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1.   And no longer ago Madam, then this very morning, before my comminghither, I found a woman-messenger in my house, in very closeconference with my Wife, when growing doubtfull of that which was trueindeede, I called my Wife, enquiring, what the woman would have withher; and she told me, it was another pursuite of PhilipelloFighinolfi, who (quoth shee) upon such answers as you have caused meto send him from time to time, perhappes doth gather some hope ofprevailing in the end, which maketh him still to importune me as hedoth. And now he adventureth so farre, as to understand my finallintention, having thus ordered his complot, that when I please, I mustmeet him secretly in a house of this City, where he hath prepared aBath ready for me, and hopeth to enjoy the end of his desire, asvery earnestly he hath solicited me thereto. But if you had notcommanded me, to hold him in suspense with so many frivolousanswers, I would ere this, have sent him such a message, as shouldhave bene little to his liking.
2.   'Oh, indeed!' I observed faintly.
3. 老业务能不能换新引擎?此次疫情对所有公司都是一次倒逼。
4. 庭审中,周先生觉得自己很委屈,他表示,冷血宠物的寿命比较短,照顾它们不会持续太长时间,而且有的动物也是他人寄养的,不久就会送回去。
5. 在阳丹的印象中,每次医院里一大群同事唱歌,只要宋英杰一来,气氛马上就能热闹起来。
6.   "Oh, yes, all of them had been shown over it."


1. 大跌眼镜的是,WeWork最新估值不到80亿美元。
2. 如此的线下体量,将从这次疫情中遭受的冲击可想而知。
3.   `And that is---?'
4. 该智库专家建议,执法程序需更加科学,不应简单粗暴,一棍子打死。
5.   Now she was here she felt a little shy of the man, with his curious far-seeing eyes. She did not like bringing him orders, and felt like going away again. She knocked softly, no one came. She knocked again, but still not loudly. There was no answer. She peeped through the window, and saw the dark little room, with its almost sinister privacy, not wanting to be invaded.
6. projected


1.   Clifford had been long enough in the hands of nurses; he hated them, because they left him no real privacy. And a manservant!...he couldn't stand a man hanging round him. Almost better any woman. But why not Connie?
2.   Except he come, some comfort to procure,
3. 2003年,云南青基会通过希望工程,确认了杨昆娥的救助条件。
4. 中小机构觉醒的需求是一线教育资源能够以ToB之路下探的根源之一。
5. 郭廷以和李济既是蒋廷黻同时代人,又是历史研究的同行,他们的评价不仅极富历史感,而且充分肯定了蒋对起步不久的近代史研究有开风气、奠定科学基础的贡献。
6. 3部影片提档除夕提前征战春节档近年来,春节档已成电影市场最重要的档期之一,热门影片更是早早瞄准春节档。


1.   His remarks were suddenly cut short by a loud hubbub whichbroke out from the stall which we had just left. Turning round wesaw a little rat-faced fellow standing in the centre of the circleof yellow light which was thrown by the swinging lamp, whileBreckinridge, the salesman, framed in the door of his stall, wasshaking his fists fiercely at the cringing figure.
2. 开庭时也说了有申请国家赔偿的权益,我们也有这个计划,但是目前还没开始操作。
3. 2、组织营销培训,让员工有成长对员工来说,最常用的推广渠道是朋友圈、微信群、转介绍等渠道。
4. 骷髅会于1832年由一位名叫威廉·罗素的有钱的耶鲁学生创办。他曾在德国留学一年,从那里接受了组织秘密学生社团的思想。骷髅会最初叫优罗嘉俱乐部,这个社团每年吸收大约15名新会员或“骑士”,会员人数保持在800名左右。(经过社团成员和董事会之间的一场法律纠纷后,骷髅会从1992年开始接受女会员,《纽约时报》曾在社论版报道了这次纠纷,纽黑文地方法院发布了限制令。)
5. 反过来,假如正在使用QWERTY的打字员的人数跌破72%,我们可以预计,DSK将会后来居上。不足72%的新打字员愿意学习QWERTY,而现有使用者人数下降的事实则使新打字员更有兴趣学习更胜一筹的DSK排法。一旦所有打字员都在学习DSK,新打字员就没理由选择学习QWERTY,于是QWERTY就会完全消亡。
6. 姚女士报警后,民警很快就将小偷王某抓获。


1. 在第一环节,注册一家空壳公司无需任何投入,也不必实际生产,哪怕只赚取2%的费率,也可获利15万元。
2.   "That is so, madam, though I do not know how you are aware that Iwas interested in your case."
3. supervision

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