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1. 棉花大面积种植应用后,情况才好了一些。
2. "You can speak French, can't you?" she said respectfully.
3. 一些地方的过年传统习俗篜花馍(图据河北发布微博)网传资料显示,临漳县空气质量保障应急指挥中心下发《关于加强对大灶蒸馒头、炸丸子等燃烧木材、劣质散煤开展巡查的通知》,有网友称加强空气治理、巡查很有必要,但不可一刀切。
4.   Carrie looked at him and felt justified. She was looking forsomething which would calm her conscience, and here it was, alight, airy disregard of her claims upon his justice. He hadfaithfully promised to marry her, and this was the way hefulfilled his promise.
5. 而如果你看不清楚别人为什么成功,先去学习和模仿显然是一个很好的选项。
6.   The king was almost speechless on hearing his son, but after a time assured him most solemnly that he knew nothing whatever about the lady in question, and had not connived at her appearance. He then desired the prince to relate the whole story to him.


1. 兄弟俩感情很好,小新考上大学之后,崔文很高兴。
2. 人文主义者常常难以接受这种方法,但还是别太早就下判断。人文主义者建议“聆听自己内心的声音”,这其实毁了许多人的生命;适当用药,反而是大大改善了几百万人的健康状况和人际关系。为了真正听到自己内心的声音,有些人得先把心中现有的尖叫和怒骂音量调小。现代精神病学认为,许多“内心的声音”和“真实的愿望”只不过是生化失衡和神经疾病的产物。生化失衡让患有抑郁症的人总是戴着一副抑郁的眼镜看待事物,于是一再抛弃大好的前途和健康的关系。这时该做的,可能不是聆听这种破坏性的内心的声音,而是直接叫它们闭嘴。比如前面提过的记者萨莉·艾蒂,她戴上“专注头盔”,让脑中其他声音安静下来之后,不但成了神射手,自我感觉也大大提升。
3. 如果Facebook当时收了,今天tiktok很可能只能去打第三世界了。
4. 出埃及记2012年的5月,唐宜青从戛纳电影节完成了李冰冰的封面拍摄,当年那家如日中天的杂志不仅掌握着时尚传媒圈相当重量的话语权,也能够提供那个时代的网络新媒体所无法提供的顶级制作资源。
5. 山东一酒厂欲捐10万瓶75%酒精给抗疫一线,//标题source:,//视频发布来源。
6.   "I was awakened in the night by the dog barking most furiously. PoorRoy, he is chained now near the stable. I may say that I alwayssleep with my door locked; for, as Jack- as Mr. Bennett- will tellyou, we all have a feeling of impending danger. My room is on thesecond floor. It happened that the blind was up in my window, andthere was bright moonlight outside. As I lay with my eyes fixed uponthe square of light, listening to the frenzied barkings of the dog,I was amazed to see my father's face looking in at me. Mr. Holmes, Inearly died of surprise and horror. There it was pressed against thewindow-pane, and one hand seemed to be raised as if to push up thewindow. If that window had opened, I think I should have gone mad.It was no delusion, Mr. Holmes. Don't deceive yourself by thinking so.I dare say it was twenty seconds or so that I lay paralyzed andwatched the face. Then it vanished, but I could not- I could notspring out of bed and look out after it. I lay cold and shivering tillmorning. At breakfast he was sharp and fierce in manner, and made noallusion to the adventure of the night. Neither did I, but I gave anexcuse for coming to town- and here I am."


1.   `Oh, probably not! I may be a good writer or I may be a bad one, but a writer and a writer of plays is what I am, and I've got to be. There's no question of that.'
2. Despite it being not that different from the typical bottle opener, the BOx does have a nice design made with stainless steel and solid wood.
3.   'That affair of the first bond for four thousand five hundred pounds has not taken the course that was expected, Spiker,' said Mr. Gulpidge.
4. 上周日下午,包括天风证券、申万宏源、海通证券、安信证券、兴业证券在内的多家券商研究所接连召开千人电话会议,解读特斯拉降价意义,剖析特斯拉产业机会。
5.   A slight frown and a laconic `Yes,' were the answer.
6.   The knock was answered by Sadie, with a taper in her hand, and the vizir, who was surprised at her beauty, bowed low before her, and said respectfully, "Madam, we are three merchants who have lately arrived from Moussoul, and, owing to a misadventure which befel us this very night, only reached our inn to find that the doors were closed to us till to-morrow morning. Not knowing what to do, we wandered in the streets till we happened to pass your house, when, seeing lights and hearing the sound of voices, we resolved to ask you to give us shelter till the dawn. If you will grant us this favour, we will, with your permission, do all in our power to help you spend the time pleasantly."


1. 警方和教育部门介入调查学校:加强师德师风教育12月18日上午11时40分许,华商报记者来到位于十里铺的华清园实验小学,进入校门后看到,杨老师被公安浐灞分局辛家庙派出所民警带走。
2. 在确认这通电话并非恶作剧之后,消防队员前往公园救出了牧羊犬。
3. 该机构的救护车将患者带到海边(太阳报)维尔德波尔也从这次的经验中受到启发,在和自己当护士的妻子商量之后,两人一起创立了救护车心愿基金会。
4. 其主打房间乐享房拥有投影仪、空气净化器、按摩椅和净水器四类产品,其余房型有女神房、男神房、电竞房、康养房、电影房、止鼾房等。
5. 如果可以,他只盼着明年可以卸任班主任一职,再这么当下去,真的撑不住。
6.   "Alas, prince," she said, with a deeper sigh than before, "you have guessed rightly in supposing me an unwilling prisoner in this gorgeous place. I am the daughter of the king of the Ebony Isle, of whose fame you surely must have heard. At my father's desire I was married to a prince who was my own cousin; but on my very wedding day, I was snatched up by a genius, and brought here in a faint. For a long while I did nothing but weep, and would not suffer the genius to come near me; but time teaches us submission, and I have now got accustomed to his presence, and if clothes and jewels could content me, I have them in plenty. Every tenth day, for five and twenty years, I have received a visit from him, but in case I should need his help at any other time, I have only to touch a talisman that stands at the entrance of my chamber. It wants still five days to his next visit, and I hope that during that time you will do me the honour to be my guest."


1.   "Arrest him!" cried Peters.
2. 旺火一般都是空心,一燃了之。
3. 大家都知道我是女海归设计师,听起来很牛逼的样子,却把生意做得一团糟。

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      'This I learned from her benefactress; from the pious andcharitable lady who adopted her in her orphan state, reared her as herown daughter, and whose kindness, whose generosity the unhappy girlrepaid by an ingratitude so bad, so dreadful, that at last herexcellent patroness was obliged to separate her from her own youngones, fearful lest her vicious example should contaminate theirpurity: she has sent her here to be healed, even as the Jews of oldsent their diseased to the troubled pool of Bethesda; and, teachers,superintendent, I beg of you not to allow the waters to stagnate roundher.'

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