter as, through a magnifying glass, oneviews as frightful monsters atoms in reality imperceptible by the sideof an ant.

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      "That's it!" said D'Artagnan, "I had forgotten that he was only aMusketeer for a time."}

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      Porthos fancied they were mystifying him, and began to curlhis mustache and knit his eyebrows; but the knee of Mme.Coquenard gently advised him to be patient.

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      As was his custom, D'Artagnan presented himself at Milady'sat about nine o'clock. He found her in a charming humor.Never had he been so well received. Our Gascon knew, by thefirst glance of his eye, that his billet had been delivered,and that this billet had had its effect.

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       "You are mistaken, Planchet," replied D'Artagnan; "and as aproof, there is a crown to drink my health."

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    {  "For all my tears, my cares,

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      "Gentlemen! Gentlemen!" cried the surrounding group."Monsieur de Treville awaits Monsieur d'Artagnan," cried aservant, throwing open the door of the cabinet.